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The reason why I built this site 

Welcome to Mother Express – a Modern & Smart Parenting blogging website.

I will be sharing my experience as a mother with all the information you need to enjoy your motherhood! Parenting in today’s times is easier with all the information on the internet. But it needs to be the right information that you can use.

We get a lot of advise while going through pregnancy and after delivery. With my blog, you can take some decisions on your own, express yourself, relax and enjoy just being a mom! Parenting can be different to different people but one thing that all of us want is, it to be comfortable and perfect for our baby! Mother Express is your place of learning, experiencing and enjoying this amazing roller coaster ride called parenting but being smartly informed! 

Check out my blogs that guide you, find out more about me or if you want to just write to me, just click Contact Us and we can connect personally!

~ ~ Wishing you Happy & Smart Parenting!