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11 Best Diapers in India

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Being a parent is an amazing and wonderful thing. It’s also very daunting as babies can be messy!

Diapers can help them stay clean and safe. Diapers are helpful not only during the night but also when you are out with your baby.

These diapers are available as both disposable and cloth diapers.

Disposable diapers are more convenient to use since they do not need to be washed as often, but they are also more expensive. The cloth ones are recyclable and cost less, but they require continuous cleaning.

But with the right diapers, you can make sure their little bottoms stay clean and dry. So what are the best diapers in India?

There are so many brands and options to choose from, it’s hard to know which one is right for your baby.

In this post, I’ll share my picks for the best disposable diapers in India, types of disposable diapers, how to choose the right diaper, all based on my own experience and research. Keep reading to learn more!

However, if you are simply looking for a quick recommendation – here are my top 3 picks

  • Huggies Ultra Soft Extra Small / New Born (XS / NB) Tape Baby Diapers – Huggies, the best disposable diapers in India have been made from high-quality material to offer best protection from leakage. It will ensure that you don’t have to deal with a wet bed. They are stretchy and soft, so they’ll feel comfortable on your baby’s skin.
  • Pampers All round Protection Pants – Pampers best disposable diapers in India are very easy to use and provide a snug fit around the legs and waist of your baby which helps prevent leakages at night hours too.
  • Bambo Nature Premium Baby Diapers – Bambo Nature Premium Baby Diapers though a little expensive, are worth the money as they are super comfortable and eco-friendly, organic diapers. Its top dry system keeps the baby’s skin dry and moisture-free even after multiple wettings.
11 Best Diapers in India
11 Best Diapers in India

Top 11 Best Diapers in India

Precautions to take before using Diapers

Before I share my reviews on Best Diapers for Babies available in India, I want to highlight a few steps that we must consider before using diapers to ensure that the baby is comfortable and safe –

  • Keep checking your baby’s diapers despite the wetness indicator every 2-3 hours.
  • Make sure that the baby is wearing the right size of diaper to avoid any marks on the skins. If need be, get a one size bigger diaper so that the baby is comfortable.
  • If the baby passes stool, then you must change the diaper immediately.
  • Check the baby’s skin regularly for rashes. Use a diaper-rash cream.
  • Always give some diaper-free time to the baby.

Size Guide

Most common question by new mothers is what size fits best at what age?

There are many sizes of diapers available right from Newborn to Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large. Make sure you check the size by buying in small quantities to begin with before settling down on the right size.

Here is a size guide for your reference.

Diaper Size Chart – Baby Diaper Size Chart

My Review of 11 Best Diapers in India

There are many diaper brands available, and it’s important to know that not all will work best for your child.

You may need to try different types before finding the best one for your baby.

However, knowing what to look for and using best disposable diapers in India can help ensure you get a great fit and reliable protection from wetness and messes quickly and easily.

Here are 11 Best Baby Diapers Available in India –

1. Huggies Ultra-Soft Extra Small or Newborn Tape Diapers

Most of the new Indian parents like me provide the best comfort with these best diapers for newborns.

It’s cottony soft texture provides the best hug to your baby. Also, this diaper brand is clinically proven to prevent baby rashes. These are tape diapers and not pants as these are for very small or newborn babies that require adjusting to diapers.


  • Provides absorption up to 12 hours long.
  • It also has a wetness indicator which suggests changing the diaper.
  • Softer compared to other diapers.


It’s made from super stretchy material which gives your baby a mother-like hug.

Huggies are made with air fresh material that lets your baby’s skin breathe.


No, as such points were noticed.

2. Papimo Baby Pants Diaper with Aloe Vera

For many parents, this is the best diaper they can opt for their little ones. This diaper pant is designed to provide the utmost comfort to your baby day and night as well. For providing a comfy experience, it is made with non-woven soft material.


  • Its cross-crop top layer makes this diaper pant long-lasting and also does not get heavy easily.
  • On the bottom of this diaper, there is a gel magnet that absorbs a large amount of liquid.
  • It contains Aloe Vera that prevents rashes on baby’s sensitive skin.
  • It is a pant style diaper that fits the baby comfortably and has up to 12 hours of absorption capacity.
  • This diaper is suitable for babies with 9-14 kgs weight.


The aloe vera present in the diaper helps in protecting your baby’s sensitive skin.

Like Huggies, this diaper pant also has a wetness indicator which turns yellow to blue when the time comes to change the diaper.


☒ Few customers have complained about the size. It’s size is different compared to other regular brands.

3. Supples Baby Pants Diapers

This diaper is available in four sizes like medium, large, small, and extra-large. For day and night, these diaper pants are perfect to be used for your newborn. It’s very gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin. This is one of the most economical diapers in this category.


  • It’s made from non-woven and breathable material for giving a comfortable experience to your baby.
  • It creates a large absorbing area which helps in uniform liquid distribution and absorption.
  • This diaper is suitable for babies weighing between 9-14 kgs.
  • It has trickle lock cuffs at the sides to prevent any leakages.


For ensuring and avoiding any leakage, it has triple lock side cuffs.

Its gel magnet is hydrophilic which helps in absorbing a large amount of liquid. 


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4. Pampers Premium Care Pants

Every parent is aware that Pampers is known for the best diapers for newborns. It provides 360° cotton soft texture for providing utmost comfort to your baby all day and night.


  • It has soothing lotion along with aloe vera for protecting the baby’s skin from rashes, redness, and infections.
  • This diaper pant has 12 hours of leak lock technology for keeping your baby dry and away from wetness.
  • It is one of the most preferred choice amongst doctors.
  • Easy wear, easy removal and easy disposal make it a favorite amongst parents.


Its wetness indicator turns yellow from blue once it gets whole wet.

It also has usable tape for the easy disposing facility.


☒ A little expensive(hence the name premium) – these diapers are one of the best for newborns.

5. Pigeon Ultra-Premium Small Size Pants Diaper

 If you want to provide sound sleep to your baby at night, then having this best diaper in India 2022 should be your choice.

Its silky and soft material provides extra comfort and softness to your baby’s sensitive skin. For preventing rashes, it comes with breathable material.


  • Its higher absorbency power and no leakage action give a dry experience to your baby.
  • Like other brands, it also has a wetness indicator for preventing diaper rash.
  • Its slim-fit design and soft elastic waistband give a great fit to your baby’s bottom.
  • The U-fold flap provides double protection and flexibility.


Provides up to 12 hours of protection to your baby.

For maintaining the healthy skin of your baby, it is made with breathable and comfy material.


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6. MamyPoko Pants Extra Absorb Diaper

This is also one of the best diapers for newborn baby India. It has a criss cross layer on the top which can absorb 7 glasses of urine and spreads it equally. Hence the diaper can be used for 12 hours long.


  • Its stretchable thigh support prevents gaps and helps in preventing leakage.
  • Breathable cotton like material allows inflow and outflow of air so it can be used for longer period of time.
  • For protecting the baby’s umbilical cord, it has a special cut in its front.


✔ The crisscross sheet can hold up to 7 glasses of water and distributes it evenly throughout the material.

✔ Prevents redness and in turn rashes.

✔ Easy to wear & has attractive fun design.


☒ It does not have the wetness indicator.

7. Huggies Wonder Diaper Pants, Medium Size

This is India’s best diaper for babies with sensitive skin.

The Huggies Wonder Pants diaper features a unique 3D bubble-bed (Bubble wala Huggies) that ensures thorough absorption and distributes wetness uniformly.

It provides the best comfort and care in all the diaper areas of your baby. This diaper material is so fluffy and soft which offers a feel like a bed to your baby.


  • For preventing the occurrence of waist / red marks around your baby’s waist, it offers a cushiony waistband.
  • It has a triple leak guard which is the extra padding on the diaper sides for reducing leakage from the sides.
  • Flexible pants that provide a comfortable fit and adapt to your baby’s movements.


Its 3D bubble bed ensures complete absorption and spreads the urine evenly.

It absorbs the wetness for 12 hours to provide dry and comfortable sleep to your baby.


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8. Pampers All round Protection Pants, Extra-Large size Baby Diapers

These are the best diapers I have ever come across for my baby. It comes with the anti-rash lotion with aloe vera for keeping your baby’s skin protected, healthy, and hygienic. It helps in protecting your baby from redness and rashes.

I have had many peaceful nights with these Pampers All Round Protection Pants. Its extremely comfortable and fit the baby perfectly making it one of the most preferable diapers in the market.


  • It is the best diaper with various features like absorb core for providing a breathable dry feel to your baby overnight.
  • Its magic gel lock technology provides 12 hours of dryness.
  • Flexible waistbands are provided for a comfortable fit.
  • This product is best suited for children aged 24 months and older.


Its new design makes this diaper comfortably fit all the babies

Based on clinical studies it’s found that it helps in preventing rashes after 1-day usage.


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9. Himalaya Total Care Extra-Large size Baby Diaper Pant

The Himalaya total care diapers include an anti-rash shield powered by Indian aloe and Yashad Bhasma, giving your baby maximum protection against rashes.

Its soft and simple-to-fit design provides care and comfort to your baby’s skin.


  • With its breathable fabric, the baby can get proper air circulation and its leak-proof elastic edges help in preventing leakage.
  • Its superabsorbent layer helps in immediate absorption of the wet and provides maximum dampness protection.
  • These diapers are suitable for 8-14kg babies and aged 9 to 18 months.


Its wetness indicator turns green to tell you the time of changing the diaper.

For restful and undisturbed sleep, it offers dry skin.


☒ It is found that the actual effectiveness of this diaper is 2 hours, so these diapers need to be checked time and again.

10. Bella Baby Happy Large Diaper

Bella Baby Happy Diapers use a skin friendly technology. It’s said to include a diaper rash-free system made up of green tree extracts, which help to prevent rashes, allergies, and redness. It not only provides comfort to the baby but offers a comfy experience to mothers too. It isolates the baby’s liquid with its unique technology of magic gel and pearls.


  • Made with skin friendly material free of latex and chlorine.
  • It is designed to provide air circulation that helps in keeping your baby’s skin dry, fresh, and healthy.
  • The gentle gathers on both sides hold moisture to prevent leakages.
  • Available in XS (for newborns) up to XL sizes.


These diapers help in preventing rashes, redness, and any type of infection.

It neutralizes the unpleasant smell with its green tea extract and anti-inflammatory properties.


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11. Bambo Nature Premium Baby Diapers

If you are looking for the best diaper for sensitive skin, then you need this new generation of diaper pants.

Made in Denmark, these Bambo Nature Premium Baby Diapers are eco-friendly and free of allergens, parabens and any type of lotions, perfumes and chemicals.

It is a tape-style diaper pant that offers sustainable protection to your baby’s sensitive skin and is perfect for both day and night.


  • Its yellow line present on the front turns blue once it becomes heavy.
  • These diapers are made of breathable cotton-like material to ensure no rashes or redness on the skin.
  • It has a super dry sheet which helps in drying up the fluid faster and hence can be used overnight too.
  • Designed for kids between 10-20 months weighing 12 kgs to 18 kgs.


✔ It’s made with non-woven, super soft, and breathable material. Extremely comfortable to use.

✔ Top dry system that helps absorb moisture faster.

✔ Eco-friendly diapers with green packaging.


Very expensive compared to other brands.

Benefits of Using Diapers


As compared to cloth, reusable, and langots, the disposable diapers are very convenient. These diapers can be easily found anywhere from a small confectionary shop to online stores. And after one use, you can easily throw it off.

Quick Changes

Now the next advantage of using disposable diapers is you don’t need to spend too much time changing them. Also, once you get used to it, the time zone becomes very low.

It Comes as Hypoallergenic

If you are thinking that normal diapers are causing infection, rashes, and redness to your baby’s skin. Then you should start using a hypoallergenic diaper for preventing common ailments.

Check all about 13 Best Diaper Rash Creams to avoid a cranky, and uncomfortable baby!

best baby diaper in India – Best Baby Diapers in India

Types of Diapers

It’s important that babies feel dry and comfortable at all times. Otherwise, they might experience irritation and have issues with their growth development.

1. Cloth or Reusable Diapers

Cloth diapers are made of cotton so they are extremely soft for your baby and won’t leave your baby exposed to harmful elements. They are environment friendly and good for the baby’s skin causing no or lesser rashes.

However, they are less absorbent compared to disposable diapers and need to be washed / changed frequently.

2. Disposable Diapers

These are the most commonly used diapers around the world. Their most important features are –

  • They have more absorbing power compared to traditional cloth diapers.
  • While cloth diapers need to be washed more frequently, disposable diapers can be used more than once and then discarded.
  • This makes them a time-saver when it comes to dealing with pee and potty, especially useful for overnight diaper changes.

There are 2 types of Disposable Diapers –

a. Pant Style Diapers

If your child is starting with potty training, then you should make him wear up the pullups. It may look like normal underwear but it’s also the best baby diaper for newborns.

b. Taped or Side Strap Style Diapers

These diapers are great for newborns. Tape diapers are adjustable and parents can adjust the tape below the navel of the baby. They are soft and sensitive to baby’s soft skin.

best diapers in India – Best Diapers in India

How to Choose the Best Diapers

You can choose best disposable diapers in India which are available with options like cloth-like outer cover for softness, wetness indicator that changes colour when the diaper needs changing, an elastic waistband for a secure fit all around baby’s legs.

You will find best disposable diapers in India with flexible absorbent core that adjusts as baby moves during sleep or playtime. Best disposable diapers in India come with stretchy tabs to help provide a secure fit with fewer leaks.

Remember, selecting the right diaper for your baby is absolutely important for you as well as the baby.

There could be many factors and a number of trial and error required before you settle down to the best and most comfortable diaper for your baby.

Here are a few things to look for that will help you to make a choice –

1. Brand

As you are going to buy the best baby diapers you need to look at which brand you are going for. However, it’s suggested to use reputed and branded diapers instead of local and normal ones.

2. Wetness Indicator lines

Nowadays diapers come with the new feature of wetness indicator lines. As soon as the diaper becomes wet and heavy, the white line as a wetness indicator turns flow and sometimes blue too. Hence, you need not check the diaper often.

3. Softness and Breathability

Because the skin of your baby is very sensitive and soft, you need to choose the softest and fluffy diaper pants. You should check that the diaper material that is soft and breathable and restricts the airflow on the bottom of it.

4. Leakage Protection

As moms, we do not want a diaper that keeps leaking all the time. Choose a diaper that provides 12 hour leakage protection. This way the baby can sleep comfortably and you too do not need to wake up to frequently change the diaper.

So quick absorption is the key while choosing a diaper. Nowadays, many diapers come with a magic gel technology that absorbs the liquid quickly and prevents the diaper from becoming heavy and uncomfortable for the baby.

best diaper brands for baby – Best Baby Diaper Brands

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Frequently Asked Questions on Best Baby Diapers in India

  • Are diapers good for babies?
    Yes, the best baby diapers help in keeping away wetness because of their ultra-absorbent technology and don’t tend to leak.
  • What are the best baby diaper brands in India?
    Some of the best diaper brands in India are –
    Mamy Poko Pants
    Mee Mee
  • How long can diapers be used?
    Although Diapers can be used for 12 hours long including day and night. It is important to change a dirty diaper immediately. Most diapers have the wetness indicator, which when changes color, it means diaper needs to be changed immediately. It is best to change the diapers frequently, otherwise it will cause rashes. To prevent rashes, use diaper rash creams & give some diaper free time to the baby.
  • How long can you use a size one diaper?
    The best diapers for newborn baby India can be used until he or she has gained a weight of 8 to 10 lbs (around 7 kgs) until the baby is approximately 3-4 months old.
  • Is a diaper safe for a newborn?
    Yes, if you choose the best diapers for newborns, then it’s truly safe. However, if a local brand diaper is being used, then it might infect your baby’s skin.
  • Is it OK to not change the diaper at night?
    Yes, if the diaper is light wet then it can be left overnight. But if the baby has pooped in the diaper, then it needs to be changed immediately.
  • How to determine what diaper size the baby needs?
    Size of the diaper is determined by the weight and age of the baby. Please refer the chart shared above.
  • How many diapers do you need for a newborn?
    For a newborn, you are approximately require 8 to 10 diapers daily.
  • How do you know when a diaper is wet?
    You need to hold your hand over the front section of your baby’s diapers and jiggle it to see if it moves. Hence if it moves like jelly, then it’s an indication that the diaper is wet and it needs to change immediately. Many diapers have a wetness indicator which shows when the diaper is wet and needs to be changed.


Parents generally worry about their child’s health, hygiene, and safety, so picking the perfect diaper becomes crucial.

Furthermore, you should test out a variety of designs and patterns before selecting one brand or type.

Remember, whatever type or brand you choose, your baby’s comfort should be one of your top priorities when choosing best diapers in India. Finally, concerns like rashes, itching, and overflowing diapers should also be considered.

The best disposable baby diapers help your baby feel dry and comfortable all night long, so you can get better sleep knowing that best diaper brands are working for your baby’s skin.

Above I have compiled a list of 11 best diapers that are available in the market nowadays that may suit your baby’s needs.

However, my recommendation would be to go for Huggies Ultra Soft Extra Small / New Born (XS / NB) Tape Baby Diapers as these are high quality absorbent diapers for new born babies, Pampers All round Protection Pants for babies above 2 years old due to its anti rash lotion containing aloe vera & lastly Bambo Nature Premium Baby Diapers for its thin and eco-friendly diapers.

That’s all about baby diapers in India, I hope you found this information helpful.

~~~Happy Diapering! 🙂

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