Magical Harry Potter Gifts for Kids

11 Magical Harry Potter Gifts for Kids

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Surabhi Agrawal

The Harry Potter series has been a beloved tale for decades now, and there is no sign of it slowing down.

I must admit that I am one too 🙂 and I am waiting to relive the magic with my son once again! I have already started to introduce him to this magical world.

So, if your child loves the magic of Hogwarts as much as mine does, they will love these gifts!

I have compiled a list of toys and mugs that will help them relive their favorite moments from the books and movies.

From Hedwig to Quidditch Keepsake Set, we’ve got you covered with these 11 magical items!

Let’s get started!

Collection of Magical Harry Potter Gifts for Kids

Harry Potter Gifts for Kids – Harry Potter Gifts for Kids

1. 7PCS Harry Potter Wax Stamp Seals Kit with Classic Vintage Seal Wax Stamp Hogwarts Magic School Badge

Turn any envelope or package into a magical one with this Hogwarts wax stamp kit!

This set is perfect for kids and adults alike.

After all, who doesn’t want their own little personal crest?

Perfect for a Harry Potter-themed birthday party. Send out birthday invites, Diwali, Christmas cards with your favorite seals.

Nice beginners kit to start with! Read the reviews to find out more about how it works!

2. Harry Potter Music Box

This music box is beautifully carved with a warm message and serves as an excellent conversation piece.

It is designed to be small so that it easily fits in the palm.

18-note Music will play for 30 seconds and at a slow pace. You can rotate the handle to repeat the music. The tune is Hedwig’s theme (HP theme) music.

This music box is the perfect addition to any Potterhead’s collection! Only a true Potterhead can truly appreciate this music box.

3. Harry Potter Snitch Ball with Wings Gold Plated Combo of Pendant & Bracelets for Boys and Girls (Unisex)

A combo set of gold-plated jewelry for boys and girls.

This gift comes with both a pendant and bracelet – it is perfect for any Potterhead!

I love the golden wings on this Snitch ball, they are so cute! Kids will surely love these gifts too.

A great gift to give your kids or to keep for yourself if you’re also into Harry Potter merchandise.

4. Harry Potter Magnetic bookmarks (pack of 6)

Perfect for students: Keep your place in a book with these magnetic markers.

These magnetic bookmarks will help you to remember the characters that we know and love so well!

These magnets come as a set of 6 from the Different Hogwarts Houses to Ron, Hermoine, Harry Potter characters, and other famous sayings – choose the one you like the most or get them all!

This set will keep you entertained as well as help to bring back those moments from the movies!

These magnets are so cute and perfect for any Potterhead’s collection. The design is just amazing! I love it. 🙂

An excellent gift for both kids and adults alike.

5. Harry Potter with Wand Plush (Soft Toy)

Plush toys are perfect for any kid’s room or playroom.

Not only is this toy soft and adorable, but it also comes with a wand!

This plush can be used as an interactive toy – what more could your Potterhead ask for?

My son treasures his Harry Potter plush. He loves it so much, he sleeps with him every night!

Your child will love this gift as well – I’m sure of it!

Other characters in this range include Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Hedwig the owl, and dobby along with cute plush keychains for your everyday use or to just hang it in your car.

Choose any of the Harry Potter characters and they will love it!

6. Harry Potter Gryffindor Enamel Pin Set

Simple yet perfect for any Potterhead!

What better way to show your love and support than with pins? These beautifully designed enamel pins are the perfect addition to any outfit, backpack, or bag.

These also make great stocking stuffers – I can’t wait to get my hands on these amazing designs myself! It would be a fun and cute accessory to any outfit.

A perfect way to show your love and support for Harry Potter & Gryffindor house with these gorgeous pins!

Great gifts for kids and adults alike, this is a must-have in every Potterhead’s collection!

7. Harry Potter Triwizard Maze Game

A perfect gift for any Harry Potter fan!

This game is inspired by the Triwizard Maze itself.

You and your friends can play this board game and relive some of the best moments!

Do not wait, grab a copy today before it’s too late! This wonderful maze board will surely bring out the child in you!

Great gift for kids and adults alike. A must-have game if you are a Potterhead or even just love Harry Potter movies. Get it before everyone else does!

I’m definitely getting this one myself – looks like so much fun! What about you? 🙂

Another board game that you can choose is the Family Board Game – The Popular Card Game for Harry Potter Theme where players must decipher clues in order to uncover the secrets and solve the mystery.

8. Hedwig Pop Figure

Pop figures are a great collectible toy that will look good on any desk.

They’re also fun to play with, and this Harry Potter version is no exception!

Hedwig, the beloved white owl of Harry Potter, is a character that every fan loves.

With the Hedwig Pop figure, your child can imagine flying through the skies of Hogwarts alongside their favorite owl.

The vinyl figure stands at about four inches tall and comes in a window display box.

Pop this toy on your desk or shelf and it will instantly add some magic to any space!

This item would make a perfect gift for any Potterhead!

9. Collection of Harry Potter Mugs

One of the best gifts for any Harry Potter fan is Mugs.

Mugs are perfect for getting your kids to drink their milk or water.

From beautiful Hedwig Owl Mug to Leviosa Morphing Magic Mug, there are plenty of Harry Potter mugs to choose from.

Many combos are also available like the Harry Potter Combo Pack of 3 (Coffee Mug + 2 Rectangular Fridge Magnet.

Heat Sensitive Mugs like Ravenclaw Morphing Magic Heat Sensitive to Slytherin Heat Sensitive Mugs are a few other options that you can choose from.

Don’t hesitate, grab a collection of mugs and start drinking! 🙂

Your children will love having these fun mugs in the morning – this is also an excellent gift idea for Potterheads who just can’t get enough of Harry Potter memorabilia.

10. Kid’s Magic Wand Hermione Dumbledore Elder-Wand Magic Wands Stick with Keychain Necklace Toys in Box, 11 Pcs Set

Harry Potter is incomplete without a Magic Wand!

Make your child’s playtime magical with these wands that look like they came straight out of the movies!

This is also a great gift idea for any kind of Harry Potter fan – young or old. A perfect way to bring magic into their lives; this set includes 11 pieces that you can put up on display once received (or keep it in a box if you want).

This 11 piece set includes – Harry potter’s Wand, Dumbledore’s Wand, Ron’s Wand, Krum’s Wand, Deather Eaters’ Wand, Lord Voldemort’s Wand, Slughorn’s Wand, Luna’s Wand, Narcissa Wand, Malfoy Wand, and Fleur Delacour Wand.

This set also has a keychain necklace to hang the wand in.

A perfect gift for any Potterhead who is obsessed with Harry’s wand and all things magical. 🙂

Grab a wand and start practicing!

11. Harry Potter – Collectible Quidditch Set Keepsake

This one is not really a toy but a memorable keepsake – the Harry Potter Quidditch Set!

Collect your own one-of-a-kind keepsake replica of the Quidditch trunk with bludgers, quaffle, and snitch!

Set includes:

  • 1 Quaffle
  • 2 Bludgers
  • 1 non-removable Snitch
  • 16 x 24-inch full-color poster
  • All packaged in a Quidditch trunk which doubles as a keepsake box, complete with lock and key!

A perfect and unique gift for Harry Potter fans of all ages. This is a great keepsake that you can give to your loved ones or just keep it yourself if you’re also into collecting memorabilia – this one is definitely worth keeping!

Final Thoughts

Harry Potter Merchandise for all Potterheads – Harry Potter Merchandise for all Potterheads

The list is endless when it comes to Harry Potter merchandise. However, I hope you enjoyed the above list of Harry Potter gifts.

If your child loves the magic of Hogwarts as much as mine does, they will love these gifts!

Happy shopping and may all your spells be successful ones 🙂

We hope that this gives your child the same magic that Harry Potter has given us!

~~Let’s relive the Magic every day, Potterheads! 🙂

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