Best Breast Pumps in India (A Buying Guide)

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We’ve all heard the phrase, “Breast is best.” And we all know that in truth, “Fed is best.” But if our bodies are able to and our little ones can latch well, there is no reason that we should fear breastfeeding our babies. But before we know it, it’s time to go back to our careers. And let’s be honest, work might seem a little daunting. 

Most of us have to go back to work within three months (or sooner!) of delivering our newborns. That’s not a lot of time to get past the learning curve of being a new mom.

Whether you need to pump for work, pump so your partner can bond by feeding the baby, or you want to pump because – for whatever reason – your little one can’t latch properly, utilizing a pump is definitely one of my favorite advances in technology.

As a mother, I have used double breast pump as you might feel the need to store up the excess milk and double breast pump serves the purpose completely.

My favorite in this category is Spectra Baby USA S1 Plus Double/single Breast Pump as it works as double or single breast pump and is the best in this category.

Here are my top picks of best electric breast pump in India, choose the one that suits you. As a new mom, you have no experience on this so read till the end to check all my reviews to see which suits you the best.

My Top Picks of 6 Best Breast Pumps in India

Best Breast Pumps in India  A Buying Guide
Best Breast Pumps in India A Buying Guide

Advantages of Using a Breast Pump

If you are researching pumps, odds are, you already know why you need one. The advantages are readily apparent. In the earliest days, using a pump can help relieve some of the pain of engorgement. 

Pumps also help new mothers build up milk supply. Though most mothers’ milk comes in by day 4 or 5, if yours is a little slow to the gate, a pump is an excellent tool that will encourage your supply to grow. 

I cannot overemphasize the immediate support a breast pump provides to moms in their first days of motherhood.

They also provide a way for individuals other than you to feed the baby. If you are anything like I was when my toddler was a newborn, you’ll definitely appreciate a little break while someone else feeds him. 

mother express - Best Breast Pumps In India
Mother Express – Best Breast Pumps in India

Night feeds are a part of the newborn territory, but once your milk supply is established, your partner or a trusted family member can absolutely take a feed if you are pumping, so you can sleep.

Most commonly, though, breast pumps allow new moms to continue to feed their little ones while away at work. I can’t stress how difficult it is to leave your baby and go to work, so not having to worry about milk supply is perhaps the best consequence of using a breast pump. Using a pump makes storing milk easy and going back to work a little more bearable.

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Features to look for while buying a pump

Looking into buying your first breast pump is a daunting task. We all want the best breast pump in India. 

I remember when my first pump came in the mail, I felt like crying. Instruction manuals always seem so long when you need them to be short, don’t they?

Easy to Use

Fortunately, a large number of pumps today are very easy to use. You also want to consider where you will be pumping. If you won’t have regular access to an electrical outlet, you’ll want a pump that has batteries. 

Mother Express - Electric Breast Pumps In India
Breastfeeding is the best gift for your child – Mother Express

Electric vs Manual

Next, keep in mind your comfort level. Most women prefer electric pumps. Manual pumps are definitely quieter, but electric pumps allow you to pump faster and in a shorter amount of time. They also allow you to pump hands free, which is crucial. 

Most electric breast pumps can work as a single or a double pump, which means you can express one breast at a time or both – this is particularly helpful for new mamas who want to relieve engorgement on one side or the other. 

It’s also great if you want to pump on one side while your baby feeds on the other. Ease of finding accessories and bottles that are compatible with your pump is definitely something to keep in mind. It didn’t even cross my mind until I had already opened my pump and started to use it so that some bottles would be able to fit directly onto the pump (game changer!). 


Finally, you’ll want to consider the price. Luckily, a breast pump can be every affordable depending on what you need.

Best Time to buy a Breast Pump

I know so many moms including myself who bought their breast pump after they had their baby. If you find yourself in that category, it is totally okay. You are doing great!

If you have not had your baby yet, though, the time to buy your breast pump is now. 

Anytime after the second trimester is a great time to get your breast pump. Here’s why. 

There are so many options for pumps on the market. You will definitely want to familiarize yourself with them before making a decision. 

Mother Express - Manual Breast Pumps in India
Breast Pumps – Manual / Electric – Use them to make the most of your motherhood Motherexpress

Furthermore, the instructional manual alone is like a small novel. Being the mother that I know you are, you are going to want to read it – probably twice. 

Then, you have to consider what it takes to put together the breast pump for the first time. You’ll want to wash and sterilize the parts before the first use. 

Finally, you will definitely want to make sure that the breast pump works and that you know how it works. You should turn it on to see if it has good suction and whether it needs batteries or an outlet. 

Knowing that your pump works and that you know how to use it will make it so that you have one less thing on your plate when your baby is here. 

Precautions before buying Best Pumps in India

Before you buy a breast pump, it is best to consult your doctor. Your doctor also knows you well, so they can recommend a pump that will fit your lifestyle. 

Though you will want to buy your pump prior to having your baby, don’t attempt to express milk before your baby is here.

It’s not recommended that you actually use it until you have delivered your baby, as that expressing motion can accidentally stimulate contractions before your body is ready to go into labor.

Finally, I know some women look down on using a breast pump, but there is absolutely no shame in doing so. If anything, it helps you maintain a good and healthy balance. 

You were an individual before you became a mom, and you are still your own person now. Using a breast pump doesn’t make you less of a mom – it makes you a balanced mom.

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My Reviews of Best Breast Pumps in India

When it comes to purchasing your pump, just remember that you know yourself best. 

The better informed you are, the better equipped you will be to make the right decision. If you are in search of the best breast pump in India available today, look no further.

1. Spectra Baby USA S1 Plus Double/single Breast Pump

The Spectra S1 Plus is a classic electric breast pump, used in hospitals but equally useful at home. It’s been on the market for a long time, so it is well known. Received the Bump baby awards in 2018.

The pump has modes like massage, expression to help you pump the milk flow naturally. You can easily switch back and forth as needed. The suction is adjustable, check the manual before you begin.

Comes with an inbuilt battery which lasts for an hour after which you can charge it or use a rechargeable battery.

Digital Display helps you to check the flow & mode during each session.

Extremely hygienic as it has a backflow protector that creates a barrier between the milk flow and the motor.

Can be used as a dual or single breast pump at your convenience.


✔ It can run on electricity or on a rechargeable battery

✔ Built-in nightlight for late night pumping

✔ Very strong suction but doesn’t hurt

✔ It is surprisingly quiet, given how strong it is

✔ More than one expression mode, so you can choose the suction


☒ As far as pumps go, it is on the heavier side at 1.1kg

☒ It can be difficult to use for the first time

☒ It is not compatible with many bottle brands, which takes away from it’s convenience

2. Spectra Baby USA S2 Hospital Grade Double/Single Breast Pump

The Spectra S2 is an updated version of the S1. Like its predecessor, it is one of the most beloved pumps on the market.

The Spectra brand comes with a powerful suction and S2 has 12 suction modes.

This is a double pump electric breast pump but you can use it as a single electric breast pump as per your needs.

The closed Pump mechanism helps maintain hygiene as it prevents the backflow of the milk.

Ultra-quiet motor, so you can use it even while your baby is sleeping.

Designed in a light pink soothing color. It brings natural confidence to new moms and lets you enjoy every moment of the breastfeeding journey.


All Spectra pump parts that come in contact with breast milk are BPA/DEHP free

Built-in nightlight for late night pumping

Small and discrete enough to take to work

Hygienic – closed-system that prevents backflow of milk


☒ It must be plugged into an outlet at all times

☒ It is not intuitive and comes with a complex manual

☒ It is not compatible with many bottle brands, which takes away from it’s convenience

☒ It does not come with a rechargeable battery like the S1

3. Medela Swing Flex Single Breast Pump

Medela is one of the most celebrated brands of the pump on the market. The Swing Flex Single Breast Pump, specifically, is one that they are known for.

It is designed for mothers who are either transitioning back to work or who are still primarily breastfeeding their little one. Because it is a single pump, though, it will take longer than a double pump.

For new moms, this may be a good start, since it is lightweight, and hence very comfortable and easy to use. 

You can switch between phases and vacuum levels, finding the most comfortable setting for you and your baby.

The new 105° opening angle better matches different shapes & sizes of breasts which ensures it fits perfectly.

PersonalFit Flex breast shield can be rotated 360°, you can easily adapt its position to suit your shape. Read the instructions provided to understand how to use it.


✔ It runs on batteries, so you can use it while doing any other activity

✔ It is very lightweight and sleek, making it perfect for work or travel

✔ It is a very affordable pump with good suction

✔ The flanges come in a wide variety of sizes

✔ Compatible with most bottle brands on the market today


☒ As per few customer reviews, it may cause rashes on the nipples

☒ It uses an open system that requires meticulous cleaning

☒ Single pump so you can only express one side at a time

☒ It does not come with a rechargeable battery

4. Luvlap Electric Breast Pump with 3 Phase Pumping

Luvlap is one of the most popular names when it comes to mother and baby products.

This pump from Luvlap is a relatively new one but it has already created a name for itself.

This electric pump matches all the features of the most popular ones in this category and is relatively cheaper but quite effective.

It has a 3 phase operation: Massage, Stimulation, and Expression with 9 level intensity adjustments per mode.

Soft silicone massage cushion ensures comfort and gently stimulates breast milk flow.

Closed System with a silicone valve prevents the backflow of milk into the motor which ensures hygiene and durability of the motor.

Overall a budget-friendly electric breast pump that can be used by all mothers who are vary of spending a lot of money and have to make do with the manual breast pump.


Lightweight and effective expression of Breast Milk

Dual power option makes it usable anywhere, anytime

Can be converted to manual mode in case no power is available

All parts are made of Food Grade BPA Free Plastic and Silicone


☒ Not useful for moms who want to get back to work

☒ Suction power is less as compared to other electric pumps

☒ Single pump hence you can express only one side at a time

☒ Display may not work at times

5. NOYMI Pain-Free Enhanced Suction Version Electric Breast Feeding Pump

This pump is an excellent electric one that is great for mothers who will not be pumping full-time. It is one of the newer models on this list, but it is already proving itself to be a solid choice for moms on the go.

Comes with 3 modes – massage, stimulation, and breast suction, with 9 levels of breast suction for a suitable choice.

Simple and convenient to use.

The soft silicone massage cushion along with 3 pumping stages of massage-stimulation-expression helps to give a natural-like experience.

The new improved version of the pump has a more powerful suction ability and delivers high efficiency.

An extra nipple is provided so you can use the same bottle which you use for pumping to feed the baby.

Budget-friendly compared to other electric pumps.


✔ It can run on both batteries and USB/Electric

✔ It is very compact and can be kept in a discreet place

✔ It has three expression modes for a customized pumping experience


☒ Single pump, so you cannot pump both sides at the same time

☒ It has a gentle suction that feel weak to some moms

☒ It is not compatible with many popular bottle brands

6. haakaa Food Grade BPA PVC and Phthalate-Free Clear Breastpump with Suction Base

Though I wanted to write only about electric breast pumps in this article. I could not help but mention this manual breast pump from Haakaa. I am a firm believer that every new mother could use a Haakaa.

While not intended for mothers who are returning to work full time and not the most convenient pump option available, this little pump is excellent for relieving engorgement in the early stages of breastfeeding as well as encouraging milk supply.

The flange can be adjusted as per the instructions provided to suit different breast sizes.

The upgraded version comes with a suction base to ensure that you can place the pump after pumping without spilling the milk.

Not many Indians have used this brand but it is worth the try if you feel that you want to use a manual pump rather than an electric one.


✔ Lightweight and easy to clean

✔ Convenient for mothers who are just starting out

✔ It is almost silent


☒ It is a manual pump, so it requires a lot of hands-on work

☒ It expresses one side at a time

☒ It lacks the convenience of a double electric pump - breast pumps are a boon
Mother express – New moms can get all the confidence with breast pumps

Final Word

Using a breast pump is a great way to ensure that your baby continues to receive the best nutrition possible. 

It allows mothers the flexibility needed to return to normalcy after entering into the new world of motherhood. 

Whether you need a little sleep, your spouse or a family member wants to be able to feed your baby a bottle, your infant has a painful latch, or you are going back into the workforce, pumps make maintaining a healthy diet for your newborn possible.  Spectra Baby USA S1 Plus double/single Breast Pump is the best as per my experience.

Feeding our babies with our bodies is one of the greatest joys of motherhood. It allows us to bond with our precious bundle of joy in a way that no one else will ever truly be able to do. 

Pumping doesn’t take away from that bond. if anything, it strengthens it. 

By utilizing a pump, you are making sure that even when you’re not able to feed directly on your chest, your little one is receiving a diet that is nutrient-rich and completely customized to their unique needs.

~~Happy Parenting!!

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