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8 Best Baby Car Seat in India

Surabhi Agrawal

Surabhi Agrawal

Love to travel but feeling lost as you have transitioned to being a parent?

Don’t worry you can still travel with your baby! Yes, just make sure that you get a baby car seat and include your little one in the joyous ride. 🙂

However, in India, many parents are still not aware that it is extremely important to  use an infant car seat. They think that I can hold the baby in my lap or max I can sit on the back seat of the car while my husband drives the car.

Well, this is the wrong notion of most parents and it must be changed! 

Car seats are an important part of every parent’s life, and they can help keep your child safe while they are traveling in your car.

While you may already know the basics of how to use a car seat, you may not know the different types of car seats, the reasons why you should use one, or the benefits that come from using a car seat.

This article hopes to answer all of these questions for you! Read on to find out why all parents must use a car seat, reviews of the best brands of car seats in India, along with a buying guide to help pick out the best!

So, let’s begin!


If you are looking to buy an infant car seat for your newborn child you should opt for LuvLap Multipurpose 4 in 1 Baby Carry Cot Cum Infant Car Seat as it is a multipurpose car seat with one of the softest cushions & can also be used as a carry cot, rocker & a chair for your infant.

However, if you have a toddler aged 6 months or above, you can choose the TRUMOM (USA) Baby Convertible Sports Car Seat as it is a convertible car seat that is extremely comfortable, has 5 point safety harness and is compatible with all cars!

Top 8 Best Baby Car Seats in India

Why Car Seats?

Best Baby Car Seat in India – Best Baby Car Seat in India

If a car accident occurs, children / babies are most affected as they cannot be secured correctly with the help of a seat belt and do not know how to react in case of an accident.

As a grown up and being their parents, it is our responsibility to take utmost care of them while driving. 

Many kids get injured and even killed in motor accidents in India. Car seats help reduce injuries caused by car accidents by 70-80% as compared to those wearing a seat belt.

Hence it is important to buy Baby Car Seat and ensure the safety of our babies & kids.

Not sure about Car Seats?

Before installing the baby car seat in your car, it is better to place it in either your living room or where your child spends a lot of time playing.

Let him explore what’s new at home, let him play with the car seat at his comfort.

Once he starts playing around the car seat and gets familiar with the seat, then make the baby to sit in the car seat with seat belt.

Also try to feed him/her while sitting in the baby seat as it helps the baby to not get scared of the car seat and he/she will not feel stuck in it.

Looking for the right feeding bottle for your babies – Check out my reviews of the 10 Best Baby Feeding Bottles in India

Types of Baby Car Seats – Types of Baby Car Seats

Types of Car Seats

There are different types of baby car seats. You must understand the difference between them to be able to buy the best one that suits your needs. Check them out below –

  • Infant & Toddler Car Seats – 0 to 2 years of age. This will be installed rear facing only as it is safer. Use until the baby is comfortable and can fit into it. Can be used as carriers, since these are compact and can be easily attached and detached to the car.

    Most can be used as a carrycot. However, before buying you must check if the car seat will fit in your car. Since it can be used as a carrycot, do not use it in your home only as a carry cot as it restricts the movement of the baby, hence it is advisable to use it in the car only. Few models are available with a compatible stroller that are called as Travel Systems.

    Once your child reaches the maximum weight OR height limit for the seat, it’s time to switch to another type of car seat designed for older babies and toddlers.
  • Convertible Car Seats – These can be used from infant till the child outgrows the car seat. However, this is a fixed car seat and cannot be used as a portable car seat as it is heavier.
    They can be used in forward-facing or in rear-facing positions, depending on the weight of your child.
    Rear facing position to be used until the baby is 2-3 years old as it is the safest way to travel. You can start using the forward facing position once the baby is 3 years old. Do not use it if your baby is less than 6/8 months old despite manufacturers claiming that they can be used for newborns too.

    Since most Indian parents do not travel till their baby is at least a year older, you can directly buy the convertible seat rather than an infant car seat.
  • Booster Seats – These can be used when your child outgrows the convertible car seat. It can be used only for kids in a forward-facing position.
    This is not a car seat, it just raises the level and unlike infant and convertible seats, it does not have a buckle or belt to hold the child. You can use the seat belt of the car for safety.

The below diagram shows you in a glimpse, the different times you can use your baby car seats (age wise) and when to transition to a different position or car seat.

Car Seat Transition & Recommended Use Age-wise Breakup – Car Seat Transition & Recommended Use Age-wise Breakup

Buyer’ Guide on How to Buy A Baby Car Seat

If you are not sure on how to buy a baby car seat, here are some quick points to look at before you make that choice –

  • Car seat compatibility – Every car seat is different, so choose the one that will fit in your car. If you are using a car seat from your previous child, or plan to change to a new car, check that the car seat fits. Do not try to forcefully fit the old car seat, get a new one, after all safety of your baby is of utmost importance.

  • Easy installation – ensure that the car seat is easy to install, choose the one that comes with a video & an instruction manual so that you can install it in your car easily.

  • Comfortable for the baby – You may wish to buy any car seat – infant or convertible but if it’s not comfortable for the baby then it’s of no use.
    While buying a baby car seat, comfort is the most important thing to check – your baby’s head and neck must be well supported.
    Ensure that the fabric / cushions are soft, buckles / belts are sturdy and secure enough and that your baby is comfortable in the car seat and does not get scratched / rashes due to the belts / fabric.

  • Safety Standards
    • Certification – Most car seats are ECE R44/04 certified which means that the car seat complies with the basic safety requirements as set out in the European safety standard.
    • Safety Buckles – A 5 point harness safety standard found in baby car seats are better than a 3 point harness. This is because a 5 point harness means that it has 5 safety belts – 2 for shoulders, 1 between legs and 2 for hips. It also has a chest belt to keep shoulder straps in place while a 3 point harness has only 3 belts – 2 for shoulders and 1 between the legs.
    • Cleaning – the car seat is required from time to time to avoid infections. If the fabric is not washable then simply wipe it out, else if it is washable then wash it as per instructions provided but you will need to reinstall the seat after washing / drying.
  • Price – though car seats and especially convertible car seats are expensive they do provide the necessary safety required while travelling. If you love to travel and wish to continue travelling with your baby, then there is no need to compromise. Choose the best baby car seat so that you can enjoy the journey with peace of mind.
  • Isofix Car seat – ISOFIX is essentially a standardised, global child seat installation method. In other words, it complies with the global standard for child safety seat attachment points in vehicles. Although ISOFIX seats are not considered to be a need, many parents are now looking for these seats as they are a much secure way of attaching child seats in a car. Read all about Isofix car seats, price & Why Isofix Car Seats are the Safest Way to Travel with Your Child.
Car Seats are Comfortable for babies to sleep in – Car Seats are Comfortable for babies to sleep in

Review of 8 Best Baby Car Seat in India

Here are my reviews of 8 Best Baby Car Seats in India, check them out –

1. LuvLap Multipurpose 4 in 1 Baby Carry Cot Cum Infant Car Seat

The Luvlap Multipurpose 4 in 1 Baby Carry Cot Cum Infant Car Seat, Rocker, Chair as the name suggests can be used not only as an infant car seat but also as a rocker, carry cot and chair.

It is extremely sturdy and made of good quality material and has great cushioning.

The baby will be quite comfortable in this and the padding is sufficient. Baby’s head is also supported by the padding. 

Check out some of it’s great features apart from being super comfortable & affordable. 


  1. It is ECER44/04 Safety Standard Certified.
  2. It has 5 point harness that provides extra security & safety to the child. 
  3. Comes with adjustable belts, & a sunlight protection canopy to ensure that baby can sleep comfortably while you drive them around town.
  4. The cushioning is very soft & the best amongst all the car seats.
  5. The headrest is designed in a way that the baby’s head does not sway side to side.
  6. 3 level height adjustable and 4 position handle adjustments are possible.
  7. It can also be used as a seat when in restaurants and other places. Do note that the angle at which this seat sits on the car will change with your rear seat angle and therefore it might be required to pad it (between car seat and this seat) with something to angle it more comfortably for the baby.
  8. Seat Cover can be easily removed and washed.
  9. Suitable for Infants from 0 to 15 months, Weight Capacity Up to 13 kgs.


Comfortable – Very convenient to adjust the 5-point harness and the headrest.

Can also be used as a rocker at home by removing the belts.

Easy to set up with the help of the installation manual provided.

Can be used as carrycot as it very easy to carry anywhere.

One of the most economical & best value for money car seats available in India.


☒ Difficult to remove the sponge cover to wash.

☒ Good car seat for kids but installation and removal of the belts could have been more simpler.

☒ Few customers feel that the instruction page can be of better quality.

☒ No reclining option is available for extra comfort.

☒ Few customers feel that it becomes a little heavier with the baby in the seat when using for carrycot purpose.

☒ Few users feel that it is suitable only till 6 months old baby considering height and weight of baby.

2. R for Rabbit Convertible Baby Car Seat Jack N Jill Grand

The R for Rabbit Convertible Baby Car Seat Jack N Jill Grand is a very comfortable car seat for kids from 0 months to 7 years of age. So it is a good investment for the money spent.

How it can be used? The Jack N Jill Grand is a Convertible seat & hence can be used as

  • Infant Car Seat from 0 – 2 Year Age Group in Rear Facing Position (0-10 Kgs of Child’s Weight)
  • Front Facing Car Seat of  2-5 Years Age group (10-18 Kgs of Child’s Weight)
  • Front Facing Car seat of 4-7 years Age group (18-25 Kgs of Child’s Weight)


  1. 3 reclining positions – 2 reclining positions for forwarding facing arrangement and the third recline setting is for rear facing setup.
  2. Made from sturdy material for stronger durability and shock absorbing capacity.
  3. Comes with a Comfortable Headrest & Padded Wings for Side Impact Protection which means that it properly embraces the baby and makes sure that the baby is comfortable during the ride.
  4. The harness helps you get the baby in and out easily.
  5. Machine-washable seat cushion while the metal and plastic parts may be cleaned with mild soap and water.


5-point harness for enhanced safety & security of children.

Easy to fix with the help of installation video.

It is ECE R44/04 Safety Certified – It means that the product has been properly crash-tested to meet the European Safety standards.

Very flexible and can easily be installed in all cars.

Wide enough for baby to sit comfortably with a little moving space.


☒ The reclining option can be used only if child is below 10kg as otherwise chair has to be set facing front, and hence the seat can’t be reclined for older children.

☒ Fabric is less softer when compared to Luvlap.

☒ As per few customers, cleaning might be difficult.

3. TRUMOM (USA) Baby Convertible Sports Car Seat

Trumom is a well known brand in baby care products. The Trumom Baby Convertible Sports car seat is one of the favorite products preferred by Moms among all car seats available in India.

Any baby from 0 to 7 years old can use the car seat and the weight must be below 25 kgs.

It can be installed rear facing for new born babies or forward facing for children from 9kg to 25kg (younger children).


  1. It is very sturdy and the material does not irritate the baby.
  2. The adjustable headrest and side cushions keep the baby comfortable.
  3. Durable. Nice design and pleasing aesthetics.
  4. 5 point harness provides maximum security.
  5. Easily removed and can be machine washed.


Adjustable Height for Headrest adds greater comfort as per the baby’s age.

Extremely comfortable. Fits really well in almost all the cars.

3 recline positions that can be easily adjusted to provide maximum safety and a comfortable ride.

Hassle-free installation with the help of the installation manual.

Designed with padded wings for side impact protection pads that will keep the neck, head and spine of the baby safe.

Additionally, the car seat comes with one year of warranty.


☒ Few users felt that the cushioning could be better.

4. LuvLap Sports Convertible Car Seat for Baby & Kids

This is another Sports Convertible Car Seat for Baby & Kids. Which means that it can be used both rear facing & forward facing as per the age & weight of the baby. It can be used for kids up to the age of 4. 


  1. To ensure baby’s safety all Luvlap products are Certified as Per European Safety Standards (ECER44/04).
  2. It has height adjustment lever for easy height adjustment of the car seat & also to make sure that the head of the baby rests comfortably on the headrest.
  3. 5 point safety harness secures your child from shoulders, waist & crotch
  4. Extra soft cushion and padding for a comfortable ride.
  5. Like other Luvlap car seats, this too has a removable & washable seat cover.


3 position seat reclining – helps to make baby sleep in a more comfortable manner.

It is super comfortable and very easy to install.

All the removable components are totally washable; You can also remove the dust, dirt and food particles by just wiping the car seat with water instead of totally removing it.


☒ Few customers feel that cushion can be softer.

☒ If you are looking for ISOFIX then it is not available on this car seat.

☒ Many customers feel that babies are more comfortable sitting in this car seat once they are 3+ months old.

5. Chicco Cosmos Baby Car Seat with Universal Attachment System

Chicco is one of the oldest baby care brands with an experience of 60 years. 

Manufactured in Italy, Chicco Cosmos baby car seat provides great comfort to your baby right from birth till 4 years of age. 


  1. It is European ECE R44/04 standards Certified that ensures maximum safety & protection to your baby during car travel.
  2. Ergonomic design with soft cushions provide maximum comfort to your baby even during rough trails.
  3. Can be installed rear-facing for infants from 0 to 13 kg. As the baby grows, the seat can be installed forward-facing for the toddlers 9-18 kg.
  4. It has a Universal Attachment System that makes sure that this car seat easily & securely fits all cars.
  5. It has 5 point harness & is available in 3 different colors.


Easy Installation – Video installation provides easy installation for car seat. Also, colour coded belts guide for rear facing / forward facing installation.

4 position reclining adjustment that can easily be achieved with one-hand for greater comfort.

Easy to clean as the cover of seat is removable & can be hand-washed or machine washed.

Rounded ergonomic design that ensures right sitting position and also soft reducer cushion makes it even more comfortable for babies.

Universal Car Attachment makes it a plus since that means it will fit any car small or big.


☒ Very expensive compared to other car seats.

6. Mee Mee Baby Car Seat Cum Carry Cot with Thick Cushioned Seat

Mee Mee brand has been creating some of the premium quality baby products with Indian and international certifications from the past 10 years.


  1. Simple car seat with 3 in 1 features – rocker, carry cot and infant car seat.
  2. This car seat is easily portable with the help of the sturdy, easy-to-grip handle.
  3. It has 3 point harness system and an adjustable headrest.
  4. Cushion provided is soft and provides utmost comfort & support to the baby.
  5. Comes with a canopy / net protection to protect the baby in any weather.
  6.  The child will be secured with the help of lap belt and shoulder belt.
  7. You can also rock the baby in reclining and sitting position for better sleep. 
  8. Can be used for babies up to 2 years of age.


It has a washable & UV protective layered canopy to protect the baby in all kinds of weather.

It is extremely spacious & lightweight.

Fairly priced car seat cum rocker cum carry cot (all in one for a decent price).

Thick cushioned seat provides maximum comfort & backrest support to the baby.

Many customers like this car seat as they use it more as a rocker to put the baby to sleep 🙂.


☒ Few customers found the seat belt too tight.

☒ Does not suit all types of cars.

7. Fisher-Price – Infant Car Seat / Carry Cot

This car seat is a typical infant car seat plus carry cot. As the name suggests it can be used only for babies till the age of 2 years up to 13 kgs in rear facing position.

Let’s go over few of its features.


  1. 5 point harness to protect the baby during bumpy rides. Also has 4 height adjustment positions.
  2. A clean and uniform bottom prevents damage to vehicle seats.
  3. Lightweight cushioned design with deep side wings for maximized side impact protection to give your baby a safe and comfortable journey every time.
  4. Comes with inbuilt canopy to give best protection to your Baby under harsh sunlight.
  5. Certified safety of European standards
  6. Made of 100 percent safe white virgin plastic & comes in 2 attractive colors and design.


✔ Light weight and easy to carry around.

✔ 15 seconds to install the car seat as claimed by the brand.

✔Easily removable cushion for hand washing.

✔ Has a fun design that attracts babies.

✔ Can also be used as a rocker & a feeding chair.


☒No reclining modes available.

☒Few customers found it slightly expensive for a car seat.

8. Joie Tilt Car Seat 

This is a UK based brand that has created many award winning products. Their car seat is highly appreciated and approved by parents staying abroad. The Joie Tilt Car Seat can be installed rearward up to 18 kg & forward from 9-18kg.


  1. Extremely cozy car seat that has a cocoon shape to provide full body support to the baby.
  2. Designed for newborns till 4 years of age / 18kgs. 
  3. It has 4 recline positions, 1 rear facing and 3 forward facing. The recline is one of the most comfortable for newborns.
  4. 5 point harness system with easily adjustable, one pull motion shoulder harness and lower buckle covers. 
  5. Very thick cushions as compared to other car seats. Also has great side padding designed to protect the baby in case of an impact.


✔ Easy to install car seat.

✔ Comes with a padded, removable head support for infants.

✔ Comes with 3 position adjustment for newborns, infants, and toddlers.



☒ Expensive compared to other Indian brands.


7 Precautions / Things to Check while Installing a Baby Car Seat

Precautions / Things to Check

  1. An installed baby car seat shouldn’t move more than one inch side-to-side or forward and backward. If it does, you have not installed it correctly.
  2. Infant car seats can be used as a carrycot, rockers, etc. so make sure that you have done all the adjustments when fitting it as a car seat – double-check!
  3. Babies especially when seated rear-facing during a long trip should be checked at frequent intervals to ensure their body is not overheated. Take frequent stops if you are on a long journey to avoid making the baby uncomfortable and cranky.
  4. Though it may be quite tempting to fit accessories to entertain babies in their car seats, it is better to refrain from doing so.
  5. Change the car seat if it is damaged/cracked as the safety of your baby cannot be compromised.
  6. Always follow the instruction manual in case of any doubts.
  7. Remember, do not leave your baby unattended in a car seat at any time!

How to Install a Baby Car Seat?

Check out this video of Trumom Convertible Baby Car Seat Installation –

TRUMOM (USA) Baby Convertible Baby Car Seat​ 0-7 years Installation Video (courtesy YouTube DrTrust)

Points to Remember

  • If you do not install the car seat correctly, you will be wasting the money spent on your baby car seat and it will be totally useless. 
  • A car seat should never be placed on the front passenger seat. Baby car seats should always be installed at the back seat and not at the center back seat, just behind one of the front seats for maximum safety.
  • When using a car seat, make sure that you are buckling it with both the car seat belt and the car seat straps.
  • When using a car seat, always ensure that the lever is in the correct position.
  • Use the safest way to buckle up your child, even if they are able to buckle up on their own.
  • The shoulder strap should be as close to the child’s shoulders as possible.
  • The chest clip should be at armpit level and close to the front of the child.
  • The lap belt should be as close to the child’s hips as possible.
  • The bottom of the car seat should be lower than the top of the seat.
  • Do take a look at the different videos from brand manufacturers to install the products correctly.
  • If the manufacturer doesn’t have an installation video, then it is better to opt for another brand as it may be difficult to install the car seat on your own by just using the installation manual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What to do when a baby resists sitting in a car seat?

A: One of the most common frustrations that parents face when travelling with a baby is the child’s refusal to sit still in their child car seat whenever the car starts moving. It is a perfectly normal reaction. The best way to deal with this situation is to have patience and to understand the reasons behind it.

If your baby is resisting sitting in a car seat, it is because it is not comfortable. You can solve the problem by adding a blanket or a cushion to make sure your child is comfortable. You can also try removing the car seat and putting baby in a stroller instead. This will make the seating comfortable. You need to try this once before actually going out.

Q: Can babies travel by sitting in front seat of the car?

A: Child safety is always a priority when traveling with children. The answer to this question is no, babies cannot travel by sitting in front seat of the car. 

They will be safer in a car seat than sitting on your lap. Babies of age under 2 years should travel in the back seat of the car. If you have to travel in a car with your baby, it is important to make sure that your baby is always in a car seat. 

Q: How often should we take a break when going on a long road trip with a baby in a car seat?

A: When you take a road trip, you should stop every 2-3 hours to give your baby a break. When deciding to drive long distances with a baby in a car, you should consider the baby’s age, schedule, and your comfort level. If you decide to drive, you should take plenty of breaks to help your baby sleep, feed and change diapers. Try to stop every 2-3 hours to allow your baby to stretch, be comfortable, walk and use the bathroom (in case of babies aged 2-6 years).

Q: What is the difference between 3 point safety harness and 5 point safety harness in a car seat?

A: A 5-point harness usually has four straps that go around the car seat and clips onto two seat belt connectors. The fifth strap, often called the ” crotch strap,” goes between the legs and connects to the plastic car seat shell. A 5-point harness catches a child between the legs, across the shoulders and chest, and around the waist. This strap is intended to keep the child from sliding forward under the lap belt in the event of a crash.

A 3-point harness is a less-strict type of restraint. It typically has two straps that connect to the car seat and one small strap that connects between the legs. This type of restraint isn’t as safe as a 5-point harness, but it’s safer than just a seat belt.

Q: Which brand of baby car seat is best in India?

A: If you are looking for a good baby car seat in India, then you must go for Luvlap as it is the best you can get in India.

Q: What is the safest seat in a car for a baby?

A: The safest seat for baby’s car seat is the back seat. This is due to the active air bags in the front seat which will get inflated in case of an accident and hit the backside of the rear facing seat – where the head of the baby rests – and cause fatal injury.

Q: How long can baby use car seat?

A: If a child is growing well, he can stay in a car seat for a longer period of time. Ideally, a child can stay in a car seat for approximately 5 years.

Q: Can babies sleep in the car seat?

A: Yes, you can put your baby to sleep in the car seat, but it is only recommended to do so if you plan to sleep or rest in the car as well. 

It is not recommended if you just need to drive your baby to another place where you plan to wake them up. You will also want to make sure you follow all the safety standards and guidelines to ensure that your baby is protected while in the car seat. 

A good way to know whether you should use the car for sleep is to wake your baby every hour or so to feed them and play with them. If your baby does not wake up and seems to be sleeping comfortably, then it is safe to leave them asleep in the car seat. If you have any concerns about using your car seat for sleep, you should always consult your pediatrician.

Q: Do all car seats fit in all cars?

A: Yes, mostly all car seats fit into all cars. However, it is important to note that they fit into cars only to the extent of fitting. It is of utmost importance to check the fit of a car seat before buying. This is because some may fit into a car, but are too snug to be safe. Check your car’s manual and make sure that the car seat you are getting fits into your car correctly, before you buy it.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this article on car seats.

Car seats are a must-have for every parent, and they’re not just for infants. Every child under 4 years old must be placed in a car seat until they weigh over 36kg. If you’re looking for the best car seats, I encourage you to check out my review of India’s best car seats above.

My Recommendation would be to choose the LuvLap Multipurpose 4 in 1 Baby Carry Cot Cum Infant Car Seat if you want an infant seat + carry cot style, while you can opt for TRUMOM (USA) Baby Convertible Sports Car Seat for longer use and extra comfort!

Whatever your choice, if you have not thought about buying a car seat till date, please read the above article and get one for your loved one today! Nothing can beat the Safety of your loved one!

~~Happy Travelling!!

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