About ME

About Me

Hi, my name is Surabhi Agrawal, and I am a mother of a 5 year old, hyper active kid. Hyper active because he just can’t sit still 🙂 (one of the reasons I don’t have good clicks with him).

I am the author of this site and I wanted to share my experience of this wonderful ride called motherhood with you through my blogs and also help you in choosing the right products for your angel..

If you are a first time mother,hold on tight to this roller coaster ride and cherish every moment! While, if you have many kids, do share your experience with me as I love to learn!

More about me

I love reading books, solving puzzles with my son, coloring (only with him).

Before my baby, I watched lots of movies, read thriller books, travelled and did everything under the sun!

But now, I barely get to sit quietly! I thought it would change as he grew up, but he speaks too much and can’t stay alone! Phew! There goes my movies & 2 mins of peace 😉 but I love every bit of it!

Motherhood teaches you a lot of things – patience, being a child, and living your childhood all over again! 

But one thing is for sure, today’s kids are way smarter than we are, and we ought to beat them in this by hook or by crook as they catch your lie and you cannot trick / fool them into doing anything! 

Why MotherExpress?

We all stay in a nuclear family today and gone are the days of motherhood the old fashion way. Today, things are much simpler, in terms of products and hence the support that you need to help you make the right decision are also a plenty! 

At MotherExpress, I call it Smart or Modern Parenting because there are so many choices as opposed to what our mothers or grandmothers had while raising their kids. 

Getting the best products is easy as everything is online but making an informed decision is important!

So, join me in this fun ride called Motherhood and let’s learn and unlearn!

~~ Surabhi.