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Are Baby Food Blenders worth it?

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The greatest gift a parent can give to their child is a healthy baby diet. Mothers are a great source of food for their babies, but they need to depend on other food as well.

When introducing new foods to your baby, we need to make sure that the food is clean, pure, and hygienic. Homemade baby food can be higher in nutrients, fresher, and more natural than canned baby food or pouches.

Baby food blenders can help mothers to make their own baby food within the shortest waiting time.

Continue reading to get some answers on baby food blenders and some of the top baby food blenders in India. You might something interesting to choose from!

Difference Between a Food Processor and a Blender – Difference Between a Food Processor and a Blender

Why a Baby Food Maker or Blender is Required?

Many parents will ask this question why do we need a baby food maker or blender when we can simply pressure cook the food (like steam the vegetables/fruits) and give it to the baby. That’s true! You can definitely use it.

But you will have to clean each and every bowl, spatula, spoon, and cooker before and after using it as you have to be very careful when preparing food for your little one. Hence the baby food processor!

A baby food processor will save you a lot of time in preparing the food as well as it is very easy to handle and clean! Of course, it will also preserve all the nutrients, so you do not have to worry about the taste & hygiene.

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Can I use a Regular Blender to make baby food?

Yes, you may! Especially if you are tight on a budget. However, baby food needs to be carefully prepared and if there are any other food sources left behind in a regular blender used for preparing other food dishes for the rest of the family, it may cause infection in the baby.

Also, a baby food blender will work perfectly for smaller quantities and also keeps the chemicals away from your baby’s food. Hence use a baby food blender or processor for your baby.

You can always use a baby food masher that you can use manually to mash all the fruits and vegetables with your hand instead of the electric food processor.

One of the most popular manual food mashers are Fisher-Price Baby Food Mash and Serve Bowl Set and Mee Mee Baby Food Maker & Processor.

However, please note that these are not sterilizable and need to be washed in liquid detergent. So although these do the work easily, I feel that hygiene may be an issue.

Baby Food Blender maintains hygiene – Baby Food Blender helps maintain hygiene

Is it cheaper to make your own baby food?

It is not about cheaper! It is more about choices of food and hygiene. Baby food provided in the initial stages develops good eating habits and tastes in babies.

When you prepare your own baby food in your own kitchen, you can control the quantity, hygiene, and freshness of the food that you provide to your baby.

Of course, you can always buy purees, biscuits, cereal, teething sticks, etc. for your baby but personally, I feel since the baby is just shifting to new foods, it is always safer to introduce food prepared by you that has the love and care & made just right at home.

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Is a Baby Food Blender necessary?

Babies love to eat food that is soft and easy to chew. However, many mothers find it difficult to feed their babies fresh food that is not only easy to chew but also healthy. The creation of many baby food makers or blenders has made life easier for mothers.

A baby food maker or blender is a simple kitchen appliance that is used to make baby food. The makers are often used to puree, steam, or blend food and make it soft and easy to chew. These also offer many options for parents who are trying to introduce solid foods to their babies. This is also helpful during the weaning stage of the baby.

Baby Food Processor helps in the weaning stage of the baby – Baby Food Processor helps in the weaning stage of the baby

What’s the difference between a food processor and a blender?

For a long time, many parents have used a regular blender to make baby food. In fact, this is one of the first baby products that many new parents purchase. But is it safe to use a regular blender to make baby food? Is a baby food processor better than a blender?

Blenders are great tools for making smoothies, soups, and even homemade baby food but they are not the best option for this particular task as blenders mostly work best for liquids. If you are using a regular blender to make baby food, you might not be getting the right consistency as well as other baby food benefits.

A food processor on the other hand will work for all solids but is typically slower than a blender. A food processor can puree, slice, shred, and knead the dough with the proper tools.

So the best option is to buy a baby food blender cum processor like the Kiddale 5-in-1 Smart Baby Food Processor, Steamer and Blender which is specially made for the Indian market. You can easily cook all varieties of baby food in it and can cook small quantities in it too thus serving your baby with fresh food every time!

Are Baby Food Blenders worth it?

Yes, every bit! They are definitely worth your money. As they make your work easy when it comes to making tasty, healthy & nutritious food at home.

Baby Food Blender helps preserve nutrients of the mashed food – Baby Food Blender helps preserve nutrients of the mashed food

How to make baby food?

The best way to make the baby food is to clean the food, steam it to make it soft, mix it to desired consistency, cool it off, and finally feed the baby.

Make sure you plan the baby’s food chart a day or two in advance so that you are ready with the ingredients/recipe. Once you get used to making the food, you can make batches of food to last the entire day and also store it for a day in the refrigerator if required.

You can buy beautiful storage containers to store baby food that are easily sterilized too 🙂

What Is A Good Blender For Making Baby Food?

These are some of the best baby food processors available in India –

1. Luvlap Regal Advanced+ Baby Food Processor, Combined Steamer and Blender, Digital Touch Panel, Ideal for Baby Food, BPA Free

2. Kiddale 5-in-1 Smart Baby Food Processor, Steamer and Blender with BPA Free Tritan Material, Double Safety Switch, Heating Power 300 Watts

3. BEABA Babycook Neo 4 in 1 Baby Food Processor, Blender, Steamer and Cooker

4. Philips Avent Combined Steamer and Blender

5. Baybee 4 in 1 Smart Baby Food Processor with Steamer & Grinder, Multi-Purpose Baby Food Blender for Cooking Healthy Organic Food, Ideal for Baby, BPA Free


I hope now you know why most moms choose to give homemade food to their babies in their initial stages.

With the baby food blender, not only is it easy to give nutritious, healthy, and fresh food to your baby, but it is also a great way to bond with your baby while finding out what your baby likes!

A baby food blender helps save money & time as it is easy to use, clean, and offers variety! They are totally worth it!

Try the Kiddale 5-in-1 Smart Baby Food Processor, Steamer and Blender with BPA Free Tritan Material, Double Safety Switch, Heating Power 300 Watt and make baby feeding a fun time!

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~~Happy Blending!!

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