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Best Baby Biscuits in India for the Apple of Your Eye!

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Surabhi Agrawal

Which biscuits can I give to my baby?

Yes, this is the most common question on all mother’s minds. Be it for a 6 months baby or a 1-year-old baby or even a 5-year-old child.

As a mother, our baby’s health is of immense importance and we are always concerned about their eating habits.

During the initial days, the eating habits of infants change as they become more than 6 months old. In this phase, you can feed them with other food supplements to help them grow stronger.

I have never thought about these biscuits during the initial phases of my child but I finally set out to find out what really is available in the market today as a healthy option. So, here I bring to you the best baby biscuits in India that you can safely give to your little one!

Baby Biscuits
Baby Biscuits

As I did a little research and also checked with my mother’s group, I found some good healthy choices in baby biscuits available.

However, if your baby is just starting out in the world of food, semi-solids, you can go for other healthy options like purees, teething sticks, puffs & alternatives.

Personally, my recommendation for 6+ months babies would be The Growing Giraffe Ragi Biscuits as it they are made with ragi, whole wheat & jaggery which are all-natural & nutritious.

You can either choose these best baby biscuits for your little one, or kids that are older which is a healthy and nutritious choice.

My Top Choices for Best Baby Biscuits in India

When should you give biscuits to babies?

Babies feed only on their mother’s milk for 6 months. After that, they need enough nutrition in the initial phase of their lives procured from breast milk. 

Once the baby turns around 6 months, they can eat solid foods, and biscuits can be a good choice. 

In my opinion, if you are about to give baby biscuits or cookies to your babies, you need to be extremely careful. You don’t want your baby to suffer unnecessary digestion or other issues.

It’s better to start with nutrition-rich dietary biscuits that are free from all harmful additives and chemicals. 

Then, start feeding them with baby biscuits once they are liable enough to digest them properly after 6-8 months.

best baby biscuits in India
best baby biscuits in India

Why give Biscuits to babies?

Biscuits always seem like a good snack as they can be store-bought, easy to bite, and melts in the mouth quickly.

A few biscuits for 6 months old baby with different tastes can help your baby experience different flavors and adapt them. 

You can also give biscuits to your baby during the teething process as it easily dissolves once it meets the saliva, and the baby receives something hard to satisfy the teeth itching process during teeth growth.

What are the best nutrition biscuits for a baby?

The best biscuits for babies are homemade ones.

Homemade biscuits can be customized and made as per your choice giving you a wide range of possibilities. However, if you wish to provide your child with whole nutrition, start with the easy-to-digest and full of protein.

You can give your child biscuits with base ingredients as,

  • Ragi
  • Oats
  • Millets
  • Whole wheat grain
  • Dry fruits

Avoid giving your child the biscuits that contain 

  • Maida
  • Baking powder/ Baking soda
  • Additives
  • Artificial sugar
  • Preservatives 
  • Raising agents

Make sure when you buy the biscuits from the market, you check their ingredients first. Then, you can opt for healthy biscuits in India that have nutrients and no added preservatives.

Best Baby Biscuits
Best Baby Biscuits

So here is my review of some baby biscuits available in the market and other healthy alternatives – read on!

My Review of 12 early foods for babies

1. Early Foods – Organic Multi-Grain Cookies for Babies / Kids

These are one of the best cookies available as they are made from organic whole wheat, millets, pulses.

Early Foods makes a fresh & small batch of these cookies as they understand that children need fresh food.

Organic Jaggery instead of sugar which is healthy as per our tradition.


✔ Healthy biscuits that taste good too.

✔ It contains a vast assortment of natural ingredients ranging from millets to organic jaggery and cinnamon to rice filled with nutrients and not harmful to the body.

✔ It has jaggery, which is more nutritious than refined sugar.


☒ Few customers find it expensive.

☒ The taste was not acceptable for some users.

2. VALENCY FOODS Hi Fiber Delicious Food Ragi Cookies (High in Calcium) – Good for Kids / Babies

This one is another good choice for kids as they are gluten-free, with no preservatives, no maida, or other artificial flavors.

Ingredients include ragi flour, chickpea flour, sugar, butter, peanut butter, desiccated coconut powder, and more.

They can be used for babies by mixing them in milk like cerelac food.

Helps build bones and teeth as they are high in Calcium.

After opening transfer the cookies to a clean dry airtight container to avoid sogginess or losing the freshness of these biscuits.


✔ Many Customers find it delicious.

✔ Made from ragi which is very beneficial for health and aids in relaxation, rich in vitamin B1 & B3.



☒ It contains 6 grams of sugar per 100grams.

Interesting name right? But don’t be mistaken by the name Growing Giraffe and think that these biscuits will help in increasing the height of your baby ;-).

Well, it’s just a different name but yes, these biscuits are a great source of vitamins and other health benefits.

Ingredients – Ragi Flour, Whole Wheat Flour, Oats, Butter, Jaggery.

One look at the ingredients and you know that they are rich in iron and fiber necessary for any baby right from their growing stage. Ragi + oats, something which makes it double healthy.

Jaggery gives the required sweetness with health benefits like rich in vitamins, improves digestion.

Good for young mothers too as ragi benefits in lactation thus helping in breastfeeding.

Let’s quickly take a look at the features of these biscuits and the pros & cons too.


✔ The base content of these biscuits is the ratio that is rich in calcium content.

✔ The sugar is replaced by jaggery in this product, making it a healthy snack.

✔ Doesn’t contain maida.


☒ Some customers reported the hardness of the biscuit as a negative aspect.

4. Timios Mini Oaty Bites Nutritious and Ready to Eat (18+ Months)

Made with 100% Natural Ingredients, these mini bites can be easily given to your 18+ months old babies and older kids.

Extremely healthy & nutritious as it contains Dates, Oats, Nuts (Almonds and Cashewnuts), Berries (Cranberries, Strawberries, Blueberries), Apple, Kiwi , Apple Juice Concentrate Malt Extract, Honey, Rice, Crispies, Natural Mixed Tocopherol.

Enriched with honey for sweetness, making it a healthy choice.

The Timios brand products are available in many different flavors and the best part is that most of their products have cute, funny animal-shaped or star-shaped biscuits that engage & interest the babies to take a bite. So your kids learn to pick up and eat their food.


✔ Mini Oaty bites are soft & chewy, can be easily given to 18+ months & above babies /kids.

✔ 100% Natural, hence suitable for toddlers to meet their needs.

✔ Available in fun shapes that attract babies.

✔ Satisfies midnight hunger, for adults as shared by few customers.


☒ A few customers reported a dislike of the taste and sticky texture of the biscuits.

5. NutriSnacksBox Healthy Oats & Cranberry Cookies

These cookies contain protein, fibre, vitamins & minerals, so they are extremely healthy compared to other regular cookies.

Made from rolled oats flour, Whole Wheat Flour, Rice Flour, Cornflour, Rolled Oats, Rice Bran Oil, Wheat Bran, Soya Protein Isolate, Dried Cranberry, Jaggery Powder, Cinnamon Powder atta, no maida, no trans fat and no cholesterol.

This is a vegan product meaning they use plant fibre to make these cookies. This is a new concept so many kids may not like its flavor.


✔ Oats and cranberries make a good combination of healthy and nutritious food.

✔ High fiber content makes it a rich diet.

✔ Baked and roasted – makes it more crunchy.


☒ A few customers found it expensive.

6. Sunfeast Farmlite Digestive High Fibre Biscuits

One of the best Digestive biscuits available in the market.

Made from whole wheat – aashirvaad aata and contains no maida and is transfat free.

Personally, I think this biscuit is more from adults point of view and may not be a good start for kids.

But if you want to provide protein from whole wheat then you can definitely give this a try by giving small pieces of this biscuit instead of the regular maida biscuits.


✔ Contains natural fibrous contents like Jowar, Corn, Ragi, Oats, and Wheat.

✔ It doesn’t have Maida and helps you be energized.

✔ It is suggested as a healthy snack by some customers.


☒ A few customers reported dislike in taste and texture among the adults and old aged people.

☒ It may not be suitable for kids below 18+ months.

☒ Available only in 1 kg pack which is too much if you want to just try it out first.

7. Timios Zookers Mix Flavours Nutritious & 100% Natural Animal Shaped Biscuit

These are one of my favorites as they are delicious and come in attractive animal shapes.

Soft and chewy, especially made for 12+ months babies so they can easily pick up and feed themselves.

They are made with 100% natural ingredients and have real fruit bits in them so if you want you can crush them to feed the baby.

Available in 2 fruit flavors to charm the little ones – apple & blueberry bits and cherry bits.


✔ These biscuits are made with 100% natural ingredients making them a reliable choice to nourish your child.

✔ Happy customers complement the shapes and taste of the biscuits as loved by their young ones.

✔ Satisfied customers suggest these biscuits enriched with Ragi and natural fruits for fussy children are a healthy choice.


☒ A few customers reported rugged texture, making them not suitable for kids.

8. Healthy Oaties Fresh Soft Baked Ragi Cookies

If you are looking for a genuine home made taste with healthy and nutritious ingredients – check the Healthy Oaties Fresh Soft baked cookies.

These contain ragi + oats, that is very healthy for our babies.

However, it contains sugar so I suggest you give these only to 18+ months and above babies to avoid giving sugar to your babies at an early stage.


✔ Natural & Freshly baked only when an order is placed.

✔ Very Delicious and available in a variety of flavors so you choose the one you like.


☒ Cookies have brown sugar.

☒ Not suitable for kids below 18+ months as you do not want them to have sugar at an early stage.


9. Hey Grain Ragi Gluten-Free Cookies

Another Ragi based cookies that is 100% gluten free.

Remember, ragi protein may not suit everyone so you need to try these before actually giving it to your baby.

Not much is disclosed about the ingredients but it does contain sugar.


✔ It contains Ragi, which is suitable for every member of the family.

✔ It contains a wholesome combination of natural grains, sugar, and oil.

✔ Customers have liked this product for themselves as well as their kids.


☒ Ragi may not suit everyone, so make sure you taste some before giving it to your baby.

10. Slurrp Farm Healthy Snacks for Kids | Mighty Puff, Choco Ragi Flavour

These star shaped snacks are 100% natural: made with ragi and jowar in a yummy chocolate flavor.

They do not have any preservatives, artificial flavors, maida and are not fried but they do contain some amount of sugar.

Good to carry kind of snacks and one that younger kids learn to eat when we are travelling.


✔ These biscuits are free from preservatives and additives and still serve a great shelf life.

✔ These can be served with milk as well making it a good choice for the kids.

✔ The packaging of these baby biscuits is easy to carry while traveling.


☒ Some customers felt that it was tasteless and less loved by the kids – due to the new introduction of jowar + ragi together with chocolate making it little bitter.


11. PRISTINE OvenOrg Organic Mixed Millet Biscuits

Organic Millet is the main ingredient of these biscuits.

Though organic ingredients are used it has some sugar and a mild raising agent, so I would suggest not to give to 6 months old babies.

Suitable for kids as it is rich in proteins and omega 3 fatty acids.


✔ These biscuits don’t contain any added sugars, making them safe from artificial additives.

✔ These biscuits have a low glycemic index which indicates it under a healthy diet.

✔ The biscuits don’t contain any gluten or synthetic chemicals – making them suitable for kids / babies.


☒ A few customers reported awful taste and the inclusion of chilies making these biscuits uncomfortable for babies.

12. Soulfull Choco Fills Super Saver Pack

Similar to chocos, these are flavored sweet fills with the goodness of ragi.

Made with 50% ragi and dal ensuring that your kid gets the necessary protein. No maida, and gluten free.

Very tasty, so you can eat it directly like a snack or add it to a bowl of milk.

Suitable only for 18+ months old babies as younger ones might find it difficult to eat due to the fills if they chew on it.

These snacks come in multiple flavors, making you choose the one preferred by your kid. 


✔ The product is crunchy and crispy and works as a healthy snack for the whole family.

✔ Customers appreciated the excellent and rich taste that makes their kids love this product.

✔ These are good to go with curd or milk, creating a healthy combination for your kiddo.


☒ Some customers commented on the hardness and denser bites making these difficult to chew and digest.

Healthy Alternatives to Baby Biscuits

There are many other healthy alternatives for your kid instead of giving baby biscuits for your 6-12 months old.

In the teething period, kids need something to eat all the time and need extra nourishment. 

As I have experienced, feeding them with puffs, organic baby biscuits, or teething biscuits can satisfy their itching.

You can also give your kids purees of natural vegetables and fruits as they are a source of nutrients.

For example, I used to feed my kid with tomato puree and apple juice which he used to love.

baby eating cookies
baby eating cookies

Here are a few healthy choices that are available online for you to choose from –

1. PRISTINE 1st Bites Baby Cereal with Milk (Ragi, 6-24 Months)

So let me start with India’s first organic food.

As the name suggests this is a milk and cereal-based complementary food for babies over 6 months.

It is made with cereals, is pre-cooked, and easy to digest.

Follow the instructions on the pack to make a lump free meal. Note that this is just a snack and cannot replace breast milk / formula milk that you give your baby.

It is free from any artificially added colors making it safe for your child.
It may not suit all babies.

2. Early Foods Whole Wheat Ajwain Jaggery Teething Sticks

Ingredients include organic whole wheat flour, groundnut oil, organic jaggery, dry fruits (almonds, pista, cashews, dates, walnuts, watermelon seeds, makhana, pumpkin seeds), ajwain, jeera, rock salt

Healthy option during teething stage of the baby.

No harmful ingredients like artificial flavors, Maida, egg, soda but since it contains wheat flour these are not gluten-free.

 It does not contain any raising agent or Maida saving your child from unhealthy substitutes.
Some customers complained about the hardness of the sticks.

3. Happa Organic Food for Little one, Fruit Puree

Purees help introduce babies to colors, texture, and different flavors when they first start to taste something other than milk.

I am personally a fan of these as you can make purees of different fruits & vegetables at home. But if you want to try some ready made purees for additional flavors, go for these.

Just warm them up, shake, squeeze it and slurp it goes into the babies tummy ;-). You can store them in the fridge or just keep it handy at room temperature.

Easy to carry with you for a mid time snack when visiting friends or family.

Happa is made with organic ingredients and contains no salt or sugar, additives, or preservatives. BPA-free packaging and choke-free cap make it easy to feed the baby directly from the pouch.

It is totally Gluten-free and safe to feed your babies.

 It is made with natural and rich fruits and veggies, which make it a healthy diet.
A few customers reported the quality and taste of the puree not acceptable for children.

4. Gerber Puffs Sweet Potato Cereal Snack

These were suggested by my pediatrician for my baby when we wanted to make him learn to eat something other than milk and he loved it.

Excellent taste and easy to eat.

Star shaped puffs make for a great snack.

Gerber is known to use whole ingredients like real fruits, veggies & grains to help nourish your baby.

Provides vitamins and minerals necessary at the growing stage of the baby.

It contains no artificial flavors or colors; thus, making it a healthy and secure choice for your child.
No cons suggested.

5. Tiny Spoons Organic Baby Food Puree

Another puree which is made from 100% organic fruits & veggies.

EU certified so you can be assured about all the safety standards.

Their slogan says it all “Healthy Yums for Tiny Tums” – it is a good snack that fills your babies tummy and provides right nutrition.

Storing these may be a problem as sometimes your baby does not finish the entire pouch.

This puree is pasteurized and is not sterile to help you receive a healthy supplement for your kid.
A few customers received an awful and sour taste which parents do not accept.

6. Food Steps Baby Food for 6 Month+ Baby

Free from added sugar and additives.
A few customers reported the quality of the puree as inadequate, while some received stale food.

7. Timios Blueberry and Banana & Strawberry Mix Flavored Melts

Another one from the house of Timios – this time these are fruit flavored melts.

Similar to Gerber puffs, these too are little star-shaped puffs that are tasty and easily melt in the mouth.

Exclusively made for babies of 9+months, with 100% natural fruits & vegetables along with whole grain so you need not worry about the right age group or ingredients.

These are not-fried and made with multi-grains.
A few customers reported lousy taste and flavor.


All the information in this article is based on the contents displayed on the products. Therefore, the manufacturers may alter the amounts and ingredients list in the products with time.

It is highly recommended not to rely on the information provided in this article solely. Instead, research well before you take any action or consult your pediatrician before giving biscuits to your baby.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is the most reliable age for children to feed them with biscuits?
    It’s better if you give your child enough time to feed on breast milk. For example, 8-12 months of age is ideal for feeding them with baby biscuits.

  • Is it ok for a 3-month baby to have biscuits diluted in milk?
    Please do not feed your infant with biscuits at such a young age. At this age, they need breast milk or formula milk as suggested by your pediatrician.
    Biscuits are difficult to digest and can cause constipation as well.

  • What else can I feed my baby other than biscuits?
    You can feed your child with vegetable puree and fruit juices. You can also feed them puffed rice which is easy to digest.

  • What biscuits can I feed my baby? Can I give Parle-G or Marie biscuits?
    Homemade biscuits or wholegrain biscuits are the right choices for babies. Do not give Marie or Parle-G biscuits as yet.

  • Are wholegrain biscuits available in the market so I can buy them for my kid?
    Yes, there is a wide range of biscuits available in the market you can choose the ones that best suits you and your child. Check out my review above to choose.

Final Thoughts

Biscuits are served to babies all over India, irrespective of the damage they do to the babies. Instead of using regular biscuits, baby biscuits with nutritious & healthy ingredients offer an excellent substitution.

Biscuits that contain wholesome grain and are easy to chew for the little ones make your little ones happy.

I consider Baby Biscuits as an excellent choice to go for as they are easy to digest for the young ones avoiding the issue of constipation as well. In addition, these help babies to try out new tastes and adapt to the changes.

My first choice would be The Growing Giraffe Ragi Biscuits for 6+months babies if older you can try Timios Mini Oaty Bites Nutritious and Ready to Eat (18+ Months) and if you would like to avoid biscuits altogether check the alternatives.

If you wish to enrich your baby with healthy and nutritional supplements, then you can try foods with milk products, purees, and juices for your kids, check the Happa Organic Food for Little one, Fruit Puree. Try these food items for your kids and give them a healthy life.

Let me know your thoughts on biscuits or other healthy options that you have tried for your munchkins!

~~Till then, spread love & be kind!


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