10 Best Baby Cots in India for your Angel! (with Safety Precautions)

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Every parent wishes to make their child independent from a very early age. Hence parents like me decide to shift their babies from their bedding space to their own space i.e baby cots/cribs.

A baby cot is one of the most important furniture items in the nursery.

A baby cot not only helps your baby sleep in a comfortable environment but also keeps him or her safe and helps you supervise them when they’re sleeping.

As parents, we always want the best for our baby but since there are a variety of baby cots available it becomes difficult to buy a decent one.

So in this blog, we’ll look at different types of baby cots, reviews on the best baby cots in India and how we can choose the best one along with safety precautions to follow when using baby cots.

I usually recommend one product in my blogs but here are my top 3 star products that are just wonderful and can be bought based on your needs and budget.

The first option for the best baby cot is R for Rabbit Hide & Seek Baby Cot Bed Folding & Convertible Baby Cot Playpen Play Yard for Kids Toddlers for its ample space and looks.

The second and most economical in any parent’s budget is LuvLap Sunshine Baby Playpen Playard / Folding Baby Bed Cum Cot / Convertible Crib – (Brown & Green)

My third and favourite option is Baby Teddy 9 in 1 Convertible – Bruno-The Dog Baby Crib Wooden Cot Bed Swing Desk with 6 Pc Sofa Cotton Set and Mosquito Net as it is all in one cot, bed and much more!

My Choice of Top 10 Baby Cots in India

Features of Baby Cots
Motherexpress.com – Features of Baby Cots

Features of Baby Cots or Crib Beds

A baby crib cot comes along with a variety of features. All of the baby cribs are made to provide comfort and peace to your little hearts. Some of the features are discussed here –

  • Peaceful sleep: When you choose to buy the best baby cots in India, it should be able to provide a peaceful, comfortable, and undisturbed sleep to your baby. As a caring mother, I always wanted to protect my baby from my partner’s movement when he is sleeping. Hence, I decided to buy baby cot.
  • No Danger of Baby Rolling: As I am alone all day long with my baby, I wanted a protective bed so that he may not get hurt. Hence buying the best baby cribs in India proves to be the prominent decision. If I need to go to the kitchen or bathroom, I can quickly put my baby in the baby crib and continue with the household chores.
  • Sleep Training Right From Birth: If your baby is sleeping with you during the night, your smell can attract your baby. Hence you need to feed your baby all night long. And when your baby will grow up, changing the habit of sleeping with parents grows. But when your baby is sleeping in the best baby crib cot in India, your baby and you can enjoy a peaceful sleep with less time feeding.
  • Baby Cribs are Convertible: Usually, a baby crib cot is used in the early ages of the baby. Say for about 2 years, your baby can sleep in crib beds. Even my baby has also slept in the baby crib for approximately 2.5 years. After that, most baby cots can be converted to the toddler’s bed. Hence it can be used for a longer time.
Crib for Baby
Crib for Baby

Types of Cribs or Cots

There are different types of cribs or cots. Here I have discussed a few differences to help you understand and make the right choice for your baby –

  • Bassinet: A bassinet baby cot is a tiny bed which aims at providing a proper sleep to infants. The bassinet is being endorsed with free-standing legs, a static covering, a wheeled core, and a swing related to the static base.
  • Cribs: A crib may come in both full-size and non-full-size bedding accommodation for babies. The legs in the baby crib can be removed and attached again.
  • Playpen: This bedding accommodation for babies is also known as the playard. It is made for young toddlers and infants. This bed will prevent any hurting, self-harm, and accidents.
  • Cots: A baby cot is designed especially for newborn babies. I have personally used baby cots for my baby. It has bars on all its sides.

Know the difference between baby bedding and toddler bedding to make the right choice for your child!

Safety Precautions or Tips for Using Baby Cribs

Tips for Using Baby Cribs

  1. To provide safety to your baby, buy new baby cots and cribs. Don’t risk your baby’s safety for some money. 
  2. Just like I have brought the best baby cot cribs bed in India with an inbuilt mattress. You should also opt for it. 
  3. Purchase the best baby crib in India that has hanging toys. This way your kid will not fall. 
  4. You should place your baby in the cot in an accurate position. Hence it avoids any hazardous situation. 
  5. I have never used sleep positioners for my baby for his back support. It will cause dangerous injuries to your baby.

Also check out Best Baby Bedding Guidelines to know all about crib mattress, safety standards and more!

How to Choose the Best Baby Cot in India?

Before you buy the best baby crib in India, consider some of the factors discussed below –

Best Baby Cot
Best Baby Cot
  • Material – You should look at which baby crib cot material is accurate. Moreover, choosing the durable and tight plastic or wooden material is prominent.

  • Safety – I have brought the best baby crib in India which has walls/bars to prevent my baby from hurting. You should also look for the same factor. Ensure that the bars are close by so that no part of the baby can be trapped in it. Make sure it does not have any sharp edges.

  • Mattress – If you want to provide a pleasant sleep to your baby, then buy a mattress. Remember that though it should be soft, it needs to be firm in texture and thin in shape. It should fit all the sides of the cot so that there is no gap in the cot.

  • Convertible – Buying a convertible crib will be very useful and a good investment. As, it can be converted to a toddler’s bed after a certain time.

  • Portability – If you need to move the crib to different rooms of your house, choose a portable crib that can be easily moved.

  • Budget – You may feel that why buy a cot when I can make the baby sleep with me? Though it may look like an expensive thing to buy at the moment but it is a long time investment and you will not regret it. This is extremely convenient as you and your baby both can sleep comfortably as the baby starts growing. Look for something that suits your budget and comfort.

Still confused on how to buy the right baby bed for your child? Check out my article – How Do You Choose the Right Baby Bedding Set for Your Child?

Review of 10 Best Baby Cots in India

1. R for Rabbit Hide and Seek Baby Playpen Playard for Kids, Toddlers

  • As I want my baby to be safest in the best baby crib cot bed in India, I go for R for rabbit playpen cot beds. This is a non-wooden bassinet + baby cot crib.
  • Compact, foldable, easy pull plug design to carry anywhere you want.
  • It comes with a mosquito net so that the baby’s sleep is not disturbed.
  • Portable as it has wheels and legs for easy movement around the house.
  • Excellent ventilation as it has air mesh on all 4 sides.
  • There is an additional bassinet layer for 0-12-month-old babies for sound sleep.
  • If you want to use it for 12-36-month-old babies, just remove the Bassinet Layer and turn it into a Baby Bed/Cot.
  • This cot bed is EN 716 certified for Safety and can be used for babies up to 3 years & 0-20 Kgs.


This bedding system will grow with your baby’s age. It can be shifted to a toddler’s bed.

It comes with a hanging toys bar for baby’s entertainment.

It is lightweight and easy to carry because of its pull the plug and fold design.


Many customers found the mattress very hard, so I suggest you get a soft mattress as per your requirement.

2. LuvLap Baby Wooden Cot with Mosquito Net

  • Luvlap is a trusted brand in the world of baby products.
  • This baby wooden cot ensures a child’s safety and is loaded with features.
  • It can easily be converted from a cot to a cradle. It can also be extended to
  • The base of the cot is fabric covered and has good airflow for ventilation.
  • Made from fine pinewood and wood polish.
  • This baby cot has wheels for movement and has space below the cot to keep all the baby essentials.


Your baby will be safe from mosquitos because it has a floor length, detachable mosquito net.

It provides good and fresh air ventilation to the baby.

Certified as per European Standards (EN Passed)

Portable and wheels have a brake system too.


Made only for 0-12 months of babies. 

☒ No mattress is provided with the cot, so you may need to buy one.

3. Baybee Pack n Play Baby Playpen Playard

  • This is one of the best baby cots in India because it is ensured with EN 716 certification.
  • The mattress and bassinet layer provide sound sleep to the baby. Mattress is washable and you can remove it and use it outside the playard for the baby to sit on comfortably.
  • Can be easily converted to be used as a baby bed/cot if the bassinet is removed. Can be used for 12 months -36 months of Childs Age.
  • The frame of the playard is extremely durable, stable and safe for babies to play in. No danger of falling over.
  • Clear mesh provides superb air ventilation on two sides.
  • U-shaped zipper opening for easy access to the baby to come out and get in.
  • It comes with a toy bar with rotatable musical toys to keep your baby engaged.
  • One side brake wheels for added safety.


Spacious, stable & firm.

 ✔ Quick Set up & Take Down Feature – folding feet and wheels which makes it travel-friendly and easy to move around the house.

Adaptable can be used as a  play yard for babies as well as toddlers.

Suitable for 0-3 years.


No mosquito net is provided.

4. LuvLap Sunshine Baby Playpen Playard

  • I have found this baby cot crib an economical option and perfect for babies.
  • From safety to feasibility and accessibility, everything is up to its mark.
  • This Luvlap Playard comes in a variety of colors to choose from.
  • It has an airy mesh for breathability and visibility.
  • It includes a detachable mosquito net that you can use while the baby is sleeping.
  • Easily foldable and comes with a carry bag to keep the folded cot.
  • Certified as per EN standards, making it safe and healthy.


Convenient for travel. Fold and carry it anywhere.

Made from high-quality plastic.


Mattress is not worth it.

5. Mee Mee Baby Wooden Cot with Mosquito Net

  • You can create a lot of memories with these baby cot cribs. Make your baby sleep with the lullaby so that he may fall asleep comfortably in his baby cot.
  • The Mee Mee Baby Cot is made of wood composites that are safe, durable, and comfortable.
  • A mosquito net is attached to the cot for your baby’s protection from flies, insects, etc., and also ensures a deep sleep without any disturbance.
  • It can be used as a cradle as well for a nice gentle swinging motion for your baby.
  • Adjustable height setting allows the cot to grow with your baby.
  • It also has spacious storage shelves below the cot to keep the baby’s essentials.


It can be assembled easily and can be cleaned off.

This looks like a traditional cot bed but is very mobile due to the wheels and can be converted to a swinging cradle as well.


Relatively expensive than other brands.

Does not come with a mattress.

☒ Few customers found issues with the quality of the product.

6. Baby Teddy 9 in 1 Convertible Bruno – The Dog Baby Crib Wooden Cot Bed Swing Desk with 6 Pc Sofa Cotton Set and Mosquito Net

  • This best baby cot crib bed in India is a multifunctional dog-themed bed. There is another option of forest-themed bed too.
  • It is a 9 in 1 bed made of New Zealand Pinewood.
  • Scientifically Designed, soft rocking motion (not the shaking kind). A gentle touch can put the baby to sleep easily.
  • It has 3 modes – floor mode for standalone / no movement stationary position, push mode to move it around & swing mode for gentle swinging of the baby.
  • Extremely spacious and comfortable. Also has lots of storage space below the bed to keep all the things that you need for your baby.
  • The Baby Teddy bed is scratch-resistant and has a mirror polish. Environment-friendly and sturdy design.
  • It can easily be connected to a mom’s bed like a side bed for easy midnight / in between feeding sessions.
  • This bed is a long-lasting product and you will use it for many years as it can easily be converted into a sofa for your kid, or a desk for studying as your baby grows.
  • Includes a Teething Rail on both sides of the crib for your baby to chew on without any impact on small gums.
  • The bed can be converted to a toddler bed too.
  • Easy and convenient locking system for the safety of the baby.
  • This cot bed is very friendly for me as a mom and safe for my baby.
  • Comes with a mosquito net, adjustable stand, and 6-piece bedding set.


✔ True to its name, this is a Premium bed that has all the features that you can think of.

✔ This cot bed can be transformed into a toddler bed, a sofa, a desk and can also be connected to a mom’s bed. It adapts & grows with your baby.

It has easy height adjustment.


Much more expensive than the above-discussed brands but it is totally worth your money.

7. LuvLap C 10 Baby Wooden Cot, Baby Bed Cradle, Baby Crib

  • This is a traditional baby cot crib bed with no wheels for movement and just stays in one place.
  • It has got the EN standards 71 certifications of safety.
  • 2-in-1 feature – It can be easily converted from a cot to a cradle. It has a swing lock to stop the cradle when not in use.
  • Made of pinewood, and comes with a mosquito net.
  • Although no mattress is provided, it has a robust fabric-wrapped base with good airflow.


Mosquito Net is long enough to cover the baby’s entire cot.

Comes with the instruction manual but it takes some time to assemble the product.


Suitable only for 0-12 months of kids.

8. Baybee Wooden Cradle for Babies

  • The best part of this baby cot crib is that it can take up to 25kgs of weight.
  • It has European standard certification for safety and hygiene.
  • Comes with a foldable, removable mosquito net that protects the baby from insects and flies.
  • The T-shaped wheelbase at either end for better portability and provides a strong base. Wheels are scratch-resistant so they do not spoil your floor while moving in the house.
  • It is spacious and has a breathable air mesh fabric for good ventilation.
  • It has a swing lock that can be used easily to gently rock the cradle and put the baby to sleep.


Comes with a wheel and a wheel lock to take anywhere and is stationed at a position.

It has a mosquito removal net.


No mattress is provided.

Few customers had issues with the quality of the product.

9. Dream on Me Pine Wood Finish Synergy 5 in 1 Convertible

  • This 5-in-1 convertible crib that can be used by the when he grows up too. This crib can easily be converted into a toddler’s bed to a daybed, sofa and also a full-size bed.
  • The Toddler Rail and Full size Rail guards are sold separately too for use in other beds.
  • 4 position mattress support system and the mattress is sold separately too.


This crib bed is directly imported from the USA.

It can be easily assembled.


The mattress is not included in the crib.

☒ Bit expensive if you are looking for just a crib but still worth it.

10. LuvLap Elegant Baby Playpen Playard for Kids

  • This crib bed comes in a variety of colors. Hence for a newborn baby boy and girl, you can choose a different color.
  • 2 in 1 Convertible Playpen that converts easily into a cot.
  • Air Mesh for good ventilation and clear visibility.
  • Pull Plug design helps to easily fold and carry the playpen. A great travel-friendly option.
  • It includes a mosquito net and a toy bar.
  • Zipper door for easy entry and exit of the baby.
  • It is spacious, comfortable, and assures the proper safety of your baby.


Light weight yet sturdy.

makes it extremely portable and travel friendly.


Foldable mattress is too thin. 

Few customers feel that the cot is too deep to reach the baby so it is mostly useful as a play pen and not as a crib.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are baby cots useful?
    As I want my baby to be secure, comfortable, and safe. I have brought the best cot bed in India. It will help in making your baby independent and happy from an early age.
  •  For how long can I use the baby crib?
    I have used the best baby crib in India for up to 3 and a half years. Moreover, it’s always up to your baby to use the baby crib bed. If he is comfortable, use it for a longer time.
  • Is using a cradle for a newborn safe?
    Yes, you can use the safe and clutter-free cradle. Pick a cradle that is suitable for your baby’s age (preferable up to 6-8 months). After that, it is recommended to move the baby into a crib.
  • Are baby cribs easy to assemble?
    Yes, you only need to follow the instructions given on the best crib cot brand.
  • Can I use an old crib for my baby?
    As mentioned earlier, using the old crib or secondhand crib for your newborn is not safe. Hence, avoid using it.
  • Is it Ok to start a baby directly with a crib from birth?
    Yes, it is the safest yet prominent choice for your newborn babies.


From the above blog post, we have come to know about different best baby cot crib beds in India.

However, I recommend if you have a budget or economical constraint consider buying LuvLap Sunshine Baby Playpen Playard / Folding Baby Bed Cum Cot / Convertible Crib – (Brown & Green)

But if money is not an issue go for Baby Teddy 9 in 1 Convertible – Bruno-The Dog Baby Crib Wooden Cot Bed Swing Desk with 6 Pc Sofa Cotton Set and Mosquito Net as it is worth every penny!

Whatever crib or cot you choose, make sure that you follow the safety precautions discussed above as these are a must to follow for avoiding any harm to your baby.

Consider them and enjoy some precious time with your baby and make memories!

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~~~ Happy Parenting!!

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