Best Baby Cream For Face In India (with Safety Tips)

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Babies are super cute and cuddly and who doesn’t like to pull their cheeks?? 🙂

But their skin can easily get dry, itchy, and chafed due to various reasons. It is very important to keep their skin moisturized and soft by following a gentle and safe skin routine.

That’s why it is extremely important to find the best baby cream for face that keeps your baby’s skin gentle and supple.

But It’s hard to find the perfect baby cream for your little one as it should be gentle enough to use on their sensitive skin, yet moisturizing enough that they don’t get dry patches.

There are many products on the market and it can be hard to know which ones will work best without doing some research first.

This blog post aims to give you information about various creams available in India along with safety tips so that you can make the right decision.

Best Baby Cream For Face In India – Face Cream for Baby

Key Takeaways

A good moisturizing product will keep your child’s skin healthy and smooth so you don’t have to worry about any issues down the road.

Be aware of the ingredients before you choose a baby cream for face. Do take a patch test on the baby to check for rashes, skin itchiness, and redness before applying the cream to the face.

Note that a baby lotion is not the same as a face cream so avoid using lotion on the baby’s face instead invest in a good baby face cream.

Lastly – “Cute babies are made even cuter by soft skin!” So take utmost care of the baby’s skincare routine.

My top 3 recommendations are –

  1. Himalaya Baby Cream, Face Moisturizer & Day Cream is extremely budget-friendly, a good product to start with as it has Ayurvedic ingredients.
  2. Mamaearth Milky Soft Natural Baby Face Cream for Babies is a good baby cream that has all the essential ingredients that will moisturize your baby’s skin.
  3. Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream is an excellent choice if your baby has extra dry skin and money is not a concern as it truly works on dry and sensitive skin.

Read on to understand how to choose a baby cream, safety tips, reviews of the 10 best baby creams for face & more!

My Top Choices of Best Baby Face Creams in India

best baby creams in india – Best Baby Cream for Face in India

How to choose a baby cream for the face?

If you are looking for the best baby cream for your baby, then you need to consider many factors before choosing the right baby face cream. Here is the list of factors that you should consider before choosing the best baby cream for face in India


It’s significant to see whether the brand you are using follows all the norms of manufacturing safe products. The brand that makes use of quality assured products can be your ideal choice.


The skin of the babies is quite delicate and is prone to allergies. Take an allergy patch test before using the baby face cream. It will ensure the safety of your baby’s skin. If you notice any unnatural symptoms on the skin then stop using the cream immediately.


The quality of the ingredients is another major factor to consider while choosing the baby cream for the face. You don’t want to harness your baby’s skin by using low-grade products. If you ask my opinion, the quality of the ingredients is a factor that can’t be overseen.


Moisturizing cream should contain the hydrants that get absorbed in the skin and retain skin hydration. Always check the ingredients list before choosing the baby face cream for your young ones.

The cream must be a good source of Vitamin A, E, and F. It must be hypoallergenic in nature and of thick consistency.

Look for creams that contain shea butter, natural ingredients like milk protein, cocoa butter, and other essential fatty acids.


Skincare products can be very expensive, especially when it comes to baby skin cream. If you have sorted out a few products based on the above factors, then go for the one that fits your budget and suits your needs. The baby face cream is something that you can’t miss while taking care of your baby. You are going to need baby cream for your baby’s face in long run so be selective in terms of price.

best baby face cream – Baby Face Creams

My Reviews of 10 Best Baby Face Creams in India

Here are some of my favorite products, with safety tips for parents who want their children’s skin to stay healthy and happy.

1. Mamaearth Milky Soft Natural Baby Face Cream for Babies, 60mL

Mamaearth Milky Soft Natural Baby Cream is one of the best creams to use on a baby’s face.

It has ingredients like oat oil, oat flour, Murumuru butter which is rich in fatty acids, milk protein, and lavender oil that will provide the necessary nourishment to your baby.

It is free from toxins, is totally safe and gentle to use on the baby’s skin.

Non-sticky and easy to absorb. Ideal for baby’s face.


Creates a protective and moisturized layer on the baby’s skin that prevents dry, chapped skin.

Further, it’s free from all the silicon derivatives and harmful parabens that can be unhealthy for a baby’s skin.

It comes in an easy-to-use tube pack which makes the applying of cream convenient.


☒ Few customers did not find the cream effective.

2. The Moms Co. Natural Baby Cream for Face, 50ml

The Moms Co. Natural Baby Cream is also a great cream to use for a baby’s face.

It contains natural ingredients like organic rice bran oil that’s packed with vitamin A, E, and F.

Deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin using jojoba oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and milk proteins. Very useful to prevent skin dryness especially during winters.

It has an international certification (from Australia) that makes it more advantageous and one of the preferred choices of moms.


It’s a blend of organic oils and butter that prevents the skin from drying and cracking.

It helps restore the pH balance of the skin and balances the natural oil production of the skin.

It is mild hypoallergenic and is gentle on the baby’s delicate skin.


A few customers found it oily to touch when applied to the baby’s face.

3. Himalaya Baby Cream, Face Moisturizer & Day Cream, For Dry Skin, 200ml

Himalaya is one of the most famous brands when it comes to baby products.

Himalaya’s baby cream is a soft cream infused with the power of Indian herbs like country mallow (commonly known as Bala) is useful for protecting your baby’s skin, especially chapped cheeks.

Olive oil and licorice (Yashtimadhu) provide the necessary nourishment to the baby’s skin and make it soft and supple.

This is cream is my personal favorite as I have used it on my baby’s face without worrying about any side effects.


It is infused with powerful herbs and organic oils that help in keeping skin hydrated.

Besides, the cream is effective in preventing windburn and wetness.

The Country Mallow in the cream is a rich antioxidant that prevents damage to the baby’s skin.

Extremely budget-friendly.


It might not be useful for babies that have very sensitive skin.

4. Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream, 227g

Aveeno brand products have slowly become quite popular in India.

I love the consistency of its lotions for adults and babies a lot.

It is one of the most highly recommended products by doctors and pediatricians especially in cases where there is any kind of skin problems.

As the name suggests, Aveeno Baby Cream is a soothing and relief providing cream from eczema, redness, and itchiness.

It contains Active Natural Oats which has 5 vital ingredients (proteins, lipids, enzymes, vitamins, and antioxidants) that are ideal for maintaining healthy baby skin.

The best part is that it is fragrance-free so you do not feel that you have applied anything to the skin and gets easily absorbed into the skin.

Can be used during winters when a baby suffers from chaffed cheeks, and dryness.


The cream works excellently to recover from chaffed and cracked skin because of the moisturizing properties of oatmeal.

Besides, it has healthy cleansers which wash away the dead and dried skin cells.

It is free from artificial fragrance and thus can be a good choice for babies.


A few customers complained regarding high price of the product.

5. Chicco Natural Sensation Face Cream, 50ml

Chicco Natural Sensation baby face cream is made with natural emollient active components that promise to provide a 24-hour emollient effect. This means that it retains moisture for up to 24 hours keeping the baby’s skin soft and supple.

The product may be used from birth and regular usage helps to smooth and soften the baby’s delicate skin every day.

Its glycerin-rich oil-free formula rehydrates the skin deeply, leaving no residues behind.

Approved by Dermatologists and Paediatricians, it is extremely gentle and safe even for babies with sensitive skin.

It can be easily used for even newborn babies.


It’s free from parabens and allergens.

The cream comes in a lightweight non-greasy formula with a mild smell which makes it suitable for babies.

It is easy to spread and lasts for long hours after application.


No side effects or cons have been reported about the cream.

Few customers might find it expensive.

6. Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Natural Baby face Cream, 50g

Mother Sparsh Baby Face cream is a plant based cream. This means that they use organic and plant based extracts making it completely chemical free and safe.

Key ingredients of this cream are coconut oil, jojoba oil and wheat germ oil that help in deep nourishment of the skin.

Coconut oil is beneficial for your baby’s skin because it is high in fatty acids and proteins as well as being protective.

Jojoba oil has a soothing and relaxing impact on irritated skin. It is not likely to cause an allergic reaction.

Wheat germ oil is high in Vitamins A, B, and D and acts as a natural skin healer since it readily gets absorbed by the skin’s surface keeping it moisturized.

This cream has all the natural ingredient and indeed is one of the best baby creams for face that will help retain the skin’s moisture for a long time.


Cheeks often are prone to bacteria and can cause infections. Mother Sparsh Baby cream prevents these and keeps your baby safe.

It can be applied to other parts of the body like knees, elbows and can be effective on rashes too.

It is rich in natural and organic plant powered ingredients which offer a great soothing effect to the baby’s skin.


No reported side effects or cons in the usage of this cream

7. Sebamed Baby Cream, Extra Soft, 200ml

Sebamed is an internationally acclaimed brand that has products manufactured in Germany.

Sebamed Baby Cream can be used on newborn babies as well due to its protective layering effect.

Every baby has an acid mantle layer on the skin to prevent micro-organisms from entering the skin but that happens only if the ph level of the skin remains at 5.5. Sebamed cream has been especially created to keep this resistance level of babies high and thus keeping their skin healthy and safe.

It contains panthenol, vitamin E, chamomile and lipids that help to enhance the healing potential by protecting the skin from irritation, also soothes and regenerates irritated skin.

It is anit-fungal, non-oily and non-greasy making it one of the best choices for you to purchase this cream.

Perfectly fine to be used as a nappy rash cream due to its protective layer creation formula.


It helps to keep the baby’s skin hydrated and prevent further dryness.

Besides, it is effective against fungal and bacterial infections.

Further, it has all the organic origin products which make it safe for sensitive baby skin.


A few customers reported about the oily texture of the cream and its thickness which makes it difficult to apply but it is easy to absorb which works as an advantage.

8. Atogla Baby Cream for Soft Skin, 100g

Atogla Baby Cream can be used as a gentle daily use moisturizer for your baby.

Its key ingredients are Ceramide III, cholesterols, oat lipids and GLA.

Ceramide III, cholesterols mimics the skin’s physiologic lipids and builds the skin barrier that keeps the skin healthy and prevents any infection.

Oat lipids provide moisturization to the skin while GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) in the cream reduces inflammation thus healing any acne, rashes on the skin.

It has a mild fragrance and is especially useful for babies with dry skin.


It builds a barrier on the skin and prevents water loss thus keeping skin hydrated.

Further, it is beneficial in relieving inflammation and redness caused due to different factors on the skin.

Additionally, it helps in providing intense moisturization to sensitive & dry baby skin.


☒ Few customers felt that the hydration doesn’t last long and thus, there is a need to apply this cream thrice a day.

9. Mustela HydraBebe Facial Cream Normal Skin, 40ml

Mustela HydraBebe face cream for babies hydrates and moisturizes the skin the entire day.

Hydra-Bebe Face Cream is rich in nutritious oils derived from plant sources and helps to protect the skin from external aggressors.

Vitamin E content in the cream works as an antioxidant that aids in the proper hydration of your baby’s skin.

Combination of Sweet almond oil and jojoba oil , in particular, are known for their ability to hydrate and soften the skin.

Shea butter in the cream softens skin and leaves the skin supple and silky-smooth.

And yes, it has a lovely smell that will make your baby smelling good all day long!


It is easy to apply and available in a lightweight formulation which gets absorbed easily.

Further, it is hypoallergenic and prevents the skin of the baby from external allergens.

It is dermatologically tested to suit normal skin type of babies.


Users suggest that it’s a bit expensive.

Also, multiple applications can sometimes result in redness of the skin.

10. Mom & World Baby Face Cream Extra Soft and Gentle, 50g

Formulated specifically for the delicate and tender skin of babies.

Mom & World Baby Face Cream’s natural and hypoallergenic qualities make it a healthy choice for developing skin cells.

It has Vitamin E, cold-pressed plant oils and botanical extracts that nourishes the baby’s skin, act as antioxidant protecting the skin against environmental pollutants and provides a smooth and supple skin.

Milk Protein in the cream keeps the skin hydrated for a long time.

It is free from toxins, non-irritant and hypoallergenic in nature making it safe and gentle to use on the baby’s skin.


It is a healthy moisturizer that prevents and heals chapped cheeks and skin.

Further, it aids extended support to prevent skin from irritation, dryness, and wetness.

It is suitable for babies with oily skin and can be applied in all seasons.


The texture of the cream is thick and oily although after blending the cream, it gets easily absorbed and thus, it doesn’t have any major drawback.

Safety Tips while Choosing & Using Baby Cream

Safety Tips While Using Baby Cream

Synthetic chemicals can cause mild to adverse side effects on the skin of the baby. Using creams with a blend of artificial chemicals can be unsafe to use for the baby. 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while choosing & using baby face cream –

Always check the ingredients list on the product and check whether it contains any parabens or silicon-based ingredients or not. 

Avoid creams that may contain Fragrances, colors, preservatives, alcohol and dyes.

Further, always perform a patch taste before using the baby face cream. Apply a small amount of cream on the inner arm of the baby and see whether it results in rashes, redness, or irritation.

If any of these symptoms or any other symptoms are observed, wash off the cream immediately and do not use it further. If the irritation persists consult your doctor immediately.

Use one product at a time, do not apply multiple products at a time. Each product works differently, but do not use them all at once, choose one product and be patient with the results.

Finally, make sure that your baby does not swallow the cream as young babies tend to put everything in their mouth. In case if your baby takes in some cream, make sure to visit your doctor so that they can advise accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions about Baby Face Cream

  • What is the difference between baby cream and lotion?
    The lotion is applied on the whole body while baby face creams are specially designed to suit the delicate skin of the baby. The lotion generally has fluid-like consistency and creams are thicker in consistency.
  • Do baby creams help the baby’s skin?
    The best baby cream for the face in India is a blend of natural and organic oils that nourish and moisturize the skin. Many creams are suitable to reduce spots and pigmentation but not all of them.
  • Can I use Vaseline in place of Cream?
    Vaseline or petroleum jelly can be good for a baby’s skin but won’t deliver effects similar to a baby cream for the face. Vaseline can’t be suitable for everyone and thus it’s better to rely on cream, as per my experience.
  • Can we use baby cream for a newborn baby?
    The skin of the newborn baby is extremely delicate. Applying products and blends on such delicate skin can’t be a great choice to go for! As far as I have observed, it’s better to start using baby face creams after six months.
  • Can baby creams be used in the summer and winter seasons?
    The baby creams which have an oily texture can’t be applied in summers as they will be uncomfortable for the baby. If your baby cream is easy to absorb and non-greasy you can apply it in summer too. Also, see through the skin type of the baby. If your baby’s skin is oily don’t use baby creams in summers.

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When you buy a baby cream for your baby, look at the qualities that it has and if those are what you want. If not, be sure to find one!

It’s important to think about quality, brand, ingredients, suitability, and a lot more when selecting a product for your little champ because they have sensitive skin and can’t process ingredients as fast as adults do which means any chemicals or preservatives could cause an allergic reaction on their skin.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly and Indian product made with Ayurvedic herbs, choose Himalaya Baby Cream, Face Moisturizer & Day Cream.

Mamaearth Milky Soft Natural Baby Face Cream for Babies is a good baby cream that has all the essential ingredients that will moisturize your baby’s skin.

However, if your baby has extra dry skin and money is not a concern, then choose Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream as it truly works on dry and sensitive skin.

I hope all the information in this blog helps you with your search for finding the perfect face cream for your baby!

~~Happy Parenting!

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