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If you are a new mom or planning to become one in the near future, you will know how important it is to have the right baby gear.

One of these essentials is a good quality stroller that makes your life easier while out and about with your little one.

It’s super convenient because not only can it help you stay organized while going on walks around the neighborhood, but it also provides a safe place for your child when they need a nap or some alone time.

Let’s take a look at some of the best strollers for babies in India!


This is for parents who have already conducted some primary research and are simply seeking recommendations.

If you are looking for a budget friendly option then go for Luvlap Sunshine Stroller / Pram. It has all of the essential safety features in place to keep your baby secure as well as comfortable. It is also available in a variety of colors and styles.

However, if budget is not an issue, and you want a stroller that is safe for your child, lightweight yet sturdy, and can be folded with ease, look no further – go for Chicco Cortina CX Stroller.

Also, don’t forget to check out the cool accessories that you can put on the stroller below 😉

Top 11 Best Stroller for Baby in India

Stroller for Baby – Stroller for Baby

The first few months after having a baby can be stressful as there are so many things to buy and learn how to use. From diapers and clothes to feeding supplies and toys, there is a lot to keep track of.

But one thing you will find useful from the very beginning is a good quality stroller because it makes going out with your baby much more comfortable and easier for both of you.

Another reason why you should get a good quality stroller is that they are safer compared to cheaper options on the market.

They are also more comfortable for your child, easy to push, and they hold up over time which means you can use them not only when your little one is a baby, but for years to come.

Types of Baby Strollers

Best baby pram strollers in India – Best Baby Pram Strollers in India

There are different types of strollers –

1. Regular and Lightweight Stroller

One of the traditional and the best strollers in India. It’s light in weight and has unique features such as a canopy, shock-absorbing on wheels, a quick-release system, and easy folding up.

They are often much easier to push around because they tend not to be too bulky.

2. Umbrella Type Stroller

This best baby pram stroller in India has a curved handle like an umbrella. It also has a reclining set that can make it fully flat. They are easy to fold and put in your car trunk, and they don’t take up too much space in small homes or apartments.

This type of stroller is often viewed as a compact and lightweight option that can be quite handy to use. In this type of stroller, the car seat can also be fitted easily.

3. Jogging Stroller

If you want to give some fresh air or you are jogging, then you can carry your baby in this best stroller in India. This stroller has three wheels and a hand brake for speed control.

These strollers are not designed to be used on smooth surfaces like sidewalks because the front wheel often swivels which can lead to accidents, so they are mostly best suited for outside use on tarmac roads or concrete paths.

4. Travel System Stroller

The nice thing about travel systems is that they often come with an infant car seat which means you’ll save money over buying each component separately. It’s also a great way to keep your baby close by so you can quickly feed or comfort them if they need it.

These systems are great for parents on the go but who don’t want to carry their infant around in their arms all day long.

5. Tandem Stroller

If you have two children of similar age that always want to be together, then a tandem stroller is a great solution.

They’re not too large, and since the seats are placed side by side, it doesn’t take up much space if you need to store it in your home or car trunk.

best baby strollers in India – Best Baby Strollers in India

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Advantages of Using Baby Strollers

  • Convenient in Use : The foremost advantage of using the best baby prams is it’s convenience. I seriously preferred to carry my little one in the best prams for babies in India because of its effectiveness. Whether your baby is newborn or older, you can comfortably use baby prams. You can walk in the park and gardens hands-free by carrying your baby in a pram or stroller.
  • Safety Assurance : With strollers, I can safely carry my baby anywhere. As a result, your infant will not be harmed in any way.Instead of risking your baby’s safety by carrying them in your arm. Take the help of the stroller.
  • Travelling is Easy : With the best baby stroller brands in India, I can travel anywhere without any problem. Traveling for me with my baby is a stressfree and happy experience. Whether you are traveling far away from your home or just going nearby to a shop, with the stroller, you can carry them easily. You can easily carry your baby from one location to another.
  • Strollers are Multi-Purpose : A stroller is a prominent investment you can make in your baby. With a stroller not only can you carry your baby easily and comfortably but also you can protect them from sunburns.
  • Carrying of Baby Accessories is Easier : If you are traveling with your baby to the park, then the best baby prams for babies in India are the best. A stroller comprises spacious compartments where you can arrange your baby’s stuff easily. In the baby stroller, you can carry your baby’s diapers, bottles, toys, etc. It can be your baby’s mini luggage.
  • Portability : I have purchased the best baby stroller in India because it’s highly portable. If you think that baby strollers take a lot of space in your home, then you are wrong. Also, you can easily move your baby’s stroller from one place to another. The stroller design has seen a lot of change in the past few years and they can easily be fitted in the smaller spaces of our homes.
Best Baby Stroller – Best Baby Stroller

Review of 9 Best Baby Strollers in India

1. LuvLap Sunshine Stroller/Pram, Easy Fold, for Newborn

  • This is one of the best baby strollers/prams that you can find in the market.
  • Loved by all moms, this best stroller in India can be easily used until your baby turns 3 years old.
  • Its main feature is the 5 point safety harness to protect your baby from falling.
  • 3 position seat reclining up to 180 degrees makes it comfortable for newborn babies to easily sit up, relax, or even take a nap. The seat can be kept upright, inclined, or simple be made flat for naptime.
  • Easy maneuverability with the 360° front wheels swivel feature and convenient rear wheel brakes that can be easily operated with your feet.
  • Other Features like foldable, reversible handlebar, canopy, spacious storage basket, back pocket, and a detachable soft cushion add value to this stroller.
  • If your baby’s weight is up to 15kg, then he/she can comfortably use it.


It comes with 3 positioning seat recline to adjust as per the baby’s relaxing position.

Comes with a back pocket and a large storage basket to keep the baby’s essentials.


Different colors have different prices.

2. R for Rabbit Lollipop Lite Colorful Stroller and Pram with Easy Fold

  • As a parent, if you want to add colorful things to your baby’s environment then this R for Rabbit Lollipop Lite Stroller is just for you.
  • The lightweight baby stroller is made of strong yet light aluminum metal, but the frames are cushioned with bright colors.
  • With its large wheels (6.5-inch wheel) and comfy ride, you’ll be able to cruise over the bumpy ground with ease making it a smooth ride for your baby every time.
  • The braking handle on the bottom of the stroller allows you to securely position it anywhere.
  • It has a reversible handle that makes it easier for you to care for the baby in a rear or front position, allowing you to better fulfill their demands.
  • 5 point safety harness attached to the seat prevents the baby from falling out or jerking over rough terrains.
  • The seat may also be reclined in three distinct angles to guarantee that your baby is resting and sleeping properly supported.
  • This stroller is designed by keeping child safety in mind so you can definitely say that this is one of the best baby strollers.


It has an adjustable leg rest for making your baby comfortable during strolling.

It has 6.5 inches of wheel for smooth riding.

✔ Large storage bag, colorful designs, easily folds itself.


☒ Quality of the material used could have been a little better.

3. LuvLap Galaxy Stroller or Pram with Extra-Large Seating Space

  • This Luvlap Galaxy Stroller Param has got the security certification of EN 1888 for its best performance.
  • It’s a sturdy design with high-quality materials that will last you a long time.
  • The Luvlap Galaxy Stroller Pram is a top-rated stroller that provides a 5-point safety harness system to keep your baby safe in the event of an accident. From the shoulders to the baby’s knees, he or she is quite safe.
  • The 3-position seat recline on this chair allows for adjustments between angles of 90° and 180°. This lets you keep regular adjustments as your children grow.
  • The leg rest is adjustable as well to ensure maximum comfort for all infants from birth to 15 kilograms or 3 years old.
  • This stroller includes a large storage basket underneath and a back pocket for easy storage of smaller things. It is suitable for shopping and outdoor use because it has a very strong aluminum alloy frame that provides great stability for your baby’s comfort and safety.
  • The wheels are all equipped with brakes. You have the option to stop wherever you want at any time.
  • There is a detachable food tray component. This doubles as a sippy cup storage and a bar that the baby can grasp as you walk them.
  • There is a transparent canopy where you can view your child.


✔ Apart from being expandable, the canopy is divided into two layers to provide maximum protection against the weather.

It can be folded single-handedly.

✔ It comes with a reversible handlebar, so you may choose whether or not the baby should face you.


☒ It’s a heavy-duty stroller with little versatility. It lacks flexibility and takes up a lot of room in the house.

☒ You could need to add an extra cushion to keep your baby warm and comfy.

4. Little Pumpkin Kiddie Kingdom Baby Stroller and Pram for Baby/Kids (Red)

  • This best baby pram comes in three different colors. I have my heart on this safe and colorful baby stroller and pram.
  • This stroller is very compact and travel-friendly and also one of the most economical strollers in this category.
  • It’s small and light, making it convenient for parents to take with them.
  • Suspension in the front wheels provides for a pleasant trip. The wheels are equipped with brakes for safety purposes.
  • It has a simple folding mechanism that allows parents to store it easily.
  • Its three-position recline mechanism provides the baby with maximum comfort.
  • It features an adjustable footrest and a reversible handlebar.
  • All the above features make this Little Pumpkin Kiddie Kingdom Baby Stroller one of the sturdy and economical stroller options.


✔ It has adjustable footsteps and brakes.

It can be folded easily.

✔ It has an extended canopy for better protection.


☒ It cannot be attached to a car seat.

☒ Few customers found the cushioning less so you might need extra pillow.

5. Luvlap Joy Stroller or Pram

  • This is another Luvlap stroller that is among 2 or 3 top products when speaking about strollers.
  • Comfortable and lightweight, this seat will keep your baby secure during everyday outings. It has a 5-point safety harness for added protection.
  • Can be folded single-handedly, and is ideal for travel.
  • The cushioning on the seat cushions is detachable and extra soft, making them luxuriously padded. Washable seat cushions offer extra convenience, so you won’t have to worry about dirt accidents.
  • It can be adjusted to several angles because of the multiple reclining positions to satisfy the different moods of the baby.
  • There are no suspensions on the wheel, but there are brakes to keep the stroller in one spot and avoid injury.
  • With a storage basket and a back pocket, it’s ideal for carrying your stuff discreetly.
  • The holding capacity of Luvlap joy is up to 15 kgs.


It offers 360° wheel rotation which has a swivel lock system.

It has a looking window in its double-layer canopy.


☒ Installation of this stroller can be little difficult.

6. R for Rabbit Pocket Stroller Lite Baby Stroller

  • The R for Rabbit Stroller is one of the lightest strollers for babies available today with a lightweight design and compact fold. It’s also one of the most portable strollers for babies because it can be folded easily for storage space.
  • To guarantee security, it has a one-click brake with your feet, 5 point safety harness, and improved suspension.
  • The Pocket Lite Stroller as the name suggests is an easy-to-use, lightweight stroller since it is foldable with one hand. You may simply fold it down to save room when not in use.
  • The frame of this stroller is made of lightweight steel and has a 6.6-kilogram weight. It’s simple to transport if you want to take it with you.
  • The fabric is constructed of air-permeable fabric, which allows air to flow freely through it.
  • This product adheres to European safety standards, which guarantee the safety of the babies first.


✔ The stroller comes with a trolley handle, allowing you to add other things like a laptop bag.

✔ This is one of the most well-engineered, best-performing strollers on the market, with excellent handling and suspension. There are no stability problems caused by the stroller when it is being used.

✔ Extremely travel-friendly as it can be fitted easily in your car and can be taken along even on a train or flight.

With a click of feet, this stroller can be stopped.


Does not recline to 180 degrees so not really suitable for newborn babies.

Not made for rough Indian roads, can be used on smoother roads, malls, and parks.

7. Chicco Echo Stroller with Bumper Bar

  • If you are looking for a modern yet stylish and the best stroller in India, you should go for this.
  • If your child is constantly fidgeting, consider this stroller with a bumper bar that lets your kid to safely play and enjoy in the stroller.
  • This umbrella stroller includes a safety-tested padded bumper bar that your toddler might chew on.
  • Its adjustable canopy protects your child from the sun, and its backrest reclines to four distinct settings for maximum comfort.
  • For greater shock absorption, the front wheel is equipped with a suspension. Swivel and lock available on the front wheels. The rear wheels have toe-tap brakes.


It has a modern design with metallic tubes, a fabric seat, and stylish wheels.

The padded seat is very wide and has shoulder pads for your baby’s comfort.

Compact umbrella folding with carry handle for convenience while traveling.

Comes with a rain cover for extra protection.


☒ May not be suitable for healthy kids as the stroller is a little compact.

☒ The storage basket is small.

8. Mee Mee Baby Stroller Pram

Though the Mee Mee brand is one of the leading baby products manufacturers, this stroller is comparatively newer.

This is one of the lighter ranges of stroller prams that I am writing about. The one that I had purchased (for my then 2+months baby) was a very heavy and sturdy pram. However, I will prefer to buy this lighter version any day. At that time, I did not research much and my husband just bought the heavy Mee Mee pram from an offline store.

The Mee Mee Baby Stroller Pram features are –

  • It can be used for babies upto age 5 and weight 16 kgs.
  • Mee Mee Baby Stroller has a large canopy for extra protection to your baby from harsh winds and sun rays.
  • For your growing baby’s needs, it has three distinct seat postures – sleeping, reclining, and sitting.
  • For those times when your baby needs your attention, the handle on this stroller is reversible and made of soft foam for both front and rear facing.
  • It has a cool detachable tray to place your baby’s bottle, toys and accessories needed to keep your baby busy while strolling.
  • 3 point safety harness belt on this stroller ensures that your child is securely fastened in the seat at all times.
  • The Mee Mee baby stroller can be compacted in a matter of seconds with only one hand.


✔ Foot brakes on rear wheels and a 360-degree swivel function on the front wheels.

Detachable feeding tray.

✔ One-hand folding mechanism.

✔ Five-point safety harness belt.


Does not come with a mosquito net.

It’s not portable.

9. Chicco Cortina CX Stroller with 8 Reclining Positions

The Chicco Cortina Cx Stroller is a wonderful stroller for parents wanting a high-quality stroller that they can handle on their own.

It’s one of the best baby strollers on the market since it has a small frame, is foldable, and can be carried. Let’s take a look at its many features –

  • This Chicco Cortina CX Stroller is one of the safest and most comfortable strollers in India.
  • The Chicco Cortina CX stroller can hold up to 22 kgs of weight.
  • It has an adjustable backrest (8 positions) that may be converted to a resting posture or reclining position. Special Memory Recline feature that remembers the stroller’s backrest position when it is folded, saving you time and energy by reducing your efforts to adjust it each time the stroller is folded/unfolded.
  • The wheels are equipped with suspensions and brakes, making them ideal for Indian terrain.
  • The stroller is lightweight and flexible, making it easy to fold and store with a single hand.
  • The bottom storage basket is rather spacious, to store baby’s essentials. Ideal for storing a diaper bag.
  • The detachable canopy and larger window keep the infant from being exposed to harsh weather or dust.
  • The most significant feature is that it has a five-point harness connected to keep the baby safe.
  • This product may be used as a car seat and stroller (compatible with the KeyFit Car Seat).


Full safety and security with CS cortina design.

The rides will be shockproof and enjoyable.

✔ Adjustable backrest.

✔ Flexible and lightweight.


Quite expensive as compared to other products in this category.

☒ Adjustable handle height but it is not reversible.

Review of 2 Twin Baby Strollers

If you have twins, consider these twin strollers as they are more convenient –

1. Joie Aire Twin Ultra-Lightweight and One-Hand Fold Stroller

  • If you have twin children, then I recommend this best baby pram.
  • You are always ready to take your babies along with you with this Joie Aire twin stroller.
  • It is one of the lightweights and fully featured strollers. Even though the seats are attached, the seats are adjustable individually.
  • Its aluminum frame makes it very light, despite being big and broad.
  • Joie Aire Twin Stroller features a five-point harness to keep your child secure. It has a one-hand fold with a folding lock.
  • Extra security is provided by the armbar’s detachable and cushioned design. It also makes it simple for the babies to get in or out without injury.
  • It has an exceptionally durable canopy that is resistant to UV radiation and provides UPF50+ sun protection.
  • Foot brake on rear wheels allows you to set the vehicle in order to make maximum safety.
  • The chair’s backrest can be reclined, allowing your tiny angels to catch up on their rest.
  • This twin stroller is suitable for twin babies of less than 15 kgs.
  • Though this is a good stroller for twins it has no color options to choose from.

2. Chicco Echo Twin Stroller, Pram for Twin Babies

  • This is the best stroller brand for babies in India especially when it comes to twin strollers.
  • Each stroller has independent padded harness belts for maximum comfort and secure fastening. 5 point safety harness for protection on the go.
  • Independent recliner setting in each seat for your twin babies so that if needed 1 baby can sleep while the other can enjoy the view.
  • In each seat, this stroller can bear up to 15kgs of weight.
  • This stroller has soft-to-touch handle grips for a firm grip over the stroller for ease of steering.
  • When it is folded, it’s very compact (umbrella-fold) and can be carried out anywhere.
  • Rain cover for the stroller is also included to protect the babies from rain or harsh winds.
  • Each seat has a four-position reclining backrest that may be adjusted with only one hand.
  • 6 pairs of robust wheels ensure complete stability and maneuverability of the stroller.
  • It is one of the most preferred twin strollers among moms but the only issue is that it does not have a front bar for extra protection of babies.

How to Choose the Right Stroller for Your Baby?

What makes a good stroller?

A lot of people will tell you that the first and most important feature is safety, and it is definitely one of the top priorities for parents everywhere.

However, there are also different features like maneuverability, ease of use, and storage space which can make baby travel easier.

Here’s what you should look for in a stroller –

  • Adjustable Straps & Harness – You should buy the best prams for babies in India which have multiple straps and an adjustable harness. Hence, it will be neither too tight nor loose for your baby. I have brought that stroller which has more than 3 straps.
  • Brakes – The stroller which you are going to buy must have brakes on its wheels. Also if it has hand breaks then also best. I have brought the best stroller brands in India that have both hand and wheel breaks.
  • Handlebars – You should buy that stroller that has an easy, stable, and sturdy handle so that it can move safely and don’t topple on each other. To buy this type of pram, I have moved to the best stroller brands in India. The handlebars of the stroller should match your waist. Hence you don’t have to bend yours to move the stroller.

  • Safety – Safety is probably the most important part of a baby stroller. You want to make sure it is sturdy enough so the stroller won’t collapse when your child sits in it or play around. If there is a canopy or any type of flap that folds over the opening, then you should make sure it has secure stitching and won’t break away when your child leans against it.

  • Style – Before you begin the search for a new stroller, it’s best to set a budget and then decide what features are necessary for you and your child. If you want something that is basic yet affordable, then going with a compact umbrella stroller or lightweight model may work fine.

  • Fabric – It is important that the stroller fabric is water-resistant. This will prevent the fabric from becoming moldy or mildew, and if you live in an area where it snows in the wintertime, then you’ll need something that is suitable for the snow as well. If your little one tends to get hot very easily when they are bundled up in the stroller, then having mesh panels may be quite useful. Not only will mesh panels keep them cool, but it will also allow you to get a better view of your child without having to remove their clothing.

  • Reclining – Another safety feature that you will want to look for is a stroller with a reclining backrest. Keep in mind that not all models provide this option, and if possible, it’s best to choose one that goes from upright position all the way down to an almost flat surface depending on what type of nap your child likes to take while they are on the go.
  • Wheel Material – If the stroller has two or more wheels, then they should be made out of rubber. This is because rubber gives them good traction so they won’t get stuck when you are traversing over tough or bumpy terrain. If you plan on using the stroller indoors more often, then it may be beneficial to invest in one whose wheels are made out of plastic because they’ll hold up much better when they are hit against a wall or another hard surface.

  • Size – One last thing that is quite important to consider before purchasing a stroller is how big it will be once it has been folded. If you are an avid traveler or enjoy using public transportation, then having something that can easily fit in the back of your trunk may be useful. Otherwise, if you plan on taking the bus or train frequently with your baby, then investing in something with compact dimensions may be useful as well.

Safety Tips / Precautions while using Baby Strollers

Safety Tips for Baby Strollers

  1. You should keep a check on your baby when he/ she is on the best baby stroller in India. Never leave your baby unattended in the stroller.
  2. When your baby is in the stroller and it has been kept in a stationary position, then make sure its brakes are on.
  3. Always keep your baby in the stroller away from direct sunlight.
  4. As your baby is in the stroller, then make sure they are buckled up with the seat belt.
  5. If you are hanging a heavy purse in the stroller, then make sure not to add anything else as it might tilt the stroller causing the baby to fall.
  6. Clean off any dirt on the stroller frame with a mild soap and warm water on a damp cloth.
  7. Always store the stroller away from direct sunlight so that the plastic doesn’t warp over time.

Must-Have Stroller Accessories for Moms

  • Mosquito Net : Having a mosquito net can be quite useful if you take your little one out and is not already attached to the stroller. It is lightweight and portable so you can attach it to the stroller rather quickly, and it’s also made from breathable materials so your baby doesn’t have trouble breathing whatsoever.
  • MosQuick Pram Stroller Organizer, Pram Diaper Bag : This is a universally famous pram and stroller organizer. You can fit this stroller organizer directly onto your best stroller in India. When I go out to parks and gardens, I always carry this stroller organizer for my baby. Hence, I can enjoy my walk or time without worrying about anything. It is made with high-quality material for ensuring its durability and stability.
  • iDream Cute Multi-Function Activity Soft Plush Spiral Rattle : It’s my favorite stroller rattle. It can easily wrap around the bar of the stroller. You can wrap it around a baby crib or jhula too. It helps develop baby’s tactile senses and hand eye coordination naturally. Apt for giting purpose as it is bright, has multiple use and animal designs attract your baby easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between a baby pram and a stroller?
    A pram is the type of cradle which have wheels. It’s designed for newborns specifically for lying or sleeping. It doesn’t have any safety straps. While the best strollers in India are designed for infants and older children for their comfort sitting. It has safety belts and a harness.
  • When can I start sitting my baby up in a stroller?
    A baby should be carried in the best baby pram stroller in India when they become three months or more. But, it’s safe to wait for your baby to sit comfortably.
  • When should I stop using a stroller?
    As soon as your baby starts walking on its own comfortably, you should stop using the baby prams. Mostly after 3 years, you should stop your baby from using the stroller.
  • Is a stroller with space for storing diaper bags and groceries necessary?
    Yes, the best baby stroller brands in India offer space for keeping diapers and groceries. Although it’s not necessary it will help you to carry your baby easily along with shopping.
  • Can you fold the strollers?
    Yes, some of the best baby strollers in India can be folded up easily.
  • How good are baby strollers?
    The best prams for babies in India are very comfortable and convenient. It can assure the total safety of your baby.


You should be able to find a stroller that suits your needs, no matter what they are.

Whether you need something lightweight and easy to store or want the extra features like cup holders for parents on the go, there’s bound to be an option out there for you!

Second, do consider the size and structure before you choose a stroller so that it suits your convenience and budget.

Check out our guide above on how to choose the perfect stroller so that everything goes smoothly during travel time.

Quick Recommendations –

If you are looking for a budget friendly option then go for Luvlap Sunshine Stroller / Pram. It has all of the essential safety features in place to keep your baby secure as well as comfortable. It is also available in a variety of colors and styles.

However, if budget is not an issue, and you want a stroller that is safe for your child, lightweight yet sturdy, and can be folded with ease, look no further – go for Chicco Cortina CX Stroller.

But remember you can only enjoy these benefits when you follow all the necessary safety precautions!

So which one did you opt for? Do write about your choice in the comments section below – I will respond to each one of them!

~~~ Signing out for now, Happy Parenting!!

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