Best Baby Laundry Detergent in India (with Cleaning Tips)

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With the birth of a newborn baby, your family completes. But as the newborn comes to your home, he/she brings an increased responsibility in terms of health and hygiene.

Out of millions of things to care about, the most challenging is handling their dozens of laundry.

Starting from bibs to clothes, nappies to dresses, wrappers to comforters, etc. everything needs to be washed quickly and properly to avoid any % of infections and rashes.

Being a new mother, every mom wants her baby’s skin to be free from rashes, germs, and infections. Hence, you need to opt for the best baby detergent in India to wash your baby’s clothes and nappies.

To help new moms, I have made this blog post about the best baby laundry detergent in India.

Quick Summary

The best baby laundry detergent in India is not always the most expensive one on the shelf.

You want to make sure you are choosing a gentle, hypoallergenic option that will keep your little ones’ skin free of rashes and germs.

My top recommendation is Himalaya Gentle Baby Laundry Wash as it is a gentle cleanser that cleans and removes all the tough stains while keeping the baby’s clothes soft and fresh.

Another one that I like is Pigeon Multifunctional Laundry Detergent, Sunshine as it is cost-effective and 2-in-1 Disinfectant & Fabric Softener so you do not need a separate softener.

Top Choices of Baby Laundry Detergent in India

Things to Consider Before Buying Baby Laundry Detergent

Best Baby Laundry Detergent in India – Best Baby Laundry Detergent

Before buying the best clean baby laundry detergent, the following things should be considered –

  • Germ Protection: You must choose a laundry detergent that is totally free of germs and does not include any hazardous chemicals.
  • Special Formulation: Because the baby’s skin is very sensitive, soft, and gentle. The normal detergent is not suitable. You should anticipate the detergent you are purchasing for your child. It must be expressly made for babies and toddlers.
  • Gentle and Safe Care: It’s known to everyone that, unlike our skin, a baby’s skin is soft and sensitive. Hence, before buying any type of best laundry cleaner you should check that it’s passed from all skin-related tests. It should be clinically approved by specialized doctors.
  • Price and Effectiveness: You will need to check the price as most of these are budget-friendly options but you need to check the effectiveness of the detergent so as to keep buying it often. Effectiveness means that it should be able to remove the dirt, stains from your babies clothes while maintaining the colour, and softness of the material.

Here are my reviews of the Top 11 Baby Laundry Detergents in India –

Review of 11 Best Baby Laundry Detergent in India

1. Himalaya Gentle Baby Laundry Wash

Himalaya is a well-known Indian brand when it comes to baby rash creams, baby massage oil, baby face cream, and more.

So, it has to feature in this list of laundry detergents as well! In fact, it is one of the go-to choices for baby laundry detergents for years now.

Himalaya’s baby laundry wash, which is formulated with herbs and naturally-derived cleaning chemicals, has excellent antibacterial qualities that are both gentle and efficient on your child’s clothes.

Being rich in soapnut extract, it has excellent stain removal quality while neem and lemon help in leaving baby’s clothes smelling fresh.

The liquid detergent is residue-free and simple to wash away. It is smooth and yet gentle on baby’s clothes.


After washing, it will maintain the fabric’s softness and leave a mild fragrance.

This is not only gentle to your baby’s skin but the environment too.

✔ Kills 99.9% of bacteria from baby’s clothes.


No point found.

2. Pigeon Multifunctional Laundry Detergent

Pigeon baby detergent kills 99.9% of germs and infections on garments thanks to its antibacterial advantages.

This laundry detergent is based on 3 actions such as cleaning & brightening, color protection, and care.

Environmental friendly contents make it safe and gentle to use. While washing with this detergent, there will be no harm to your clothes.


The laundry detergent can clean numerous stains such as milk, urine, potty, etc.

It has a mild fragrance that is left on the cloth for a long time.

Gentle and safe for babies clothes.


Many users found the refill pack’s consistency to be watery.

3. The Better Home Laundry Liquid (500ml)

The Better Home Laundry Liquid Detergent is for infants that contain natural enzymes derived from plants without any dangerous chemicals, making it safe for both people and clothing.

Bio Enzymes in this liquid detergent are natural and have the ability to break down dirt and grease without causing damage to the fabric.

It’s also effective at keeping away germs and other organic waste due to the strength of natural and naturally derived surfactants.

It is gentle and natural, with a scent that suits everyone. Extremely effective in its washing formula without causing any impact on the baby’s skin.

It retains the color and texture of clothing intact after washing, by hand or machine wash.


✔ Strong cleaning power while retaining the softness & brightness of the clothes.

✔ It has a nice citrus smell, leaving the clothes feeling fresh.

✔ The stains can be removed to the deepest level.


☒ Few Customers found the product expensive.

4. Mee Mee Mild Baby Liquid Laundry Detergent

Mee Mee baby laundry detergent is gentle enough considering the delicate skin of your little cherub.

When it comes to your child, you typically go for the finest option and this detergent’s antibacterial quality keeps your baby safe and free of harmful germs.

This best laundry cleaner is prominent because it comes in two sizes as 1500ml and 1200ml. I have been using this detergent powder for my baby since he was 2 months old.


This laundry detergent gives a whitish shine to your baby’s clothes.

No chemicals and artificial coloring.

Can be used for diaper inserts too.


Very expensive compared to other detergents.

Few users felt that the stains were not removed completely though we suggest pre soaking the clothes as it does help in removing tough stains like poop stains, fruit stains etc.

5. Luvlap Baby Laundry Liquid Detergent

This liquid detergent is specifically designed for the baby’s sensitive skin.

This is the best liquid laundry detergent I have ever come across as it has the Advance Cationic Softening Factor, which helps to keep your child’s clothing soft, clean, and smelling great.

Before this product comes to you, it has undergone numerous quality testing.


It has no artificial coloring, is unscented and is antibacterial.

It is also exempt from phosphate and fluorescence.

It is tough on stains if you soak the clothes before washing.


Few users felt that there is mild itching while using it.

☒ A mild fragrance would be better if added to the detergent.

6. Mother Sparsh Baby Laundry Liquid Detergent

Mother Sparsh Baby Laundry Liquid Detergent has natural ingredients like Aloe vera extract and essential oils like eucalyptus, neem have antibacterial properties that effectively destroy germs, microbes, and bacteria from your baby’s clothes.

The natural enzymes in this biodegradable, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic laundry detergent keep your baby’s clothing clean.

Mother Sparsh Baby Laundry Liquid Detergent effectively helps to remove spit-up stains, milk spills, and even poop smears.


This detergent is prepared without any harsh chemicals and is safer for babies.

It doesn’t cause any skin allergies and irritation.

Suitable to use on new born baby clothes.

Dermatologically tested.


☒ The scent is not that good.

7. Mamaearth Plant-Based Baby Laundry Liquid Detergent

Many new moms consider this product as the best stain removing laundry detergent.

It is enriched with a bio enzyme plant-based formula which is safe and healthy for your baby’s skin.

Mamaearth’s liquid detergent for baby clothing is ideal for keeping cotton, linen, fiber, and synthetic fabrics clean and soft.

The detergent is suited for both hand washing and machine washing. It has a nice fresh, citrusy aroma after washing.


✔ The texture is light, and it doesn’t make your hands rough or scratchy even if you’re washing them by hand.

✔ The citrus extract, on the other hand, not only destroys germs but also has a pleasant scent to guarantee freshness.

This laundry comes with an instruction manual which makes it easy for me to wash my baby’s clothes.


Few customers may find it expensive.

No negative points were found.

8. Morisons Baby Dreams Baby Laundry Detergent

This baby laundry detergent comes with a concentrated formula that cleans your baby’s clothes gently.

Use Morisons Baby Dreams detergent to keep your baby’s clothes clean, soft, and fragrant.

It’s got lime extract in it, and the concentrated formula has a built-in disinfectant as well as a built-in softener.

It can clean delicate stains like baby food, feces, and dirt while also completely cleaning infant clothes especially useful for cleaning cloth diapers!

This non-toxic, biodegradable detergent is free of sulfates and other hazardous pollutants and is safe for a baby’s delicate skin.

Are disposable diapers causing rashes to your lo? Choose from the 12 Best Cloth Diapers in India and keep your baby smiling always!


This laundry detergent contains lime which acts as a superb disinfectant.

It doesn’t harm you and your baby’s skin.


No points were found.

9. Farlin Anti-Bacterial Baby Clothing Detergent

Farlin offers an antibacterial detergent specially formulated by keeping your baby’s nature and hygiene in sense.

The detergent is comprised of natural plant extracts that effectively remove tough-to-remove stains and greasy dirt while keeping babies comfortable.

The detergent cleanses and softens the fabric without causing color fading. The anti-odor effect prevents the clothing from becoming musty.

Lastly, it is also free of phosphorus, fluorescence, and stimulants, all of which can harm a baby’s delicate skin.


It is made from natural plant extract that can remove the great dirt, and stains easily.

This detergent is anti-bacterial, nonstimulation, non phosphorus, and non-fluorescence.


No points were found.

10. Chicco Baby Laundry Detergent, Fresh Spring, 5X Stain & Germ Fighter

Use Chicco Baby Detergent, which is specifically formulated for infant clothing. It is available in 2 fragrances to choose from.

The antibacterial, anti-fungal solution can eliminate 99% of germs and impurities from children’s clothing.

The combination of five enzymes (5X power) is effective in eliminating food, muck, and urine-fecal stains.

The baby’s delicate skin is protected by the clothes, which remain smooth and gentle. It has a mild flowery scent.

There are no artificial colors or fragrances, fluorescence, or phosphorus, and the detergent is suitable for machine washing and hand washing.


✔ The enzymes are good at cleaning clothes.

✔ Leaves no residue post-wash.

✔ It’s beneficial for sensitive skin.

✔ It’s suitable for both hand washing and machine washing.


☒ No points were noted.

11. Rustic Art Natural Little Laundry Powder

This best baby laundry detergent is suitable for all delicate fabrics such as babies clothes. I use about 2 tablespoons for 8 to 10 clothes for my baby. This laundry powder is organic, vegan, and comes in flexible packaging.


It has natural neem and lemon.

It’s free from bleach, enzymes, etc.


Few people found that the powder does not melt properly when washed in washing machine; leaving chunks of powder on the babies clothes.

Best Baby Laundry Detergent – Best Baby Laundry Detergent In India

Best Fabric Softener

1. Comfort After Wash Anti-Bacterial Fabric Conditioner

This after-wash fabric conditioner provides 99.99% safety from germs and infections.

It will make your clothes white like pearls and fresh all day long.


By using this fabric softener, you can keep your family safe and fresh for life. 

The freshness will stay for a longer span.


Not made specifically for babies.

2. Chicco Ammorbidente Super Concentrato Per Pelli Sensibili Super Concentrated Softener for Sensitive Skins

It is a liquid concentrate of a liquid detergent that makes 4 L.

It is a dermatologically tested softener that is safe on the delicate skin of your newborn baby.

This softener is gentle on the hands too, and you can use it every time you wash your baby’s clothes.


This baby softener is perfect to be used on babies’ nappies, towels, wrappers, linens, etc.

It will make your baby’s clothes smell sweet-smelling all day long.


No negative points were found.

Thorough Cleaning Tips for Baby Laundry Detergent

Cleaning Tips

The tips for washing your baby’s clothing thoroughly with the best liquid laundry detergent are discussed below

  • Before starting to wash your baby’s clothes, checking the detergent brand instructions is very necessary. 
  • You should know which type of laundry detergent is made for which type of baby’s clothes. 
  • For killing a lot of germs before washing, soak your baby’s clothes in lukewarm water. 
  • You should not mix your and your baby’s clothes while washing. Wash the baby’s clothes separately to avoid transmitting germs. 
  • For killing all the allergic bacteria, soak your baby’s clothes in hot water after washing them with detergent.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use normal detergent powder for kids’ garments?
    Yes, you can use a normal detergent powder for your kid’s garments. But using a specific baby’s laundry powder/liquid is best as normal powder may contain harmful chemicals, strong fragrances that can affect the baby’s clothes in turn causing rashes, allergies to your baby.
  • Will detergent cause allergic reactions to my baby?
    No, if you are buying the best laundry cleaner for your baby. He/she will not experience any allergic reactions.
  • What should be the water temperature to wash your baby’s clothes?
    You should wash your baby’s clothes in lukewarm water around 35-40°C.
  • How to use a baby liquid laundry detergent?
    Follow the instructions given on the backside of the baby laundry detergent in India. Or you can rinse the cloth well with cold water and then soak it in the mild detergent liquid.
  • Which are the best laundry detergent brand in India?
    Some of the best laundry detergent brands in India are Himalaya, Chicco, Mother Sparsh, Pigeon baby detergent, etc.
  • Can a laundry detergent for babies be used for cloth diapers?
    Yes, the best liquid laundry detergent can be used for washing cloth diapers. It doesn’t have any bleach and chlorine. Hence, it will not damage the cloth fibre.
  • Is a liquid laundry detergent suitable for machine washing?
    Yes, any baby detergent in India can be used in any top load and front load washing machine.


I hope this blog post has been helpful in your search for the best baby laundry detergent.

With so many options to choose from, it can be tough knowing which one is right for you and your little one.

It’s important that you find a product with ingredients that are not harmful to an infant’s skin or sensitive eyes.

Using the specific baby laundry detergent for your baby is highly beneficial.

My experience tells you that using normal detergent to wash your baby’s clothes might make their skin allergic.

I would like to recommend Himalaya Gentle Baby Laundry Wash as it is a gentle cleanser that cleans and removes all the tough stains while keeping the baby’s clothes soft and fresh.

Another one that I like is Pigeon Multifunctional Laundry Detergent, Sunshine as it is cost-effective and 2-in-1 Disinfectant & Fabric Softener so you do not need a separate softener.

However, you can choose any of the best laundry detergents brands mentioned above.

~~Happy Parenting!


Best Baby Laundry Detergent in India
Best Baby Laundry Detergent in India

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