12 Best Cloth Diapers in India (with Buying Guide)

Surabhi Agrawal

Surabhi Agrawal

Baby diapers are the most important part of our baby’s skincare.

Nowadays, we start using disposable diapers as soon as a baby is born.

But, a disposable diaper instead of the reusable diaper can create rashes & redness on the baby’s skin.

When it comes to babies, compromising with anything can cause discomfort to them.

Using baby cloth diapers made of natural material is the best choice since they offer comfort to our toddlers.

I recommend SuperBottoms Freesize UNO – Washable & Reusable Cloth Diaper as it is one of the best brands in the market and their cloth diapers are extremely comfortable, reusable, adjustable, comes with inserts, and looks great too!

Also, I have prepared a list of the 12 best cloth diapers available in India for you to choose along with things to consider before buying, types of cloth diapers, tips, FAQs, and of course my detailed reviews!

So, read along to make yourself aware of the details and to pick the best product for your baby.

My Top Choices for Best Cloth Diapers in India

Types of Cloth Diaper
Motherexpress.com – Types of Cloth Diaper

Types of Cloth Diapers

  • Pocket Diapers: The name says it all. It has a pocket to insert an absorbent pad. You can choose the absorbent pad of your choice like hemp micro suede, cotton etc.
  • AIO aka All in One Diaper: Good for daycare, this diaper is exactly like a disposable one. It comes with pre sewed absorbent pads but, you can add an extra pad for using it at night.
  • Hybrid Diapers: The combination of both the above types comes with washable as well as disposable pads. It can go longer if you use a washable pad for absorption.

Motherexpress - best cloth diapers in India
Motherexpress – best cloth diapers in India

Buying Guide for Newborn Cloth Diapers

Choosing the best cloth diapers in India can be very easy when you know the right factors to consider such as:

  • Always go for the materials like bamboo, cotton, microfleece as these materials have extra-absorbent properties that keep babies skin soft & rashes-free.
  • Size can be hit or miss in the game as comfort comes with the right size only. If the diaper is too tight it can leave marks on your baby and if it is too loose it will cause leakage. So choose wisely or best go with a free size with a gentle elastic that can be suitable for up to 3 years of age.
  • Other important features like layer count, attaching button & affordable price also needs your attention.
  • Lastly, comfort – this is the most important factor to consider as your baby as any diaper you choose must be comfortable and breathable for your little one.

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How to Use the Cloth Diapers?

Motherexpress - best cloth nappies/ diapers/langots
Motherexpress – best cloth nappies/ diapers/langots

Using a cloth diaper is very easy, as most cloth diapers have velcro/snaps just like the disposable ones.

Just make your baby wear the diaper and close the tabs and it’s done.

Adjust the waistline using velcro/snaps such as front snaps as it is useful to increase/decrease the size of the diaper.

You can choose to buy diapers that have adjustable elastic in the leg for the ideal fit.

Not just effective & economical, washable diapers for babies are also easy to use. So, check the steps to use it-

  1. Need to change after every 2 hours to avoid rashes.
  2. Check the product description before washing the cloth diapers.

Before throwing it into the dumping bag make sure to close the tabs.

Top 12 Best Cloth Diapers Detailed Review!

1. SuperBottoms Freesize UNO

One of the most popular brands in India – Superbottoms is famous for its cloth diapers.

These washable & reusable diapers have very vibrant colors that catch our attention.

Also, it has great absorbent properties that can be useful in heavy flow.

The size can be suitable for babies from 0-3 months. 2 size options available- newborn & free size.


Lesser legs gap assured maximum comfort.

Skin-friendly as zero chemical is used.


Price is comparatively on the higher side.

Sometimes leaks through the thigh’s gaps.

Read more about the What is the Difference between SuperBottoms Diaper Basic and Uno?

2. LILTOES Baby’s All in One Diaper 

This product has 5 layers of Bamboo Charcoal Insert that is helpful to give softness to your baby for the right comfort.

Usually, this comes in a pack of 4 that means four diapers with four inserts.

It also comes with a water resistance property that does not affect your mattress. It has high-quality snap buttons with nylon elastic.


Waterproof product with membrane coating.

Easy to wash & dry.


Size issue for newborn babies. 

Absorbency property is not up to the mark.

3. Bembika Baby Pocket Cloth Diapers

These stylish & colorful pocket diapers are just too good that you can use an alternative option to disposable diapers.

But, you need to purchase an insert as it doesn’t come with it.

The hooks & snaps given in the diaper offer an adjustable fit.


The adjustable fit is too good.

Elastics bend block sagging around legs & waist.


Quality is average.

Need to buy an insert separately.

4. Ineffable Baby Reusable Cloth Diaper Nappies

This premium diaper is easy to wash, reusable & best for babies from 3kg to 12 kg.

The length of this diaper is 40 cm along with 17 cm width.

It comes in a single size but you can adjust as per your requirement of small, medium, and large.


Thin outer layer that offers a great feel to the baby.

Can be useful without a liner.


Not so good absorbent function.

Orange color diapers look cheaper.

5. Paw Paw Reusable Cloth Diaper

Another best cloth diaper on the list is this boat-printed super cute washable diaper.

Paw Paw reusable cloth diapers are certified with Unique Rapisoak Technology.

It comes with an insert pad that can be the use of S, M, L size while if you need XL then it would differ.


Healthy for babies as it is chemical-free.

It is economical & reasonable.


Buttons are not good.

Liners in the pad become separated. 

6. THE LITTLE LOOKERS Adjustable Cotton Pocket Diapers

As the name says it is a pocket cloth diaper with an adjustable button that can fit all sizes.

This is one of the great choices due to its antibacterial germ proof material.


Antibacterial Germ Proof product.

Good for nighttime use.


☒  Insert can be better.

☒  Quality is not as per the cost.

7. Motherly Reusable Baby Diaper

Motherly offers breathable & waterproof products as it is made using the finest material known as PUL & TPU fabric.

Inserts are 100% cotton and hence comfortable for the baby.

This material is resistant to water & suitable for 3 to 13 kg toddlers.


High quality product.

Good for heavy flow.


It is expensive.

Insert under the diaper is loose.

8. Baybee Reusable Fabric Diapers

These reusable cotton diapers for babies are very stylish in look.

For breathable tpu, it has polyester while it prevents dropping of fluid with snaps.

Come in attractive colors and are soft & comfortable to use.


Eco-friendly nappies.

Survive many wash cycles.


No properties of a diaper, just a nappy.

Get wet in single pee.

9. Bouncing Peaches Peach Organic Diapers

These Bouncing Peaches diapers come in 8 different layers that help to soak the fluid at its best.

This is not a machine-crafted product but is made with hands with GOTS certified cotton and hence is extremely soft & comfortable for babies (organic).

The use of suede material makes it easy to wash and the baby also feels dry. You can place more inserts in the pockets for a more stay-dry feeling.


Non-bulky design.

Option of customization is the best thing.


The colors are too shiny. 

Cost is a little high.

10. Bumberry Baby Pocket Cloth Diaper

Bumberry Baby diapers come in free sizes- S, M, L that can be easily adjusted.

Made with Suede Cloth, it offers fantastic exposure when your baby passes the urine.

As per client reviews, the prints can be brighter and lively.


Hi-performance waterproof fabric.

Rash free experience.


Poor support for sides.

Bulky outer layer.

11. Mee Mee Reusable Baby Cloth Diaper

Made of premium quality, Mee Mee’s reusable baby cloth diaper is made with breathable fabric that makes babies’ skin soft.

This is also a hypoallergenic product that does not create any rashes.

One of the cloth diapers that can be used for newborn babies and can be used as a swimming diaper too.


Easy put & take-off system.

Thick absorbent pad helps in heavy flow.


Insert does not soak fluid well.

Free size is not big enough.

12. Fig-O-Honey Reusable Cloth Diaper

Fig O Honey diapers offer mess-free experience as it has a breathable waterproof outer layer.

The high-quality snap buttons are good for a perfect fit from 5 kg to 15kg babies.

The insert is made of 3 layers of microfiber material/microsuede which keeps the moisture away and the baby feels dry.


6-8 hours of soaking capacity that works well at night.

Super absorbency with a light shell.


It gives a weird feel due to bulkiness.

Wet easily when the baby sleeps on one side.

Alternatives That You Can Give a Try

If you are not sure about disposable diapers and are still not willing to give cloth diapers a try, go for the regular nappies or langot that our mothers and grandmothers always suggest using.

My son had rashes after the initial use of disposable diapers despite giving him some nappy-free time. So my mother-in-law suggested that I use the cloth nappy that she got made at home using simple cotton material.

Trust me, it worked wonders! Yes, the mess was too much as once my son soiled 3 nappies just during the changing time 😉

But his rashes disappeared and I switched back to disposable diapers (at least during the nighttime) as now I had got the diaper rash cream from my pediatrician.

Read about the 11 Best Diapers in India if you want to go for disposable diapers and make a smart choice!

Here are a couple of my suggestions if you cannot get them made at home –

1. Sunuo Baby’s Cotton Cloth Nappies (Langot)

SUNUO is an Indian brand that has received its registered Trademark of S.R.D.

These washable nappies for babies come with multicolor options & each pack contains 10 nappies that can be good for a daily purpose.

These are langots and not diapers so these are free size.


Offer great comfort due to snug fit.

Fabric is of good quality & soft.


☒ Color starts to bleed after some 10-12 washes.

☒ Not so great absorbency power.

☒ Cannot be used for babies age older than 6 months.

2. FirstVibe NewBorn Washable Reusable Hosiery Cotton Nappies (Langot)

Again an Indian brand whose cloth nappies are made up of using cotton as the main material.

These are unisex diapers & can be good for babies of 0-6 months.

Remember that these are langots and not diapers so they will not absorb any urine. It needs to be changed often.


✔ Cotton ties provide more safety than velcro/snaps.

✔ Superior quality fabric.


☒ Size is the major issue to fit on the hips of the newborn baby.

☒ Due to white in colour, it looks dull after a few washes.

Useful Cloth Diapering Tips

Cloth Diapering Tips

  • First-time users should buy 2-3 brands to know which one would be the best for the baby.
  •  Always pick the right size for your baby for his utmost level of comfort.
  • Go with branded cloth diapers as it is a matter of your baby.
  • Read instructions/product description thoroughly & carefully.
  • Check out the washing instructions because most of the diapers need some washes before starting actual absorbent work.
  • Build a huge stash by buying bold colorful cloth diapers.
  • Start with hybrid diapers, it would be easy to manage.
  • It is advisable to fix your washing schedule daily so keeping dirty diapers is not hygienic at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do we save money by using cloth diapers for babies? Are they worth it?
    YES. The main purpose of cloth diapers is that it is reusable which helps to save lots of money. It comes in different price ranges depending on your selection of type.
  • When to Change the Cloth Diaper of the Baby?
    It is advisable to change the cloth diaper every 2 hours. Also, when you see the absorbent pads either hang down or feel stiff then you should change it.
  • How many cloth diapers do you need?
    The number of diapers you need in a day is directly proportional to your washing schedule. If you need to change the diapers 8-10 times & follow the regular washing schedule then all you need is 10 diapers in a day. While, if you choose to do the washing alternate day then you need 20 diapers.
  • Are Cloth Diapers Good For the Environment?
    To keep the environment clean & healthy, cloth diapers are always better than disposables. It helps to reduce overall environmental impact while disposable puts an impact on ozone depletion.
  • How to wash?
    First, remove the poop from the diaper. Soak the cloth diaper (only the outer layer) in a detergent for 20-30 minutes. Rub the diaper with your hands gently, wash with water normally till the detergent washes away. Dry it out in the sun.
    If you are using a washing machine, follow the above steps and just toss the diaper in the washing machine with the detergent, turn on the wash and dry it with the help of the dryer.

  • Where Do You Put Dirty Cloth Diapers?
    Always use a dumping bag, diaper bag, or pail to put the dirty diapers to maintain hygiene. Do not put them with your other washing clothes to avoid the spread of infection, diseases and smell.
  • How Long Do Cloth Diapers Last?
    On average cloth diapers can last for 2-3 years if taken care of properly.
  • Do Cloth Diapers Work Overnight?
    Not really. But, if you use AIO diapers you can use them overnight by putting an extra absorbent pad in them.
  • Is there any ideal size for a baby diaper?
    Cloth diapers come in different sizes so, always take care of the size before buying for your baby. The best way is to either try out a couple of diapers before you buy in bulk and then decide on the size. Else you can go with free size so you can adjust on your own by using front buttons.
  • Would it be possible for your baby to take the diaper off?
    Cloth diapers come with velcro/snaps that are not easy to open by babies. And, if you want to make it safer then go with snaps/hooks rather than velcro.
  • Do we need an extra insert?
    It depends on the wetter capacity of your baby. If your baby does heavy flow then you need an extra insert. Otherwise, 1-2 inserts already come with cloth diapers.

Final Thoughts

For good care of your baby, cloth diapers are obviously better than use & throw/disposable diapers. Now, you know all the advantages of using washable reusable cloth diapers for babies.

From my personal experience, I would suggest you go with all-in-one cloth diapers as it is economical, effective as well as offer utmost comfort.

Thus, I recommend SuperBottoms Freesize UNO – Washable & Reusable Cloth Diaper as it is one of the best brands and their cloth diapers are super comfortable, reusable, super-absorbent, and look great too!

Remember, a happy baby bum = a happy mommy! :-))

I hope my article will save your intensive research time to let you enjoy your parenthood and keep your baby super dry and active!

~~ Happy Parenting!

~~ Surabhi

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