Best High Chairs for Babies in India

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As a mother, we always seek for the happiness of our little bundle of joy. We try a lot of things to make their mealtime pleasurable and comfortable as ours.

For this reason, I am bringing a blog post about the best high chairs for babies in India so that you can also provide immense comfort to your baby like me. 

High chairs are one of the crucial furniture pieces for your baby. These chairs are very strong, even if your baby gets restless, the chair will not rock down.

The thing which attracts me about high chairs is that it often comes with a seatbelt and is built with extra security. A high chair plays an important role in your baby’s life.

I would recommend R for Rabbit Cherry Berry Grand Baby High chair, 4 in 1 Convertible High Chair Cum Booster Seat as the best high chair in India because it is a foldable high chair that can be easily converted to a booster seat as well as a study table & chair, the anti-tipping design allows the high chair to remain stable ensuring the safety of your baby at all times and is also super easy to clean.

However, there are other baby high chairs that you can choose from as per your baby’s weight and requirements.

If you think that you need only a booster seat to feed your baby and may not need a high chair, I have given a few choices for a booster seat too.

My recommendation for a booster seat is Baybee Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster Seat as it is extremely comfortable, has a 3 point safety harness, has an easy-to-grab handle which makes it a portable and travel-friendly option.

My Top Choices for Best High Chair in India

Benefits of High Chair – Benefits of High Chair

Features of High chairs for Babies

A high chair plays a strong role in encouraging your baby towards being independent.

Making your baby feed with a spoon can often create a lot of mess, but if there is a high chair there will be no mess and the chair can be cleaned off easily.

There are a lot of other features of the best high chair in India which are underlined in this blog post.

  • Convertible – I prefer to use a high chair for my baby because it’s convertible, hence can be used for many purposes. It can be converted to low chairs and booster seats.
  • Adjustable footrest – Another feature that attracts me to buy the high chair for my baby is its adjustable footrest. Footrest will help the baby place his feet and relax.
  • Removable food tray -The high chairs commonly come with the removable food tray feature which attracts me the most. It can be washed off easily like other utensils.

Benefits of using High Chairs

  • High chairs help in saving time when both the parents are busy with their chores. 
  • If the baby is having its meal on the high chairs, it will create very little mess.
  • High chairs will enable the baby to enjoy mealtime along with the family.
  • High chairs are very safe, secure, and comfortable for babies. 
  • High chairs enable my baby to learn how to have their meal on their own. 
  • I as a busy parent may continue with my work while baby is sitting comfortably on the high chair.
  • High chairs are not only useful at mealtime but instead promote their overall growth. 
  • High chairs are very lightweight and can be taken anywhere.

When can we start using the Baby High Chair?

Each baby is different from one another. Some babies start using the high chairs early, while some prefer to use them later.

But I have started using the best high chairs in India slowly and gradually when my baby was around 4 to 6 months old.

best high chairs for babies
Mother express – Best High Chairs for Babies

Initially, I was very anxious about using a high chair but as I started using it, I realized that it’s the most comfortable and safest option for my baby’s mealtime.

A high chair needs to be put in use when the baby starts sitting on his support and can digest solid foods.

Difference Between High Chair and Booster Seat

Baby High chairs


High chairs are spacious, sturdy, and balanced.

The chair needs to be cleaned, unlike booster seat chairs and seats.

High chairs come with adjustable height choices.


High chairs demand more space than booster chairs.

High chair prices are comparatively high than booster seats.

Booster Seats


It can be easily attached to the dining chair or can plop up to the floor.

These are much lighter than high chairs and very portable.

It can be easily stored in the cupboard or even a suitcase.


If the dining chairs are shaky, booster chairs are less sturdy than high chairs.

It doesn’t come in wooden materials.

Types of High Chairs

  • Traditional – These high chairs are also referred to as the standard feeding chairs. Traditional chairs are more convenient, comfortable, and come with no outstanding features.  
  • Modern – Also said as the multi-functional high chair. I prefer to use this modern high chair for my baby because it is adjustable as per my baby’s comfort. The footrest and chair height can be adjustable as per my wish. 
  • Twin – If you are blessed with twin babies, then these twin high chairs are perfect. It is designed in a very innovative manner and consumes fewer spaces in your homes.

Safety Tips while using a High Chair

Safety Precautions / Tips

  • First, Never leave your baby alone in a high chair.
  • As the best high chair for babies in India comes to use, make sure it’s not tipping over your baby easily. 
  • High chairs should be locked up adequately if they are foldable or if the chair has wheels.
  • Use safety straps and crotch straps to prevent the baby from falling. 
  • Do not allow any other child/ children to climb into the high chair when your baby is in it.
  • Don’t put the high chair near tables and chairs to avoid tipping as babies tend to push the chair with their legs.
  • Make sure that your child doesn’t play and jump in the chair.
  • When choosing the high chair, make sure that it’s not heavy enough to carry your child.

How to Choose (Buying Guide)

  • Age – Before buying the high chair for your baby, you must consider his age. Your baby can sit comfortably on the chair once he/she is 4 or 6 months old.
  • Security & Safety – Security is an important concern. You should look forward to the high chair or booster chair that comes with the security strap or seatbelt so that you can be sure of your kid’s safety.

    You should buy a high chair with a safety restraint of either five point or three point harness to secure the baby tightly when sitting in a high chair.

    Make sure that the high chair has smooth edges to avoid any injury to your baby.

    If the high chair has wheels then it should have the wheel locking feature too.

    In case the high chair is foldable, make sure that it does not hurt your finger while closing it.
best high chairs for babies in India
Mother express – Best High Chairs in India
  • Cleaning – Buy a high chair which is easy and convenient in cleaning. The tray on the chairs should be removable so that the mess can be cleaned up easily.

  • Comfort – Most important factor that you cannot overlook is the comfort of your baby as well as the caretaker.

    Your baby should not be irritated when using the high chair and the straps should not be tight as they will cause scratches on the baby.

    Look for high chair that has perfectly padded seat, hand rest, and footrest for making your baby comfortable.

  • Easy to assemble – Choose a high chair that is easy to assemble otherwise you will be too exhausted to assemble and reassemble the chair everytime.

  • Storage & Portability – Another feature to look out for when choosing a high chair is storage.

    High chair should not occupy too much space when not in use. Choose a chair that can be folded and tucked away easily when not in use.

    If you want to use the high chair in different places to feed your baby, then look for the portability feature. This does not mean you have to carry the high chair everywhere, just make sure it has wheels so that the high chair can be easily moved around the house. Ensure you do not forget the wheel lock feature.

  • Budget – Yes, a high chair with good features will cost you. But in the long run, this high chair proves to be beneficial as your baby learns to eat their meal easily.

Review of 11 Best High Chairs & 4 Booster Chairs for Babies in India

1. Graco Simple Switch High Chair for Baby

This Graco simple switch baby high chair is the smart choice of many mothers like me.

Its 2-in-1 conversion feature is a big plus as it can be easily converted into a booster from the high chair.

This high chair is the most convenient for bringing your baby close to your family.


✔ Easy clean in the washing machine.

✔ Your child can be in and out easily because of its one-hand removal tray.

✔ Simple, light weight high chair.


☒ You have to wash it pretty much every mealtime.

☒ Few users did not find the assembly instructions very clear in the manual.

☒ No wheels for easy movement around the house.

2. Luvlap 4 in 1 Convertible High Chair Cum Booster Seat

Luvlap’s high chair can carry the baby up to 20 kgs of weight.

As the name suggests, it is 4 in 1 Convertible meaning it can be easily converted from high chair to low chair, booster chair, or simply be placed on the floor.

I started using their high chair when my baby turned 3 months old. Hence, it’s perfect for 3 months old babies and older.


✔ Make your baby secure and comfortable while sitting.

✔ It has been certified by European standards 71.

✔ It is foldable and easy to carry while traveling.

✔ Not very expensive compared to other high chairs.


☒ User Manual is not provided so assembling the product was difficult by a few users.

☒ Available in two colors only.

3. Luvlap 3 in 1 Convertible High Chair with 5 point Safety Belts

This is a must-have accessory for your kid, especially helpful when your baby starts feeding.

3 in 1 feature helps it to convert from high chair to simple chair and table.

5 point seatbelt which will secure the baby. Though the belt works perfectly, the quality of the belt could have been better as it becomes uncomfortable for the baby after a while.


✔ It has a removable and washable dining tray.

✔ It can be fitted to a small space with its compact folding.

✔ Assembling the product is easy with the help of the user manual provided.

✔ Certified As Per European Standard En 14988.


☒ Cannot be converted to a booster seat.

☒ Many users found the table to not be sturdy.

4. R for Rabbit Cherry-Berry Grandbaby High Chair

This 4 in 1 high chair is perfect for the baby between the age of 6 months to 7 years. As it can be easily converted to a study table and chair too once the baby overgrows the booster seat & high chair.

This is one of the reasons why I like this high chair.

5 point harness to ensure the safety of your baby.

Extremely comfortable for the baby to sit and get him trained for good dining habits.


✔ It doesn’t have any sharp edges that harm your baby.

✔ It creates the perfect angle for your baby to sit.

✔ Easy to assemble as detailed instructions are provided in the user manual.


☒ No footrest for the baby to place his feet.

☒ Does not have wheels for easy movement.

5. Baybee 5 in 1 Smart Convertible High Chair

This chair can be converted into 5 options meaning that the height can be adjusted to 5 levels.

Suitable for kids who have just started sitting but cannot be used when they grow beyond 3 years.

The product is an en71 certified product of the highest quality.

I have found this high chair perfect to develop the dining habits of the baby.

The height of the chair is adjustable and this high chair will work for a longer time.


✔ The seat pad is machine washable.

✔ The tray can be washed with a normal dishwasher like other utensils.

✔ Requires assembling on your own with the help of the manual provided.


☒ The plastics used are quite hard and not pleasing to the touch, however, since the cushioning is decent, I feel that my baby is comfortable and secure in this.

6. R for Rabbit Marshmallow 7 Level Smart Feeding Table High Chair

This high chair is the smartest chair for babies.

It comes with the 3 recline modes, 7 level height adjustment, and an adjustable footrest.

It can be used from 6 Months to 5 Years old kids.

This baby high chair is EN14988 Safety Certified which is one of the most stringent certifications defined by European Standards for baby high chairs.


✔ The 5 point harness makes your baby safe and comfortable.

✔ Easy to assemble compared to other high chairs.

✔ Compact, Portable & Easy to Store.

✔ It can train good dining habits for your babies.


☒ Costly than other high chairs.

☒ Few users found issues in fitting the tray. Follow the manual accurately.

7. Joie Mimzy Snacker High Chair with One Hand Fold

Joie my high chair has one hand fold which ensures that it can be folded up easily and can relax up to 3 tilt options.

One of the most sturdy options in the high chair category.

The tray has a cupholder and adjusts to three depths to accommodate children of all shapes and sizes.

It can be folded for easy storage and can be kept in a standing position anywhere in the house.


 Quick & easy assembly – This high chair comes with an instruction manual.

Its design comprises all features of a high chair.

Sturdy but not bulky.


☒ The tray is not safe for babies until you don’t keep an eye.

☒ Does not have a height adjustment facility.

☒ No wheels for portability, though you can lift the high chair to move it around.

8. Kurtzy Kids Foldable High Chair with Cushion and Safety Belt

One of the most economical high chairs that can be used for making your child sit in one place while eating.

Though it cannot be converted into a booster seat and does not have any height adjustment levels, it can still be used for feeding your child.

It can be used for a child up to 2-3 years of age depending on the weight of your baby.


✔ It has a removable metal tray that enables easy washing.

✔ It has a very soft cushion seat.

✔ Cushion seat is stain resistant and can be easily wiped with a damp cloth. So need not wash it again and again.

✔ One of the most economical high chairs in this category.


☒ Height adjustment is not possible in this baby high chair.

☒ Cannot be converted into a booster seat.

9. Star and Daisy Folding Baby High Chair

This simple yet elegant piece of the baby high chair has everything that your baby requires.

After 6 months, it will be the best companion for your baby.

One-hand removable tray makes it suitable for different stages of a baby’s growth.

3 in 1 chair – Easily detachable with four block adjustment to convert the high chair to a normal chair and a tie-up chair.

It is foldable for space-saving / easy storage and also has wheels for easy portability around the house.


 Highly Adjustable – It can be converted to a high chair, normal chair, and can be easily tied up to any chair.

By using this high chair, I observed that it can be easily cleaned which saves most of my time.

Budget high chair – easy on the pocket.

Wheels for easy portability around the house.


☒ Relatively new in the market so did not find negative points.

10. Chico Poll Easy High Chair with Large Seat

This highchair comes in multi-colors and is suitable for babies above 6 months.

It has 7 levels of height adjustment but cannot be converted into a booster seat.

A large seat and wheels for movement make this high chair a good choice.

Ultra-compact and can be kept in a stand-alone position making it easy to store.

However, it is not very popular among Indians mothers in comparison to other brands.


It can be fit into a small and compact room.

The cushion pad is very soft, hence provides utmost softness and comfort to your baby.

Wheels for ease of movement in the house.

Adjustable footrest making it comfortable for the baby.


☒ Cannot be converted into a booster seat.

☒ Zero position for reclining is too reclined.

11. Syga High Chair for Baby Kids

This high chair is a 3-in-1 convertible high chair.
It easily converts from an infant high chair – to an adjustable feeding chair – to a portable booster seat.

Made of environmental PP material that will do no harm to your baby.

Easy to wipe and clean, stain-resistant!

It comes in three colors with attached and rotating wheels.


It allows easy in and out of your baby.

By removing the meal tray and securing the baby with the seatbelt it allows the baby to play in the chair only.


☒ Does not have wheels for easy movement in the house though it can be easily carried around.

☒ Installation can be tedious as per few users.

12. Fisher-Price Quick Clean N Go Booster Chair

This basic booster seat comes with the combination of the best portability and a fastfinder wipes dispenser feature for ensuring easy cleaning.

As the name suggests, this is only a booster seat and hence the height of the chair cannot be adjusted like the high chair.

It can be used up to 2 years of age. So choose wisely.


Easy to carry and store.

The in-built wipes dispenser can easily be refilled.

 Easy to carry around, can be attached to a car seat as well.

Most popular booster seat.


☒ Cannot be used for kids above 2 years.

☒ Though it says 2 level height adjustment but does not work like a high chair.

13. Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat

This is the most favorite booster seat of many working mothers like me. This is the perfect seat for the growing baby.

The chair is very easy to use and can be assembled quickly.

You can easily place it on the floor or use it on a chair while you work alongside the baby.

The trustworthy brand name Fisher-Price gives you confidence when buying this booster seat.

The baby is very comfortable while meal times when seated in this booster chair.


Can be easily cleaned with wipes.

Easy to remove and insert meal tray.

Convenient to carry as it has a shoulder strap as it folds compactly.


☒ Can be used only up to the age of 2 years.

☒ One of the trays comes out easily when carrying the booster seat outside.

14. Baybee Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster Seat

The best seating solution for babies who can go out and dine in along with you.

This booster seat comes with a 3 point harness for the security of your baby.

This comfortable booster seat can be easily placed on any chair of the dining table, allowing your baby to enjoy meals with the full family.


✔ The three-point safety strap provides the best safety.

✔ It comes with a one hand adjustable feature.

✔ Easy to assemble.


☒ Safety harness quality can be improved.

15. Chicco QuickSeat Hook on Chair, Isle

This travel-friendly hook on the booster seat comes with an easy, simple, and secure design.

It can be folded & wiped easily and attached to the dining tables.

Choose this table if your baby wants to sit with you at the dining table all the time.

However, since this is a hook on chair booster seat, one needs to be careful with safety to avoid any accidents. Securing the safety harness is very important in this type of chair.


Travel-friendly booster chair as it is easy to fold.

It has a 3 point safety harness.

It has a tray that is dishwasher safe.


☒ Though it has 3 point safety harness, these are not adjustable.

☒ This is not a very popular booster seat among mothers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are high chairs safe for a baby?
    Yes, a high chair is safe for a baby, but it needs to be sure that the chair is perfect for your baby. You can secure the baby with the help of seat belts provided in the high chair.
  • At what age can you put a baby in a high chair?
    During or after 6 months you can put a baby in the high chair. Mostly, when you see that your baby has started sitting, that is the best time to buy a high chair.
  • Why do kids need a high chair?
    Kids require a high chair because it’s that baby product that can be used in different ways and also works for a longer time. It helps in feeding the baby and also the child can be disciplined to sit in one place with the help of a high chair.
  • How long do babies use a high chair?
    Babies can use the high chair until they are safe. While most of the children have used this chair until they are 2-3 years of age.
  • How can I help my babysit unaided?
    Make sure to use the safety strap or harness to ensure that your baby is sitting on the high chair unaided. However, it is never safe to leave the baby unattended when seated in a high chair.
  • When can babies sit in a high chair?
    Until the baby is 6 months old, it’s not recommended to put the baby in the high chair.


Here are my final thoughts on the best high chairs in India – this piece of furniture plays a very important role in raising your baby.

It forms early eating habits in a disciplined way and also the baby can be part of all meals with the family.

Also, high chairs are extremely helpful if your baby’s grandparents or a caretaker take care of the baby and they can easily feed your baby without much running around or mess.

Remember to choose the most accurate high chair for your baby as per the buying guide provided above as well as ensure that you follow all safety tips as well as the user manual provided with the product.

As a mother, I have seen R for Rabbit Cherry Berry Grand Baby High chair and Baybee Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster Seat are the most popular and suitable products in this category.

~~ Happy Meal Times!

~~ Surabhi

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