6 Best Pacifiers for Breastfed Babies in India

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Those days are gone when your little packet of happiness cries at the loudest for no reason. The reason for their loudest cry can be anything either hunger or little discomfort for a full stomach.

Nowadays most moms use pacifiers to calm their babies down easily. 

When my baby was between 0 to 1 month old, I have also used a pacifier when he cried in the loudest voice.

Why does a baby calm down with a pacifier you say? Well, as soon as your baby sucks the honey inside the pacifier, it stops crying.

To help various new parents with their baby’s loudest cry, I have written this blog post about the best pacifiers for breastfed babies in India.

I like the Mee Mee Soft Nipple Pacifier for 6+ months babies the most as it is made of 100% BPA-free silicone, is soft, and provides a natural feeling to the baby. It comes with a protective case that helps maintain hygiene when not in use & is very light and handy to carry in a diaper bag when traveling.

There are numerous pacifiers available in the market. Some of my top picks are stated under this blog post.

Read on to find out more about my reviews, things to know before you buy a pacifier, tips to clean or sterilize a pacifier, and basic questions about pacifiers!

How to Use Pacifier for Babies
Motherexpress.com – How to Use Pacifier for Babies

Top 6 Best Pacifiers for Breastfed Babies in India

Motherexpress.com - Best Pacifiers for Breastfeeding Babies in India
Motherexpress.com – Best Pacifiers for Breastfeeding Babies in India

Review of 6 Best Pacifiers for Breastfed Babies

1. Mam-Style 0 Months+ Soother – I Love Daddy, I Love Mommy slogan

For my 1-month-old baby, I have brought this cute pacifier for newborns. This soother is made for providing comfort and gentleness to your baby.

I know that it is a very specific pink color but I loved the design and the slogan imprinted on it and hence I bought it for my baby boy.

The best part of these is that they come in a packed box for easy storage and cleaning.

The twin pack may seem expensive but it comes in handy if you want to wash one and still use it when your bub needs it!


Helps in allowing strong jaw and teeth development.

Best for baby’s soft and gentle skin.


☒ It may be possible that you may not get both the I love Mummy & I love Daddy slogans written on it but different slogans which is disappointing for new parents.

2. Mee Mee Soft Nipple Baby Pacifier

As soon as your baby turns 6 months old, you can start using this top pacifier in India for newborns.

It’s 100% BPA-free & non-toxic and is made of soft silicone.

It comes with a protective cap that helps prevent bacteria and germs when not in use.

The best part of this pacifier is that it is easier for the baby to latch on because of the natural feel.

I love this baby pacifier the most as it is a simple piece that you can take anywhere with you without worrying about your bub making noise while traveling to new places 🙂


Recognized by the International standards of safety and hygiene.

Lightweight and small so you can take it anywhere with you.

✔ Age – 6 months to 18 months.

✔ Curved shield that makes it easy to hold.

✔ Easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe.


☒ The brand name on the pacifier gets washed off after few uses.

☒ Few customers felt that water goes inside the pacifier after washing it which is difficult to remove.

3. Pigeon Mini Light Pacifier Medium-Size Rocket

The Pigeon Mini Light Pacifier is for babies above 6 months even though they say it is for newborns.

It is made of soft silicone that is BPA-free.

It is tooth-friendly and easy to grab.


This pacifier comes with an instruction manual for easy use.

Suitable for both girls and boys.


It’s suitable for babies 6+ months of age though it says, newborns.

Few customers found the shape weird to fit in the baby’s mouth. Please choose wisely.

4. Chicco Physio Soft Baby Soother with Unique Shape to Support Psychological Breathing, Teether & Pacifier for Toddlers, BPA Free, 12m+

This is one of the best pacifiers for breastfed babies. This soother doesn’t deform with time and it’s tasteless and odorless.

However, it can be used only for babies above 12 months.

It works as a soother, pacifier, teether and can support psychological breathing if needed.


It has been developed by a leading orthodontic.

It’s free from intoxicants.


☒ Few customers found the soother to be hard.

5. Philips Avent 75154 Mini Orthodontic Free Flow Soother

I have opted for this pacifier for newborns because it ensures natural teeth development and gums taste.

It has odor-free silicone nipples for easy transmission.

It comes with a protective cap for hygienic reasons.

It is a twin pack so you need to be sure that you have researched enough to buy these and your baby accepts them.

Instructions are included in case you need to understand how to use it & use the cap when not in use.


Its nipples are user-friendly.

For security concerns, it has a ring handle.

Twin pack comes in handy, as you can sterilize one and use the other – keeping your baby happy all the time.


☒ Few customers feel that the baby takes time to latch onto this.

6. Chicco Physio Soft Baby Soother with Unique Shape to Support Psychological Breathing, Teether & Pacifier for Newborns, BPA Free, 0-6m, Multicolor (Pack of 2)

This is a top pacifier for newborns from the brand Chicco.

It is BPA-free silicone, comes in a twin pack, and can be used from the age of 0 months to 6 months.

When your baby is sleeping, use this top pacifier in India as it doesn’t disturb the baby’s sleep.


4 in 1 – can be used as a soother, pacifier, teether & psychological breathing support for babies.

Does not change shape after sterilizing.


☒ It does not come with a protective cap/case – which is useful to cover the pacifier when not in use and avoid dirt/germs.

☒ A bit expensive.

Things to Consider Before Buying Baby Pacifiers

Before buying a baby soother or pacifier, make sure you check the following to ensure the utmost comfort to your baby and of course yourself. After all, if your baby takes time to sleep or feels uneasy at night, it will cause you an equal amount of discomfort. So here are a few factors to look for before you buy one –

  • Size: The baby pacifiers come in different sizes as per your baby’s age. Mostly you will find three sizes: medium, small, and large. You should choose the baby pacifier as per the recommended age of the brand. Because the wrong baby pacifier size can be dangerous.
Motherexpress.com - Best Pacifiers for Newborns
Motherexpress.com – Best Pacifiers for Newborns
  • Nipple Material: You should buy the best pacifier for newborn based on age and comfort for your little bundle of joy. You should see that the nipple material is extremely soft and works just like breastfeeding. If your baby rejects the pacifier for one time, then try another one. Because it might not be comfortable for him.
  • Guard: For safety purposes, the guard of the pacifiers for newborns should be at least 1 to 1 and a half inches. This way your baby will not get choked with it. You should buy a pacifier that has a curved-shaped guard.
  • BPA Free: Before buying the pacifier for your baby, you should pay close attention to whether it’s BPA-free or not. If the material of the pacifier is BPA-free and free from chemicals and intoxicants you can go for buying it. Otherwise, you should go for a different one.
  • Color: As you are going to buy a prominent pacifier for your baby, you should pay close attention to its color. You should buy the bright-colored pacifiers because it’s visible in dark shades. And if you brought the light-colored as per trend, it might get lost easily though transparent ones are quite a favorite.

Above are a few points to note, but each baby is different and so are his needs, so try a couple of pacifiers till you are sure of your baby’s comforts. Do not totally rely on others’ experiences.

How to Clean / Sterilize A Pacifier

Tips to Clean / Sterilize Pacifiers

If you are a first timer and do not know how to clean or sterilize the pacifier, here are a few tips –

1. Wash the pacifier thoroughly before using it in a sterilizer. Fill a clean bowl with soapy water and clean the pacifier. Take a clean rag or sponge and dry the pacifier. Make sure the sponge or rag that you’re using is clean.

2. If you are not using a sterilizer, heat the water to a complete full boiling point and then put the pacifier in it and continue to boil for 5 minutes.

3. If you are using a sterilizer, it is important that you read the instructions carefully as each sterilizer is different.

4. When using dishwasher to clean the pacifier, make sure to keep the pacifier in the top shelf. However, note that this is the longest method to clean the pacifier, so make sure you have a backup in case your baby starts crying!

5. Whatever method you use to clean / sterilize the pacifier, make sure that you air dry it properly. Easiest way is – You can take the handle and shake the excess water off.

6. To keep the pacifier clean between uses, if the pacifier has a cap / case, keep the pacifier in it to avoid contamination or use a Ziplock bag to keep it clean.

Remember – If you see any cracks, or tears in the pacifier, you need to immediately toss it out. You don’t want your baby to end up choking on a chunk of pacifier nipple.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is filled inside the pacifier?
    The pacifiers for newborns are meant for sucking instead of eating. Sweet honey is filled inside its body.
  • What is the difference between soother and pacifier?
    Soother can be called the ancient time pacifier. Soother has been provided to babies for their sucking and tooth development. These days pacifiers for newborns have been transformed into standard silicone or rubber teats with a handle.
  • Should I buy a colorful pacifier or a transparent one?
    Silicone pacifiers or transparent ones should be brought up by every new mom. They are easy to clean and less prone to odor.
  • When to replace a pacifier?
    The best pacifiers for newborns in India should be replaced every 2 months.
  • What is the difference between a teether and a pacifier?
    A pacifier is useful in satisfying a baby’s sucking after their birth. While teethers help ease the pain of teeth development and help babies to chew and bite easily.
  • Till what age can I use a pacifier?
    There is no specified age for using pacifiers. It’s ideal for 1+ months till the baby is 3 years old.
  • Can I use a bottle nipple as a pacifier?
    No, please don’t use a bottle nipple as a pacifier. It might be dangerous. You must buy a specific pacifier for your baby.
  • Will the pacifier spoil the teeth of the baby?
    No! Do not believe anyone on this. Pacifiers are built for calming down babies and have no impact on their teeth or oral development. In fact, many pacifiers are created by orthodontists to ensure the natural development of teeth for babies.


That’s it about the top pacifiers in India for newborns. You can buy any pacifier suggested above but do go through my reviews and other tips!

But keep in mind that you should buy the pacifier as per your baby’s age and brand recommendation.

The one that I like the most is Mee Mee Soft Nipple Pacifier for 6+months old babies as it is soft and provides a natural feel to the baby making it easier for him to latch on.

If you are looking for a pacifier for a 0+-month-old baby, then I would recommend Mam-Style 0 Months + Soother with I Love Daddy, I Love Mommy slogan.

Ensure you that choose the one that works best for your baby to calm him down – comfort is the most important factor while choosing one! I too have tried and tested almost every type of pacifier on my baby before settling on the most comfortable one!

Finally, these pacifiers work wonders for new moms who already have a lot on hand! You should definitely try one.

~~~Happy Parenting!

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