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Going digital is the focus of this section. Everything in today’s modern era is digital – Be it through audiobooks, music, gaming, or other media.

This section will occasionally be updated with a range of educational, helpful, and entertaining items. You can also add to this area by getting in touch with us or leaving a comment below.

Parenting is something that we could all use some help with. While we frequently need to teach our children or simply to keep them amused, we also occasionally need to pleasure ourselves.

Here are a few Books, Games, Music, Health & Lifestyle apps and Courses to aid you in your parenting journey. Enjoy!

digital corner


This section is not only about Parenting books, but also books for your kids. It also has links to books that entertain you so that you are relaxed while your child keeps you up all night. Though most of the books mentioned here will be kindle version, you can always get the paperback too.

Remember to get your Kindle Subscription if you have Kindle to read the eBook or Audiobook version – just get the Audible Premium Membership today and listen to music, podcasts, stories, or simply learn a new language and that too on any device with the Audible app.

What is an Audiobook or Audible?
Audible app lets you listen to audiobooks or books being read to you. The concept of audible is that if you don’t have time to read, then you can ‘listen’ to the book. Now there are multiple choices like podcasts, music and books. It also works on Kindle.

So, let’s take a look at my choice of books for you from Parenting, Comics, Harry Potter, to Coding and much more, the list is endless, however, I will keep updating these so that it is easier for you to decide what to pick up! Here we go!



Kids’ Books

Hardbound Books



The Amazon Appstore lets you download games and mobile apps to your supported devices. So, make sure you have a look at the devices before downloading.

Health & Lifestyle Apps


Coming Soon….


There’s never enough of music. It not only soothes your nerves but also uplifts you in any situation.


Oh, how we all love games. I used to love board games as a kid since we didn’t have mobile games then. But now, I love to explore mobile games with my son. Here are a few classics as well as new ones, ludo being my favorite! Check them out –


New Gen

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