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How to Swaddle a Baby (Wrapping a Baby)

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Swaddling is the practice of wrapping a baby tightly in a blanket. Swaddling has been used for centuries to calm and soothe babies.

In India, swaddling is a common practice. Babies are often swaddled in a piece of cloth (mostly soft like cotton) that is wrapped around their bodies and tucked in at the waist. This is done mostly after the baby has had a nice bath so that the baby is nice and dry.

Some people find that swaddling a baby too tightly can cause them to become overheated. It is important to check the baby’s skin temperature often to make sure they are not too hot.

In this article, I will talk about what is swaddling or wrapping a baby, is swaddling good for babies, the benefits of swaddling, and how to swaddle a baby correctly.

Let’s get started!

What is Swaddling?

Swaddling in Hindi means swaddle = लपेटना;  कसकर बांधना.

Swaddling, also called “body wrapping”, is the act of snugly wrapping a baby in light cloth to restrict arm and leg movement, so that the baby cannot move its limbs.

The idea behind swaddling comes from parents who found their babies sleep better when their arms are wrapped close to the body. It is believed that this increases the sense of security for babies that helps them sleep better.

In India, swaddling a baby means wrapping the baby tightly in a cloth. This is mostly done after the baby has had a bath so that the baby is nice and dry.

Swaddling is not only popular in India, it is also a common practice in other parts of the world.

In Western countries, babies are swaddled in a blanket rather than a traditional piece of cloth. This practice of wrapping a baby from head to toe makes them feel warm and secure and helps keep their limbs close to their bodies (ie: less likelihood of flailing arms and legs).

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Is Swaddling Good for Babies?

There is some controversy over whether swaddling is good for babies or not. Some experts believe that it can help babies sleep better, while others believe that it can be dangerous and restrict a baby’s movement.

On the Internet, you will find loads of information (mostly pros) about swaddling because it has many advantages. But is it good for babies?

It is certainly popular in Indian households and there are several benefits that parents claim to enjoy by swaddling their baby.

Advantages include

  • Helps keep babies calm and happy.
  • Helps babies sleep well.
  • Helps babies feel secure and safe.
  • Reduces colic, wind, or excess gas.
  • Keeps newborns warm during the winter months.
  • Fights off germs.
  • Can help with digestion.

These are all advantages which can be helpful for new parents.

However, there are few disadvantages to swaddling as well. For example:

  • Babies may overheat if swaddled too tightly.
  • May restrict a baby’s movement and inhibit their development.

All these disadvantages should be considered by parents before deciding whether or not to swaddle their baby.

Things to Know Before You Swaddle A Baby

Swaddling can be a comforting feeling for babies to be tightly wrapped up, similar to being in the womb. Swaddling can also help to keep the baby calm and asleep longer.

Here are some things you should know before you start swaddling your baby: –

1) Don’t swaddle a newborn who can roll over or try to move their arms out of the swaddle. This puts the baby at risk for suffocation and SIDS.

2) Make sure the baby’s face is completely clear from the blanket material when you swaddle them, especially if they are sleeping on their stomachs.

3) Use a light blanket that can be easily wrapped around the baby. A heavy blanket could overheat the baby.

4) Don’t swaddle your baby too tightly. This could cause discomfort and restrict their movement.

5) Be sure to unwrap your baby before putting them in their car seat or carrier, as the tight swaddling and lack of leg movement could cause issues when trying to transport the baby safely.

6) The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend swaddling if your baby is sick, such as with a fever or respiratory problems. Swaddling can make coughing more difficult for babies with colds.

7) Never use a tight swaddle or wrap your baby up so tightly that it impedes their breathing.

8) If you swaddle a baby who rolls to the stomach, always roll them back to their side and be sure to keep an eye on them until they are old enough to roll back over on their own.

9) For best results, swaddle your baby immediately after feeding and changing them, when they are tired but still awake.

10) Don’t swaddle your baby if their hands get cold easily, as this can lead to poor circulation in the hands.

11) Try to prevent overheating by using light blankets before resorting to heavy clothing or a sleeping bag.

12) Stop swaddling your baby when they start to show signs of wanting to be free of the wrap, such as pushing at the blanket, trying to roll over, or waking up more than usual.

Swaddling can be a great way to soothe and calm your newborn infant. Just be sure to follow all safety guidelines and only swaddle your baby when they are awake.

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What are the benefits of swaddling your baby?

Swaddling can have a number of benefits for babies, including:

  • Swaddling can help calm and soothe a fussy or colicky baby.
  • It can also help babies sleep longer and deeper.
  • Preventing them from scratching themselves or pulling their hair out.
  • Helping them to settle after a feed.
  • Helping them to stay warm at night.
  • Reducing the risk of developing asthma – it has been shown that babies who are swaddled have a reduced risk of developing asthma later in life.
  • Preventing infections caused by drafts or cold air – swaddling helps protect babies from hypothermia or cold stress.
  • Helping them to feel safe and secure – the feeling of being wrapped up closely may help babies feel more comfortable. This can be important in some cases, such as for premature babies who are often at risk.
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When to Swaddle?

It is recommended to always ask your pediatrician before adding any new things to your baby’s bedtime routine. Talk to your pediatrician about when you can introduce swaddling.

Most doctors recommend waiting until the baby is ~3 weeks old so that they are no longer relying on their Moro reflex (the reflex that makes a baby feel like they are falling when they wake up and extend their arms).

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How to Swaddle A Baby?

Swaddling can be done in different ways depending on the baby’s age and size.

There are many different techniques for swaddling a baby. The most basic way is to wrap the baby in a blanket, with their arms by their sides. Another way is to cross the baby’s arms over their chest.

For newborns, it is best to use a thin blanket that is not too tight.

Follow this step by step guide on how to swaddle correctly –

  • Choose a lightweight blanket made from cotton or a bamboo/cotton blend. Avoid blankets made from wool or fleece as they can be too heavy and can cause your baby to overheat.
  • An adult may use a square piece of cloth to swaddle a baby.
  • You should spread the cloth flat on a bed and place the baby down with his/her head near one end of the cloth.
  • Lay the baby on top of the blanket so that his neck is near the folded edge and his head is facing down.
  • Then, lift the baby’s legs up and fold the side of the cloth nearest to him so it covers his lower body.
  • Bring in the two loose ends of the cloth and cross them over the upper body.
  • Finally, tuck in the loose end under the baby’s back (over the crossed ends).

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Frequently Asked Questions about Wrapping a Baby

  • Is it good to wrap babies?
    There is no right or wrong answer to this question as it depends on the individual baby and what their parents feel comfortable with. Some babies enjoy being wrapped up tightly in a blanket, while others may become fussy and uncomfortable. It is important to pay attention to your baby’s cues and adjust the wrapping accordingly.
  • How long do babies like to be wrapped?
    Again, this is something that varies from baby to baby. Some infants may only enjoy being wrapped for a few minutes at a time, while others may prefer to be swaddled all day long. As with anything else, it is important to pay attention to your child and their needs.
  • Can a baby be swaddled all night?
    Again, this is up to the parents and baby. Some babies sleep soundly all night when swaddled, while others may become uncomfortable and start to fuss. It is important to experiment a little and find what works best for your baby.
  • How old should babies be swaddled?
    There is no age limit on swaddling but you can swaddle your baby up to the age of 6-8 months as, after this age, most babies are able to roll over and become tangled in the blanket if they are swaddled too tightly. Most Indian moms, swaddle the baby only after their bath so that they do not roll over and can sleep comfortably.
  • What are the 3 benefits of swaddling babies?
    Swaddled infants are often more content; they cry less, sleep longer, and are easier to soothe. Swaddling is thought to mimic the tight confines of the womb.
  • How to wrap a newborn baby?
    Wait until your baby is at least two to three weeks old before attempting to swaddle them. A newborn baby’s arms and legs are often fidgety and they may not like being confined. Swaddling a newborn too early can actually lead to issues with muscle development.

    Make sure you see the how to saddle your baby section above to understand how to wrap your little one securely and comfortably.
  • How tight should a swaddle be?
    A good rule is to make sure your baby can’t wiggle the blanket down over his hips. If he can, try making it a little tighter. However, be careful not to make the swaddle too tight as your baby may have trouble breathing or wiggling out of it.

    You may also want to consider using a wearable blanket instead of a traditional swaddle because they are easier and safer for your baby to break out of if they get too constricted.

Final Thoughts

In summary, swaddling is a great way to keep your baby warm and cozy. It can be done in many different ways but it’s important that you do not wrap them too tightly or they might get overheated.

The benefits of swaddling are numerous so I encourage all parents to give this practice a try! Nowadays, you get easy swaddling blankets that are adjustable, comfortable and with easy open & close options via hook & loop present in the design.

However, if for some reason you want to stop the process altogether there are plenty of other ways to comfort your little one without wrapping him uptight.

Remember, talk to your pediatrician before deciding whether swaddling is right for you and your family.

~~~Happy Parenting!


Way to Swaddle a Baby (Wrapping a Baby)
Way to Swaddle a Baby (Wrapping a Baby)

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