9 Maternity Belt after Delivery You Will Absolutely love

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This is my review of the top 9 Maternity Belts after Delivery that you will love to buy!

As a mother to a new born baby, you will already have your hands full. To top it, you go through the postpartum effects along with handling the post surgery health issues. Some of you, feel the need to get back in shape immediately.

I had a C-section delivery and it caused me a major backache problem as in my case, I had suddenly lost all the weight that I gained post delivery! Yes, that’s true! You might say wow that’s so lucky! But the back ache caused me a lot of problems plus the odd feeding hours only worsened it.

So, I chose a wrap around belt and it not only reduced the back ache but also provided the constant support I needed while feeding my baby.

There are countless belts in the Indian market, so you may have difficulty in picking the best. Remember, the best belts help you tone your abdominal muscles and support your back and even correct your posture. Getting in shape, like reducing your waistline should not be the only reason for you to wear one.

I found that Tynor Tummy Trimmer / Abdominal belt is the best maternity belt overall following surgery or pregnancy.

But not all mothers face the same issue. So, I have included my reviews of all these 9 maternity belts, with a buying guide to help you choose the right one for your need, so do read till the end.

Let’s get started.

My Pick of 9 Best Maternity Belts in India

9 Maternity Belt after Delivery You Will Absolutely love
9 Maternity Belt after Delivery You Will Absolutely love

Benefits of Using Postpartum Belt

Most of you will say – Why should I use this belt? Do I really need it?

There are several reasons why moms should wear maternity belts, here are the top reasons –  

  1. Abdominal Support – Our stomach muscles are stretched due to pregnancy and post delivery, a belt can help provide necessary compression and strength. C-section moms have to deal with the stitches, pain and a belt or wrap aids in a faster recovery process.
  1. Back Pain –  Many women suffer from severe back pain or a stiffness in the muscles. These belts support your back and relieve the pain.

  2. Posture – Getting back the posture to pre-pregnancy can be a task, but these belts assist you in attaining the correct posture. A wrap or girdle can help you get the right posture when you are feeding your baby too.

  3. Boosts Confidence – Postpartum belts can be used as a shapewear to fit in your pre-pregnancy clothes. This boosts confidence and self esteem of women who do not like the weight that they have gained due to pregnancy.

Although maternity belts support you, these do not in any way assure/guarantee that you will lose weight faster or get in shape immediately. Exercises, yoga & a nutritional diet will help you get back in shape with time.

It is also important that you choose the right belt that will aid you in abdomen compression and is made of soft material but is in no way restrictive or causes discomfort.

backache issues after delivery for moms
Motherexpress.com – Backache problems post-delivery

Buyer’s Guide on how to buy maternity belt to use after delivery

Before we discuss the Top 9 belts in detail that I have selected for you, let’s first talk about things you need to consider before buying the belt.

Types of Belts

There are 4 types of maternity belts in the market. Choose the one that suits your requirement and as per your doctor’s advice.

  1. Wrap Around Type – Most common type of maternity belt. The wrap around type of belt is the easiest to wear as it can just be wrapped around the stomach and fastened. Offers maximum support to back and stomach thus high on compression.

  2. Zipper Type – Zipper type postpartum girdle is convenient to wear. It comes with a zip either on the sides of the belt or on the front side. Choose the one that suits you.

  3. Pull Up type – This pull up type of maternity belt is like a high waist underwear. You just pull it up and wear it. This can provide maximum compression to the abdomen. May not be suitable for C-section mothers.

  4. Corset – This girdle / support is more from a shape perspective. Provides maximum compression and shape to the body, and comes with a strap / boning material for closure. 

Comfort & Ease of Wearing

You should be comfortable wearing the belt i.e. you should be able to do your regular activities with the belt on. It should make you comfortable.

The maternity belt should be easy to put on and not that you have to struggle to get the belt on.  If it causes you discomfort then you will avoid wearing the belt and it does not serve the purpose.

maternity belts help relieve back pain
Motherexpress.com – Maternity Belts help you relieve back pain and get back in shape

Material / Breathability

Since this postpartum belt will be worn directly on the stomach and it will touch the skin, choosing the right material is important otherwise it will cause irritation, rashes on the skin, or some kind of allergy. 

Most Belts are either made from latex, nylon, or cotton as these are the ones that are breathable and do not cause any kind of irritation or rashes. So if you are going to wear a belt for a long time you must choose the one that is made from a breathable material, is comfortable, and does not make you sweat all the time.


Buying the right size is a big important point while choosing the belt. You do not want the belt sliding every now and then nor keep pulling the belt all the time since you are already busy with the baby, your hands are full. 

Getting the size right is imperative. You can measure your belly and order one size bigger as it can be adjusted or check the size chart before ordering.  


This belt is going to help you in relieving your back pain, ensuring your posture is correct, and will support you in many ways. So it’s important to check the belt and its effectiveness for the purpose you need it for your tummy – for shape or as a support. You have to make sure that this belt gives you the right effect that you are looking for.

Mother express - Best Maternity Belt After Delivery in India
Motherexpress.com – Best Maternity Belt After Delivery in India

Light weight vs Bulky

Bulky belts are something that are like ab belts that we use for exercise and wear it just on top of your clothes and you can exercise with them. The type of belt will keep the stomach in position while we are lifting weights or doing some exercises. These Bulky belts will not be very comfortable when worn for a long time and you cannot wear them under your clothes.

Lightweight belts will be comfortable to wear and you will not feel like you are wearing your belt and will be able to do all your regular day-to-day activities easily. Also, these belts can be easily worn under your clothes like dresses, saree and will not be visible to everyone. Choose the one that suits your purpose.


The belt needs to be durable and it should last you a couple of years, maybe a couple of pregnancies. You should ensure that the belt does not roll up and it retains its shape even after washing and multiple uses. The technology used to make these belts ensure that a little care taken while using the belts will make them last for a long time.

Budget Friendly

Look for something that is in your budget as having a baby itself starts a whole lot of expenses. Getting an expensive girdle may not be necessary as most belts are cheaper and do the job at hand. Choose the belt that suits your requirement.

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Mini Review of Belts

1. Longlife Abdominal belt after delivery for tummy reduction

The Longlife Abdomonial belt is available in 5 sizes from S to XXL choose the size that is appropriate to you. 

It is made of polyester plastic and cotton which is a soft material to use for a belt. There is a cotton elastic tape for better holding and size adjustability.

This is a wraparound style of belt with the normal hook and loop closure type so you can hold it and just wrap it around your waist, stomach and close it with the help of the hook.

An extra porous webbing in the belt provides the necessary breathability and improves ventilation. So you can wear the belt for long hours and it does not cause any sweat or rashes to your skin.

It compresses the abdomen and tones the abdomen muscle to help you get back in shape. Though most postpartum belts do not get you back in shape immediately. It takes some time. 

This is a lightweight belt. So you can easily wear it under your clothes including a saree. 

It can be used not only by C section or natural delivery moms but can be used by post-operative surgery patients too as it is very useful.   

It is recommended that you wear the belt as per the instruction basically the lower edge of the belt should coincide with the base of the spine. Note that only if you wear the belt correctly, will you get the required results.


✔ Useful for post surgery, C-section & natural delivery moms.

Supports back and relieves back pain

Comfortable and easy to wear

Budget friendly


Size can be an issue, order as per your size since it is non returnable.


2. obliq 10″ Abdomen Support Belt

This abdomen support belt is made from 100% latex-free neoprene and one of the finest fabrics which means it is easy to clean, fits appropriately to your body, and will not cause any irritation or rashes on the skin. 

It is very lightweight and flexible since it is just 180 grams in weight. It is definitely very lightweight and the neoprene material of the belt makes it breathable providing the necessary air ventilation. That means you will sweat less. 

It protects and holds the ab muscles together thus accelerating your Postpartum recovery. 

It provides ample support to the waist and back and also relieves any stiffness that you may have in the muscles.

It can be used while walking, sitting, exercising, doing yoga, and even lifting heavy weights. 

Ideal for providing compression and support for after pregnancy, postpartum recovery, post abdominal surgery, C-section, to lose weight, any strains in the abdomen muscle and can be used as a tummy trainer as well.     

Available in 5 sizes from S to XXL and can be used by both men and women. You need to be sure about your waist size before buying it. So it is better to measure your waist as instructed before buying the belt because most of these belts are non-refundable or returnable and you will waste your money if it does not suit you.


✔ 10″ so covers the entire stomach

✔ Does not slip due to the non-neoprene inner layer and is stretchable & adjustable so that the belt stays in place while exercising or doing day to day activities

Does not dig into the skin as it is made of soft & comfortable material

Breathable & comfortable material so can be worn for long hours


Cannot be worn inside the clothes

☒ More of a sauna belt to lose weight than a maternity belt

3. Tynor Tummy Trimmer / Abdominal Belt

The Tynor Tummy Trimmer belt is made of soft material, which is why you will want to wear the belt.

It has an elastic and porous webbing that gives you the necessary breathability. So you can wear it for a long duration. You may not sweat much in this belt. 

It is very comfortable and it has a very sleek design. So you can very easily under your clothes. 

The hook and loop design makes it easy to wear since the belt is wide near the opening to give you a better grip and flexibility which makes it easier to wear. You can comfortably adjust it and close it.

It provides the necessary support to your abdomen and back and it is very useful because it gives you the right compression that is needed to tone your tummy.

Both C section and natural delivery mums can use this belt and it helps in faster recovery.

However, if you are looking to get your tummy in shape or simply want to use it while you are exercising or doing your daily activities, this belt will work wonders for you. 

Wear the belt so that the lower portion of the belt coincides with the base of the spine. It is very important that you wear the belt accurately to get the maximum benefit of this belt. 

It comes in 5 sizes from S to XXL but most of these belts are non-returnable. So it is necessary that you choose the size appropriately.

This is a budget belt and very popular in this category, i.e. one of the most popular belts and it’s not very expensive. So I recommend that you buy this Tynor tummy trimmer / abdominal belt and see the results.


✔ Soft material and comfortable, easy to wear.

✔ Broad belt so you get better grip. Hook & Loop fastener ensures belt remains in place and does not fall down.

✔ Tones & compresses your abdominal muscles, and also works as a back support.

✔ Nylon reeves prevents the belt from rolling up or wrinkling. Can be easily worn under your clothes.

✔ Can be used by people who have undergone surgery like hernia.


☒ Size can be an issue. As per most customer reviews, you must buy 1 size bigger than your waist size.

4. Flamingo HF2004XL Abdominal belt

The Flamingo belt is useful in reducing backache, reduces pressure on the bladder, and less varicosities.

This belt is primarily an abdominal belt, so it is very helpful for post-delivery mums to get a good posture especially while feeding their baby. 

It supports your tummy and pushes the bulges back in and gives you the right compression to tone your stomach and of course, it’s a great back pain reliever. 

Most mothers suffer from back pain. So this will help in relieving your back pain and improve blood circulation and prevent any kind of swelling that you may have. 

This maternity belt is made of very soft material, yet it is sturdy and durable and it lasts for a long time. 

It is a very comfortable wrap-around design with velcro and it is very easy to wear. 

This belt is available in 5 sizes from S to XXL but again you must choose the correct size because this belt like others is nonreturnable and you’ll end up just spending money on it.


✔ Made of soft, smooth material so you can wear it for long hours without worrying about rashes, or any kind of discomfort

✔ Light weight and does not bend / roll up so can be worn under clothes

✔ Works very well for back pain


Cannot be used for any other medical purposes other than supporting post delivery conditions

Size is a major concern for many mom reviews, so be sure you measure the size you need before buying

5. Importkiaah Postpartum 3-in-1 Girdle Wrap

This postpartum belt is a 3 in one girdle wrap set which has a belly belt, a waist belt, and a pelvic belt. 

The belly belt helps to restore abdominal and mid-level muscles. The waist belt helps reduce waistline and gives shape and also relieves the back pain while the pelvic belt aids in getting the uterus back to its position and avoids any swelling that you may have. 

It supports your abdominal muscles very nicely and aids in faster recovery. Also if there is any body fat around the waist, it pushes it back in, giving you the shape & toning your abdomen. 

It is very easy and convenient to wear all day long, but again wearing a belt at a stretch is not advisable or recommended. You must check how comfortable you are before you wear any belt for long hours. 

This belt is available in sizes from M to XXL and there is no small size. So check your size before ordering.   

This postpartum belt definitely boosts the confidence of mothers post-delivery and helps them get back in shape. This belt can be worn by both the C section and natural delivery moms.


✔ Lightweight, hence is comfortable to wear, aids in faster recovery process

✔ Can be stretched to fit your body

✔ Skin friendly – No irritation to skin as it is made of soft material

✔ You can do all your day to day activities with this belt on like walking, exercising, sit comfortably and also feed your baby

✔ Returnable and money back guarantee


☒ As per few customer reviews, if you lose weight after a few weeks, this belt might roll up

6. Baby bucket Corset Belt (Set of 3)

The Baby Bucket Corset Belt comes in 3 pieces per set i.e. there is an abdomen belt, a waist belt, and a pelvic belt. 

The abdomen belt will help you compress the abdomen muscles. The waist belt will help in reducing your waistline and the pelvic belt will prevent any swelling that you have in the lower area. 

This is a great belt for back support and it effectively supports the abdomen and other parts.

At the same time, this girdle is very comfortable for your skin because it is made from 80% polyamide + 20% elastino material.

It has a double velcro. So it can easily be adjusted and tightened and stretched appropriately so that it covers all the curves and surfaces of your body and fits your body snugly. 

Extremely breathable and lightweight, so you can comfortably wear it for long hours. However, the belt comes with an instruction that you must not wear the belt for more than 6 hours at a stretch. So keep giving your body the break it needs and just don’t be in a hurry to lose weight or to get back in shape.

In case you experience any discomfort, remove the belt immediately.

This is a corset style of belt, so it can be worn under your clothes but wearing it under a saree may not be really possible. 

It is available in free size but I always recommend checking the size before you order any belt for maximum results.


Excellent for post delivery moms who want to get back in shape, aids in faster recovery process

Helps in reducing excess weight near the waistline

Great back pain reliever too as provides ample support to back

Can be easily stretched to fit the curves of the body

✔ Improves posture while breastfeeding


Check the size before ordering

☒ It might be uncomfortable to wear this belt for a long time as you are wearing 3 belts and not one

7. Wonder Care Abdominal Belt

The Wonder Care Abdominal Support Belt is made from cotton material and is available in 5 sizes. 

The wraparound style of belt provides maximum compression to the abdominal muscles and helps tone them.

It’s very easy to wear with Velcro and foreclosure provided and is highly adjustable. So the belt stays in place and it does not fall off while you are doing your daily activities.

It has a broad loop panel to give you a better grip and flexibility while wearing it.  

It has a sleek design so that it can be worn under the clothes without being visible.

The extra porous webbing provides the necessary breathability meaning there will be no sweat or rashes or any kind of irritation on the skin.  

Fiber plastic flexible inserts prevent the belt from rolling up or wrinkling. 

One of the most budget-friendly belts and it can be worn by both C section and natural delivery moms to tone and support your abdomen muscles.


Can be worn under clothes including a saree as it is thin & soft cotton material

Keeps the belly fat in

Fiber plastic flexible insert prevents the belt from rolling over


☒ Not suitable to wear for more than 3-4 hours at a stretch

Size can be an issue as per customer reviews.

8. Luvlap Post Natal Maternity Corset Belt

Luvlap maternity belt is a new entrant in this category, however, it has already made its mark since it is highly appreciated by users. Let’s take a look at its features – 

This belt is made from high-quality chinlon fabric which prevents it from wrinkling or rolling up or bending.

It is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. That means there will be enough air ventilation and you can easily do your day-to-day activities while wearing this belt. 

It is easily stretchable and adjustable because it has additional belts so you can wrap it around and adjust it according to your stomach and waist size.

It provides maximum support to tone your core abdomen muscles and also helps reduce any back pain and improve the posture. 

It can be worn while sitting, walking and performing your daily activities, and even exercising.

It is available in an attractive beige color and in 3 sizes only L, XL & XXL, so there is no small and medium-size hence it is important to check the size before ordering.


Lightweight and can easily be worn under your clothes

Extra belts help adjust the belt easily

Fits snugly if accurate size is purchased


Only 3 sizes available starting from Large so need to check size or may not be suitable for all

9. Elebae 3 in 1 Postpartum Girdle Support

Elebae is a 3 in 1 postpartum girdle support set where you get a belly belt, waist belt, and a pelvic belt. 

The belly belt will help you compress your stomach and shrinks it in time, the waist belt will assist in reducing the waistline and slimming the stomach while the pelvic belt will get the uterus back in its position. 

It is very easy to wear and can be adjusted with the help of elastic. You will get instructions with the belt for ease of wearing.

This belt helps in faster postpartum recovery because it covers most of your portion of your stomach, your waist, and your pelvic area and it promotes uterine correction.  So new mums can get back in shape. 

It assists in posture correction especially while sitting or feeding your baby.

This belt is available in 8 sizes so there are a lot of options to choose from – select the belt that suits you as per your measurement. 

It comes with a recommendation that you should wear an undershirt under the belt and avoid direct contact with the skin.


Polyester / Cotton Material – comfortable to wear

✔ Fish bone design – aids in faster recovery

✔ Covers all areas – stomach, waist & pelvic


Cannot be worn under the clothes


Size needs to be confirmed


Getting in shape is a must for today’s mothers and these postpartum belts do help significantly. However postpartum belts should be used only on the advice of your doctor.

If you still want to wear them, do not compromise on your health, if you feel discomfort do not use the belt and consult your doctor. Recovering from childbirth or any other illness takes its own due time and course, be gentle towards your body.

You can always get back in shape with exercises and healthy eating habits.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the belt effective? Is it really useful?
    Yes, this belt is useful as it compresses the stomach and provides firm support to the body. It is a great back pain reliever. I have used it and it provides ample support for your back.

    It helps regain the right posture as many of us start bending. So it gives you the right posture and if you are feeding your baby for a long time it creates back pain. So it helps provide the necessary support needed while feeding your baby.

    Overall it gives the right confidence to new mothers who are suffering from Postpartum depression related to their body along with mental & other hormonal issues. It gives the right amount of confidence that you can get better in shape with this belt.
  • Can I sleep with the Belt on? 
    Wearing the belt for long hours or sleeping with the belt on is generally not advisable because while sleeping you are going to relax your muscles and any kind of compression to your back or to your stomach may cause inconvenience.

    However, it is better to take advice from your doctor if you still want to wear the belt at night while sleeping.
  • How do you wear the postpartum belt?
    The most common type of maternity belt that we have in this category is the wrap-around style. It can be worn by simply opening the belt and wrapping it around your stomach and then fastening it with the help of the Velcro or hooks that are provided in the design. You can then loosen/tighten the belt at your convenience. 

    These belts come with instructions on how to use them and you can follow these instructions to wear the belt you have chosen.
  • Which Size of the maternity belt should I purchase?
    Size is a major concern for people buying belts online and must be decided before you buy the belt as most of these belts are sold on a non-returnable basis, so it will be a problem if you do not purchase the belt as per the size.

    Most people that I have seen struggle with the size of the belt because the size of your waist or your stomach will definitely increase from what it was before pregnancy. So choosing the size of the belt is very very important. 

    All the tummy tucking belts you find online come with size charts so you should check the size chart of the belt that you want to purchase. 

    You could also measure your stomach with the tape before buying the belt so that it fits perfectly and you do not waste your money on it.
  • Can I wear the belt after C-section delivery?
    Yes, this provides the necessary support for the uterus and also holds your stitches in place. The postpartum belt helps give you the right support to relieve you from back pain. It aids in a quicker recovery process. However, it is advisable to check with your doctor when you can begin wearing the belt. 

    As per my experience, I had a C-section delivery and I had a major problem with my back. Additionally, feeding the baby takes a lot of your energy and puts a strain on your back, your posture, and your shoulders. So I used this to help me with my back pain and it did help me. I had started wearing it almost three weeks after my delivery so a C-section delivery mother can wear it.
  • Can I wear the tummy trimmer belt inside a saree or inside my dress? 
    This belt gives confidence and shape to your body as new mothers’ bodies are going through changes and would like to look the way we did before our pregnancy.

    Yes most girdles can be worn inside your dress or a saree!  It will give you the necessary shape, tucking in the stomach and hiding the bulges if any, under your dresses.

    Try to choose a nonbulky belt, which is not visible. Since a very heavy belt will show under the dress like an extra padding and cause unevenness. 
  • When should I start wearing the maternity belt?
    Most mothers can wear it immediately post-delivery but please take your doctor’s advice as to when you can start wearing the belt.

    C-section mothers need to seek the doctor’s advice because they have new stitches, so it may be a good time to wear it after the stitches are removed.

    I had worn it after 3 weeks of my C-section delivery, so you too can wear it immediately post-delivery.
  • Is this belt washable or durable? 
    Yes, most of the maternity abdominal belts are washable. You can check the instructions provided with the belt.

    But remember, this requires hand washing because machine washing will disfigure the shape of the belt and may cause damage to the material. So do not machine wash it but each belt comes with instructions, so carefully take a look at that.

    The maternity belts are durable if you use it with care, it can last for a long time.
  • Can I use it after two years of delivery?
    The postpartum belt is like an abdominal belt that can be used to give you support while doing exercises.

    You can use it while doing your daily activities, so yes after two years of delivery too you can wear it. 

    If you need back support, want to regain your posture, you can definitely wear it but do not expect to get in shape just by using this maternity belt as regular exercise is a must.

Final Word

All new mothers need the right care for their bodies, especially after delivery. A healthy lifestyle including exercises, yoga, and a balanced diet will get you in shape and make you healthier with time.

Every mother is different with a different body type. Please check with your doctor before you decide to wear a maternity belt.

But Tynor Tummy Trimmer and Abdominal belt is an excellent choice of maternity belt that can assist you in this new journey of motherhood.

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