Nerf Hyper Impulse-40 Blaster Review: Ultimate Fun for All Ages?

Surabhi Agrawal

Surabhi Agrawal

Searching for an exciting new toy that will keep you entertained for hours? The Nerf Hyper Impulse-40 Blaster might be just what you need! This blaster comes with a spring-open instant reload hopper, ensuring you won’t lose precious time in reloading during intense battles.

The Impulse-40 fires at an impressive 110 FPS velocity and holds up to 40 Nerf Hyper rounds. Plus, it includes eyewear to keep safety a top priority. The majority of users have found the blaster to be great for both indoor and outdoor play, with some even noting that it’s taken their games to a whole new level.


  • Blast into blazing-fast round reloading with hopper doors that spring open when you press the quick-release button
  • Press the hopper button with your trigger hand while you’re holding the blaster in firing position.
  • Fires rounds at a velocity of 110 feet per second. Draw-back priming.

If you’re looking to elevate your playtime with a fast and innovative blaster, the Nerf Hyper Impulse-40 is worth checking out. Purchase the Impulse-40 today and experience next-level blasting fun!

Overview of the Nerf Hyper Impulse-40 Blaster

If you’re looking for fast reloads and high velocity, the Nerf Hyper Impulse-40 Blaster is a great choice. One standout feature is its spring-open hopper, enabling instant round reloading. Simply press the quick-release button, and the hopper doors automatically open.

Maintaining your grip on the handle while reloading is easy, thanks to the blaster’s innovative design. The large hopper has a massive capacity for up to 40 rounds, and it comes with 30 Nerf Hyper rounds included. You can attach reload canisters to the two tactical rails for quick reloading during battle.

This blaster fires rounds at an impressive velocity of 110 feet per second. The draw-back priming handle and tactical rails add to its appeal. However, it is important to note that the blaster, canisters, and additional rounds are sold separately.

Enjoy high-energy games with this revolutionary Nerf Hyper system, designed for extreme speed and massive round capacity. The blaster is suitable for teens aged 14 and up, and it comes with eyewear for added safety. Get ready to outblast and outlast your competition with the Nerf Hyper Impulse-40 Blaster!

Key Features

Nerf Hyper Impulse-40
Nerf Hyper Impulse-40

Spring-Open Instant Reload Hopper

The Nerf Hyper Impulse-40 Blaster features a clever spring-open hopper for instant round reloading. When you press the quick-release button, the hopper doors automatically open allowing you to reload rounds with ease and keep your finger on the trigger. This innovative design offers you a competitive advantage in your Nerf battles.

110 FPS Velocity

The Impulse-40 Blaster can fire Nerf Hyper rounds at an impressive velocity of up to 110 feet per second. This contributes to greater accuracy and range, allowing you to defeat your opponents more efficiently.

Revolutionary Nerf Hyper System

This blaster is part of the new and advanced Nerf Hyper system, designed for maximum round capacity and speed. The revolutionary system comes with 30 Nerf Hyper rounds and gives you the option to attach reload canisters to the two tactical rails for even faster reloading.

In summary, the Nerf Hyper Impulse-40 Blaster offers a combination of unique and useful features like the spring-open instant reload hopper, blazing-fast velocity, and the cutting-edge Nerf Hyper system. These features make it an excellent choice for your next toy blaster. Just remember to wear the included eyewear for safety. Enjoy your games and happy blasting!

Pros of Nerf Hyper Impulse-40 Blaster

The Impulse-40 Blaster stands out for its spring-open instant reload hopper, making it extremely convenient for quick and easy round reloading. As you’re holding the blaster in firing position, pressing the hopper button with your trigger hand allows you to maintain your grip while reloading. It also includes 30 Nerf Hyper rounds and boasts a large hopper with a massive capacity for up to 40 rounds.

Firing at an impressive velocity of 110 feet per second, this Nerf blaster gives you a competitive edge in your games. The draw-back priming handle ensures a smooth and comfortable firing experience, and the two tactical rails are designed to hold round reload canisters for added convenience. The revolutionary Nerf Hyper system features innovative round design and material to maximize capacity and speed, and it even includes eyewear for safety during play. With a 4.6 rating from over 3,000 reviews, you can trust that this blaster will exceed your expectations.

Nerf Hyper Impulse gun
Nerf Hyper Impulse Gun

Cons of Nerf Hyper Impulse-40 Blaster

Although the Nerf Hyper Impulse-40 packs a punch with its 110 FPS velocity and quick reloading, there are some drawbacks to consider. The high force can potentially lead to discomfort if you or your family get hit at a close range. It’s essential to make sure everyone involved in the game is wearing the included eyewear to prevent eye injuries.

Despite its popularity, some users might find the Hyper Impulse-40 is too intense or a bit too powerful for younger kids. As a responsible user, you should judge the level of involvement for younger children or inexperienced players, ensuring everyone’s safety during play. Additionally, keep in mind that this blaster might not be ideal for indoor use, as the high-speed foam rounds could cause damage to household items or decorations.

Fair and Final Verdict

Considering various factors, the Nerf Hyper Impulse-40 Blaster seems like a fun and powerful choice. Many users have praised it as a great gift idea and a favorite among Nerf blasters. Its 110 FPS velocity ensures fast-paced action, while the spring-open instant reload hopper enables efficient ammunition refilling.

However, be cautious of the force this blaster delivers. Some users mentioned getting hit a bit too close can be painful, emphasizing the importance of wearing the included eyewear. Overall, the Impulse-40 is perfect for those looking to enhance their Nerf battles, but it’s crucial to play with safety measures in place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Impulse-40 compare to other Nerf Hyper blasters?
The Impulse-40 has a unique spring-open hopper design that allows for instant reloads. This feature, combined with its 110 FPS velocity and large ammo capacity of up to 40 rounds, differentiates it from other Nerf Hyper blasters.

What modifications can be made to the Impulse-40?
As a third party review site, we cannot endorse modifications to the Impulse-40, as they may void the warranty, affect performance, or even pose safety hazards. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and only use official Nerf accessories.

Can the Impulse-40 compete with Nerf Rival series?
While the Impulse-40 is designed for high performance, it’s important to remember that it’s part of the Nerf Hyper series and not the Rival series. That being said, its 110 FPS velocity and massive round capacity give it a competitive edge in high-energy games.

What is the firing speed of the Impulse-40?
The Impulse-40 boasts a firing speed of up to 110 feet per second (FPS). This high velocity makes it a powerful contender in Nerf battles.

How efficient is the ammo capacity of the Impulse-40?
The Impulse-40 comes with 30 Nerf Hyper rounds and has a hopper capacity for up to 40 rounds. This large ammo capacity allows for more playtime and less reloading during games. You can also attach reload canisters for easy, on-the-go reloading.

Are there any common issues with the Impulse-40 not firing?
Like any product, the Impulse-40 may occasionally experience issues. Make sure to properly prime the blaster, ensure the hopper is securely closed, and use only official Nerf Hyper rounds. If you continue to experience issues, contacting the manufacturer for assistance is recommended.

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