Top 10 Baby Massage Oil Brand in India

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When a newborn baby is born, their skin is sensitive and easily gets affected by the environment. We take some valuable measures to protect them from everything that can damage their skin and health.

An oil massage, which has long been proven to be beneficial, is one thing that we can draw on from our history. The massage help baby grow and makes their bones strong. It has other benefits like improving circulation of blood, maintaining digestion, provides good sleep.

You can start your massage period when the baby comes home.

There are a lot of massage oils for babies in the market today. So how do you choose?

In this blog post, I have listed the top 10 baby massage oil brand in India, tips on massaging your baby the right way, and more that can help your baby grower faster and stronger.

If you do not want to read the long blog post, you can check my recommendations –

The oil that I would like to recommend is Figaro Olive Oil, as olive oil has great properties to help the skin stay moisturized. It also smells really sweet which is nice for you and your baby!

If you are new to Olive Oil, go for Himalaya Baby Massage Oil as it is suitable for all skin types, has mixed herbs infused in it, is gentle and non-allergic.

Last but not the least, I found that most mothers go for the all-time favorite – Johnson’s Baby Oil with Vitamin E as it has been in use since our childhood so it can be trusted by new mothers easily.

There are many benefits of massage for kids that might not be immediately obvious to all parents-to find out more about these 10 baby massage oil brands, read this blog post!

Top 10 Baby Massage Oil Brands in India

Benefits of Baby Massage Oil – Benefits of Baby Massage Oil

Benefits of Massaging Your Baby with Oil

The way you provide massage to your newborn can help give him a soothing feeling and relaxation by your gentle touch.

The sense of touch can be very beneficial for an infant to flourish well.

There can be numerous advantages to giving them an oil body massage.

You can use the best baby massage oil in India to make their skin glow better.

best baby massage oil – best baby massage oil

Below are a few beneficial points of giving a massage to a newborn baby –

  1. It makes your baby’s belly smooth, relives colic and helps with good digestion.
  2. It likewise helps in making bones stronger.
  3. It develops a framework with better blood circulation.
  4. The gentle ingredients in massage oil keeps your child’s skin delicate, smooth and supple.
  5. It can reduce crying and fussiness and puts the baby at ease so they can sleep after the massage.
  6. Helps in deepening the bond between the baby and a new mother.
  7. Finally, the baby feels loved and nurtured with your touch during the baby massage.

Read on to find out reviews of the top 10 baby massage oil brands in India –

Review of Top 10 Baby Massage Oil Brand in India

1. Figaro Olive Oil Tin, 1L

Olive Oil is one of the best oils to use for a massage. As it is enriched with Vitamins, has a moisturizing effect on the skin, and has anti-oxidant properties.

Figaro has over 100 years of experience in this field and is one of the most trusted brands. 

Hence Figaro olive oil has always been the choice of mothers for their baby’s care and attention.

When in doubt, use olive oil for your baby’s massage.


It is free from any type of artificial flavor.

It helps in making the skin soft.

Premium oil brand, trusted for over 100 years.


☒ Very few customers feel that they get a mustard oil smell in it.

Some people do not like to use it on the face.

2. Himalaya Face Body Oil Baby Massage Oil for All Skin Types (500 ML)

The mixed herbs infused in Himalaya Baby Oil helps in nourishing the baby’s skin by protecting it.

It helps in maintaining the colour of skin.

Non-allergic and is easily absorbed by the baby’s skin and is gentle and safe.

It can be used daily for your baby massage, preferably half an hour before bath.


It helps in moisturizing the skin.

It can be used during winters also.

Clinically tested to be mild.


☒ Few customers feel that it should not be used on the baby’s face and head.

3. Dabur Lal Tail Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil – 500ml

It can be the best choice for any mother to use for their baby to pamper them.

This oil is known to strengthen the babies bones and muscles.

This oil is one of the oldest oils before people started using olive oil for massaging their kids.

This oil contains ayurvedic ingredients that help in providing your baby with a better sleeping pattern.


It contains no chemicals that can be harmful.

It helps for physical growth.


☒ Few customers did not find the odour of the oil favorable.

4. Maxcare Virgin Coconut Oil (Cold Pressed) 500ML Wide Mouth

It is the best oil that can be used during the wintertime also.

Virgin Coconut Oil is extremely useful in skin care and hair growth.


Lauric acid which helps in preventing bacteria.

Can be used as a nappy rash cream.

In increases metabolism.


It is very high in terms of expense.

Packaging can be improved as per few customers.

5. Johnson’s Baby Oil with Vitamin E, Non-Sticky for easy spread and massage, 500ml

Johnson’s Baby Oil is non-sticky so it is easy to spread on the baby’s skin.

It is gentle and dermatologically tested for allergies. So you can be sure that there will be no rashes, itchiness, dryness on your baby’s skin if you use this oil.

100% pure and safe from harmful chemicals and it is specially formulated for newborn’s delicate skin.

Johnson’s baby oil can be used in all seasons.


It is paraben free oil.

It makes skin smoother.

It is one of the first colorless massage oil.


☒ Few customers find the smell not favorable.

6. Hamdard Roghan Badam Shirin Sweet Almond Oil, 100ml

Almond oil is known to be a good moisturizer. But apart from this it also has anti-fungal properties which avoid rashes in babies.

It gets absorbed easily, prevents dryness and also helps the skin to glow.

This product is the best choice for your infant to make them stronger.


It helps in lightening skin tone.

This oil can be used on the face without any worries.


Too expensive.

7. Mamaearth Soothing Baby Massage Oil, with Sesame, Almond & Jojoba Oil, 200ml

The Mamaearth baby massage oil is enriched with sesame, almond and jojoba oil which helps in providing a soothing massage to the baby and keeps the skin soft and supple.

Made with 100% natural ingredients, this oil is suitable for all skin types and helps in nourishment.

It can be used as a moisturizer even after bathing.


It is free from colors and sulfate.

✔ Enriched with essential oils like almond, olive, jojoba, vitamin e, grapeseed oil and more which are beneficial in keeping the babies skin soft and hydrated.

✔ Non-allergic as it contains jojoba oil that prevents itching and also soothes any chafed skin.


☒ Few customers felt that the smell doesn’t match the present ingredients.

8. Chicco Baby Massage Oil, 200ml

It can be the best choice for a worried mother. Anybody can use this oil.

The ingredients of this oil are of 100% vegetarian origin.

It helps to nourish the baby’s skin from within.

It does not contain any parabens, sulfate, dyes or other harmful chemicals and can be safely used on the baby’s delicate skin including a newborn baby.

It is enriched with rice bran oil that makes it easy to absorb and helps keep the baby’s skin nourished and healthy.

It has a mild fragrance that help induce a soothing sense to the baby and aids in better sleeping pattern for the baby.


Absence of dye and alcohol – 100% natural ingredients.

The active ingredients help in nourishing the skin, making it glow and can be used on the face as well.


☒ Fragrance can be an issue for few customers.

9. Mee Mee Baby Oil with Fruit Extracts- 500 ml (Single Pack)

Mee Mee Baby oil contains sunflower seed oil that traps moisture and keeps the skin well hydrated.

It contains fruit extracts that help to strengthen the bones and keeps the skin softer.

It is parabens free & hypoallergenic which means this oil will not cause any kind of allergy or skin rashes to the baby’s skin.

Non-sticky oil that is absorbed quickly by the skin.


It is made with fruit extract without any mixing of chemicals.

It helps in maintaining physical growth.

✔ It has a very good fragrance.


☒ Can be used only as a massage oil and not as a hair oil.

10. Mother Sparsh Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil, 18 Herbal extracts and Oils, 100ml

Mother Sparsh Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil has authentic herbal extracts and oils that nourishes the baby’s skin from deep within.

It moisturizes and nourishes the baby’s skin.

It helps strengthen bones and muscles and also improves skin elasticity.

It has all the richness that an oil should have when we talk about infants and babies.


It increases the baby’s growth.

It helps in soothing the dryness.

Helps in the growth of the baby.


It is a little thick in consistency when compared to other oils.

The oil feels hot when we apply it to the body of an infant due to its ayurvedic components.

If You Are Looking for The Best Ayurvedic Oil for Your Baby

Kama Ayurveda Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil

This is the best Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil for massaging babies.

It is made with 15 ayurvedic herbs as mentioned in Ayurvedic science that helps nourish your baby’s skin keeping it soft and supple.

It keeps the skin moisturized due to the 100% natural ingredients present in it.

The extracts of deodar and dill present in the oil prevents baby catching cold, cough and fever.


It is 100% blended with herbs.

It helps in keeping the complexion better.

Can prevent catching of cold, fever for babies who have tendency to fall sick due to change in season.


It is expensive but worth it.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Massaging Your Baby

Tips While Massaging Your Baby

When you massage a baby with oil, it gives several benefits. It is necessary to choose the best oil for baby body massage to make them feel relax. It strengthens their bones by providing better sleep. It helps to grow the love between the two of you. Some things should be kept in mind while you give a massage to your baby – 

  • Massage gently with optimum pressure to make your baby feel warm and relax.
  • Give them a gentle back rub, no circular movements as this can be too much for their still-developing muscles.
  • Make sure not to push too hard or press on any bones as this can be uncomfortable.
  • Their feet are often a great place to start because even the tiniest babies love having their feet rubbed!
  • Once you have finished with their legs, move onto their arms in much the same way as you would do when giving them a normal bath.
  • Keep engaging your baby while doing massage. It will help you to make your bond stronger with them. It will make them feel interested and more interactive with you.
  • Finish off by gently massaging their head and face in a downward motion which will help them relax even more.
  • If your baby gets tired or is sleepy, you should stop massaging there only.
  • Make sure to use non-allergic, moisturizing oils to protect your child’s skin from harm.
  • Remember – Their muscles are still developing so the deepest of massages might be too much right at this stage. You can always go back to these when they get older!

Top 10 baby massage oil brands in India – Top 10 baby massage oil brand in India

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to choose the best baby massage oil?
    The oil that should possess all the qualities for maintaining good health is the best oil to buy. It should be rich with all the vitamins, organic in terms of ingredients, and natural. And the oil that can work well with friction can be a great choice.
  • Best massage oils during the rainy season?
    The oils that have vitamins work as a conditioner. It has antioxidant properties that are best for babies during the rainy season.
  • Best oils for babies during winter?
    The oils that have natural ingredients and keep skin smooth and moisturized throughout the day can be the best choice for your baby for winters.
  • How Can I Massage Baby at Home?
    Make your baby lay down between your feet or choose a flat, comfortable surface. Use few drops of oil and massage baby gently with your hands. It will make them feel relaxed. Start with soft, gentle strokes on baby’s feet. Move to the arms, making sure to massage baby’s hands, too. Massage baby’s stomach in a clockwise direction and gently move to the chest avoiding the delicate head & neck area. Flip the baby over and massage the back. Remember to be gentle as your baby is delicate and the baby’s head still has soft spots.
  • How Soon After Birth Can I Massage My Baby? What is the right age?
    As an infant, you can massage your baby when they turn 3 months older. You can gently give a massage to them with baby oil. The right age for trying a baby body massage is after 3 months.
  • When is the Best Time to Massage Baby?
    Massage baby in the morning and take them to a bath. It will relax them and help them to sleep early. You can repeat the same during the evening time to make them feel fresh. You can also massage baby after a diaper change, and about 45 minutes after eating. Make sure that your baby is calm, alert and awake!
  • Is there a way to lighten the skin color of the baby?
    Baby skin color keeps changing with time. You can get an accurate skin tone as they start growing. A skin whitening cream might be helpful to lighten the baby’s skin color.


Baby massage doesn’t just help children relax but it also has many benefits including reducing stress levels, improves digestion, easing muscle pain and improving circulation which can lead to better sleep quality.

They also promote bonding between parent and child as well as helping them establish trust early on in their lives.

When you buy a baby oil, make sure it possesses all the good qualities.

The 10 brands listed above can help your baby grower faster and stronger. Moreover, looking for the skin type will prevent them from any skin allergy.

Pamper your kid with the best oil for baby body massage today!

My top 3 recommendations for the best baby massage oils that should work best on all skin types are –

  1. Figaro Olive Oil as olive oil works wonders for all skin types and has great moisturizing properties.
  2. Himalaya Baby Massage Oil has mixed herbs infused in it, is gentle and non-allergic.
  3. Johnson’s Baby Oil with Vitamin E as it has been in use since our childhood so it can be trusted by new mothers easily.

I hope after reading my blog post on the top 10 best oils for babies in India, it has become much easier to choose which brand would be perfect for your family!

~~Happy Bonding!

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